Best TWS under ₹2000

Ever since the exponential increase of gaming in India, there has been a boom in the popularity of True Wireless Earbuds. So the TWS earbuds market is expanding at an incredible pace in India.

These days, the majority of the population of India is in search of such types of earbuds that not only help them in online gaming (like free fire, CallofDuty, BGMI) but also give them a good experience while listening to their favorite music. According to a survey, there has been a 156% increase in the TWS shipment in India, and this data is only for the first quarter of 2021.

The TWS type earphones are not a new kind of gadget in India anymore because there are many options from some eBay smartphone companies and many more. The only thing that was not new until a few months ago was the availability of good quality TWS under the limited budget segment.

In this article today, we have come up with the list of best TWS under 2000. This list has options from some of the most popular TWS manufacturing brands. So, without any delay, let’s check out our list of the best TWS under 2000.

Top 10 TWS under ₹2000 in India

TWS are the perfect type of earphones if you want a hassle-free and easily manageable way to take your calls and stream your music. However, these are not particularly budget-friendly. Yet, we’ve managed to find some options for you with extensive research.

Go through this list of ten of the best TWS under 2000 in India to find the perfect option for yourself. 

boAt has recently launched their exclusive TWS earbuds under Rs. 2000 along with the support of advanced Bluetooth v5.1 technology.

In terms of design, the boAt Airdopes 281 is manufactured with premium quality plastic that gives a powerful outer look to the product. The boAt earbuds come with an IPX5 rating that makes the product water/sweat resistant. There is a reset button on the outer side of the charging case; thus, there is no worry if one of the earbuds stops working. You have to reset the earbuds after putting them in the case.

The TWS earphones from boAt weigh 50 grams; it might be challenging to carry the product in your pockets. But on the positive side, it features Bluetooth 5.1 that can cover the range of 10m. You will be impressed with the sound quality of the boAt earbuds because the sound is balanced very perfectly.

There is no distortion in the device; it features top-notch stereo separation functionality, making it suitable for gaming. The Airdopes 281 comes with a 420mAh battery, and as per the claims, it provides 14 hours of playtime. And each earbud is supplied with a 40mAh battery that gives 7 hours of continuous playback in a single charge, and it gets quickly charged in 5 minutes.

The boAt Air dopes 281 is decent in design and is comfortable, and has good bass. If you have a slightly lower budget, you can check out our list of best TWS under 1500.


Water and sweat-resistant.
Long battery life with fast charging features.
Good sound quality and bass.


Bulky in your pocket and on your ears.

The Noise Air Buds are economical TWS and managed to get the best TWS under 2000. Noise brand is famous in the Indian market for selling affordable and intelligent wearable products.

If you see, the Noise Air Buds look very similar to the AirPods from a distance. The noise Air Buds has given a straightforward and minimalist design and is created with glossy plastic. The earbuds weigh only 9 grams, so it is not at all uncomfortable because of their weight. The earbuds from noise are a half-in-ear style that protects the earbuds from dropping down even when you are gyming or running.

The Noise Air Buds support the latest Bluetooth 5.0 that has a range of 10m. The earbuds come with a 13mm driver and are provided with SBC and AAC formats. The device is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones. The sound quality of the noise earbuds is quite decent in this price range. The vocals are clear and crisp, but if you are a bass lover, you might not be impressed with the bass offered by the Noise Air Buds as there is low bass even with the music that is initially high bass.

The Air Buds gives 4 hours of battery life on a single charge, and it takes 1 hour to charge the earbuds completely. Unfortunately, you will not get the quick charging feature in the Noise earbuds, but again this is not a big deal at this price range.


Minimalist design, lightweight, and comfortable.
Good sound quality.
Good battery life.


Lacks bass and quick charging features.

The launch of Redmi Earbuds 2C has initiated the new journey of DSP environmental noise control feature. Xiaomi’s first preference in designing its earbuds was to reduce the surrounding clatter using the latest technology.

The earbuds are intact with Bluetooth 5.0 and provide a straight-line range of up to 20m. As per the sound quality, the Redmi earbuds don’t offer deep bass and punch, so it’s perfect for casual purposes. The earbuds have water and dust resistance power of IPX4.

The earbuds by Redmi are ergonomic in design and are ultra-lightweight as each earbud weighs only 4.1 grams. There is a multifunctional button that performs several roles. In terms of battery life, the company claims that the device has a battery backup of 12 hours with a charging case, and on fully charged, the earbuds can run continuously for 4 hours.

Xiaomi has installed the latest DSP environmental noise cancellation feature in this device to eliminate external calls. The Redmi 2C earbuds swiftly pair with each other, so their pairing will be guaranteed not to get on your nerves.


Dust and water resistance.
Noise cancellation and control.
Excellent connectivity range.


Lacks charging cable and charger.

The Audio Upbeat TAUT102BK is the latest released Philips in-ear TWS earphones. These earbuds are small in design and lightweight, so they offer great comfort. The company provides three sizes of ear tips for a secure fit.

The earphones pair swiftly, and once paired, they automatically will find your Bluetooth device to pair with. The earphones have 6mm geodynamic drivers that offer good-quality sound and punchy bass. There is an in-built mic with noise echo cancellation features, and the double press will activate the voice assistance.

The Philips upbeat earbuds give 12 hours of playtime with a charging case. And you will get three playtimes on a single charge plus an additional nine hours with a fully charged issue. The Philips earbuds come with an ultra-portable charging case, so it takes two hours to charge the case fully.


Automatic pairing.
Built-in mic with noise cancellation features.
Excellent battery life.


The sound quality is average.

Oppo Enco W11 is the leader among all the TWS options released by different companies like Vivo, Oppo, Xiaomi, OnePlus, and Realme. It is one of the best earphones on our list.

In Oppo Enco W11, you will get a pill-shaped design in the storage case and the earbuds. The positive thing about this shape is that it fits perfectly in anyone’s ear. The device is built with plastic but doesn’t look cheap at all. An LED indicator in each earbud makes it easy to identify each earbud and the case.

The sound quality of the Enco W11 is well-tuned, which is rarely found in any TWS at this price range. There is an 8mm dynamic driver in the earbuds that produces the best sound output. The mid and low vocals are well-tuned, and the microphone quality is crisp and clear on calls. In addition to this, the Oppo Enco W11 is intact with an IP55 rating that protects the device from water and dust.

The Oppo earbuds are provided with a 400mAh battery, and both the earbuds are powered with a 40 mAh battery that offers up to 5 hours of playtime and extra 20 hours for media playback and calling. Oppo has given the fast charging feature in its earbuds as it gets fully charged within 15 minutes.


Water and dust-resistant.
Good battery life with fast charging.
In-built microphone with good quality and clear voice on calls.


Quite uncomfortable in the ear.

The Boult AirBass TrueBuds provides passive noise cancellation that helps in minimizing ambient noise. The Boult earbuds are non-stem style TWS with in-ear style and come in three different color options to choose from. The earbuds also accompany an IPX7 rating that makes them water/sweat resistant.

The Boult earbuds can also be used individually once it gets paired with your smartphone. There is a specific button for calls and music control on the buds. The earbuds are provided with Bluetooth 5.0 for connectivity and give a 10m range.

The earbuds last for 8 hours on a single charge, and with the charging case, you get an additional three hours of charge.


Passive noise cancellation for clear voice.
Long-lasting battery.
Dust and water-resistant.


Lacks proper bass.

The Edifier is a Chinese audio brand famous for its great value speakers and headphones. For the first time, the company has released its expensive wireless earbuds. In other words, these wireless earphones are for the masses-from its price to design, it’s just perfect.

By using the X3 from Edifier, you will realize that with their cheapest pair of earbuds, they wanted to release the genuine low-cost alternative of AirPods. The X3 earbuds come in a slim, compact, and complete white storage case that will easily fit in your pocket. It is built with a matte material giving it a sleek design, and the case opens with a smooth hinge. The earbuds are large but not too large and easily fit in anyone’s ear, and they are very comfortable.

The earbuds can last for up to 5-6 hours on a single charge, and the micro-USB-powered case can recharge the earbuds three times before needing any power again. The Edifier X3 earbuds offer slightly boosted bass with prominent vocals, making it one of the best earphones for listening to songs of all genres.

The nice thump of the bass can pulsate in your ears and delivers sufficient power to pump up the music. We can say that the sound quality of Edifier X3 is a friend-for-all.


Good sound quality with boosted bass.
Slim, compact, and portable.


Doesn’t indicate battery percentage or that battery is going low.

The Crossloop GEN TWS earbuds are the unique earphones on the whole list. It is different from all other earbuds because it is a combination of the GEN Earbuds + speaker model. Yes, you heard it right!

The Crossloop GEN earbuds + speaker comes in four different designs like premium wood (pine and teak) and leather (black and navy blue) color options. The GEN TWS earbuds are premium in design. The charging case features a plastic body, and there is a black cotton cover at the top left side of the charging case, while the right side has a wooden or leather finish. At the bottom of the case, a 3W speaker is mounted within it.

You will get a Type-C micro USB charging port on the charging case, and on the left of the port, there is an LED indicating the battery status. The pairing of the cross loop earbuds is effortless. You have to press the touch button on the earbuds to pair them together. Now, you can pair both earbuds with a device.

In terms of battery, the charging case is powered with a 500mAh battery, and each earbud is powered with a 60mAh battery. The earbuds can last for four hours, and the patient can charge the earbuds fully five times. And the charging time of the device is less than two hours.

There are many options to upgrade to a TWS earbud, but if you want one with a USP, the Crossloop GEN TWS will be a great option.


Multiple designs and color options.
Excellent battery.


Ineffective noise cancellation.

Ambrane Dot 11 TWS earphone comes with a non-stem design with quick touch controls for easy accessibility. With a finger touch, you can play, pause, answer or reject calls without any effort.

The Ambrane earbuds are stylish and ergonomic in design, and the Dots 11 earphones can deliver powerful bass and crisp vocals. The Dots 11 earbuds from Ambrane claim to provide 20 hours of playback time, including the charging case. The earbuds alone can deliver 5 hours of battery life on a single charge. The charging case comes with a Type-C port and enables fast charging.

The Ambrane earbuds are provided with a 10mm audio driver on the inside and support Bluetooth v5.0 protocol. The brand also claims to use environment noise cancellation features to reduce the surrounding noise.


Easy accessibility with quick touch controls.
Longer playback hours with excellent battery and fast charging.


Average sound quality.

The Noise AirBuds are pocket-friendly TWS earphones that have managed to take their place in our list of best TWS earbuds under 2000. Noise brand is famous in the Indian market for providing budget-friendly audio and intelligent wearable gadgets.

The Noise AirBuds look very similar to the Apple Airpods. The earphones are designed with an effortless and minimalistic look and are built with glossy plastic. The earbuds are light in weight and very comfortable as they weigh only 9 grams. It comes with a half in-ear design that prevents the earbuds from falling.

The Noise Airbus supports Bluetooth 5.0 technology, and its range is almost 10m. In the device, a 13mm driver is intact that supports SBC and AAC formats. The sound quality of the earphone and its vocals are pretty decent and crisp, considering the limited budget.

The battery life and the mic quality are two features that are the main highlight of the Noise earbuds. You will get up to 5 hours of battery life on a single charge, and with a charging case, you will get a complete 20 hours of battery. Also, the device packs a Type-C USB port which seems promising in this price range.


Excellent battery life.
Excellent call quality with noise cancellation.
Fits well in the ears.


Average sound quality and bass.


Look at these questions that we have culled especially to guide you for a better understanding. To be assured before making any purchase and take the right choice, here are the most commonly asked questions.

What are the best Earbuds under 2000?

The Boult Audio AirBass, Philips TAUT102BK earbuds, and Edifier X3 are some of the best earbuds under 2000 Rupees in the above-given list.

What is the difference between In-Ear and Half In-Ear earphones?

The in-ear earbuds come with silicone tips and go in your ear, producing better bass and sound, and the silicone tips block the surrounding noise. However, the half in-ear earphones lack silicone tips, and they are made with plastic heads.

What is the noise cancellation feature?

Noise cancellation is the technology used to manufacture earphones and headphones to eliminate the background and surrounding noises. Active noise cancellation and passive noise cancellation are the two different types of noise cancellation methods. The passive noise cancellation featured earphones are designed in a way to block out background noise. Inactive noise cancellation technology uses microphones and speakers to minimize the surrounding noise.

Final Verdict

We have carefully curated the above-given list of top 10 TWS under 2000 Rs. in the products mentioned earlier, our personal favorites are the Edifier X3 earbuds and Philips TAUT102BK earphones.

We hope that this article on the best TWS under 2000 has been a little help for you in finding good quality TWS earbuds. Thank you! For reading the complete article.

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