Ma Faiza

Ma Faiza

A taste of the exotic, Ma Faiza was born in Africa and is of Indian origin. She grew up in London, evolved as a DJ in India and is currently based in Pune. She is an Artist, a Producer, and owns Masti Music - an electronic record label in India. She contributes to several global publications, and was the Electronic Editor for RAVE Magazine. She currently writes for Rolling Stone in India, and has become an icon for the emerging, hip Indian electronic music scene.

She DJ’s internationally, and is one of the few artists from India playing at some of the biggest parties and festivals on the planet. Her varied, feminine sound encompasses many different genres of electronica, from full-on melodic psy-trance, progressive daytime grooves, dirty electro, cool minimal and happy sounds, to also sharing her passion for ethnic, organic and harmonic global inspired beats and blissfully enticing chillout sets.

She loves to fuse the electronic sound of NOW with live elements, and has performed with many different musicians - taking inspiration from the music, giving more life to the word LIVE, and merging the sometimes cold and soulless electronica with the warmth and spontaneity of real instruments.

Free of conventionality, without boundaries or borders and refusing to be limited by style or tempo, she blurs the lines between cultures and genres, and is one of the few well-known DJ's on the scene who is able to jump musical platforms.

From selecting music for Liquidrom in Berlin for listening underwater while floating, to DJing at fashion shows and art festivals and rocking packed dance floors with her explosive, addictive dance music sets, to working with Lightmotiv projections and VJ's and having a weekly Indian-inspired DJ slot on Sonica Radio in Ibiza.

The common factor is she plays fun, sexy, uplifting, positive music that just makes you smile and feel good. 2006 saw the Masti Music release of her highly acclaimed album with Veet Sandeh "LIQUID DREAMS" with many tracks featured on successful chillout compilations worldwide.

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