Best Audio Technica Earphones

If you wish to go for a new, highly advanced technology, Japan is where you would want to go. Well, not every time you can go there nor you could stay, lucky if you could. 

Japan brings to you its latest version and technologies that will leave you bamboozled. Audio Technica is a company that originated in Japan that manufactures audio devices using front technology, latest design, best quality, and reasonable price all in one. 

Luckily we all use earphones for different purposes and these earphones fulfill our every need in one or the other device. Check below the list of best Audio Technica earphones.

Top 10 Audio Technica Earphones in India

Audio Technica is a Japan-based company for audio devices, that manufactures products using the best and latest technology. 

Headsets are the need of an hour in today’s ear, whether it is a phone call, work meeting from home or abroad, playing games or listening to music even. You will find the best quality of sound output, long-lasting product, with durability and high-quality bass. 

Below are some of the top Audio Technica earphones selected for you, among all the superb quality earphones. You will find all the details about these products mentioned below along with the pros and cons. Read the complete article for more information about Audio Technica earphones.

Audio Technica is a dynamic sealed canal Earphone with an in-ear feature. These are easy to carry around with you and are compatible with any device or smartphone. These have original black core tips which are comfortable and sit securely in the ear.

These earphones are larger than usual by any standard term. It also has an innovative design and a lightweight material that is used while manufacturing. The earphones sit comfortably and securely in your ear.

The earphones use innovative technology to bring out the best to their customers. The speakers are very powerful and use 13 mm Dual Magnetic-Field Drivers. This feature of Multiple-Transition Diaphragms has a carbon coating that delivers powerful and refined bass. 

It has a dual bass venting system that cleans the air for excellent bass production. The mechanism contributes to the extended mid-high frequency range

The cable set inside makes sure that you do not experience any disturbance. It isolates you from external noise and crosstalk.

The earphones have an in-line control with a mic that answers and ends the call with a single click. It also controls music and video playback when connected on smartphones and other compatible and portable devices.

These pairs of earphones provide you a better fit and comfort while wearing them. Moreover, it also includes three sets of silicone ear tips extra small, small, medium, and large inside a carrying case.


These have a perfect bass-treble balance with a good dual-channel cable.
It delivers a metal EDM-friendly sound.
These are extremely good-looking, very comfortable, and completely secure in-ear.


Fairly long burn-in period, no chin/neck slider

Audio Technica is a flexible memory that has cable loops to put over your ears for a custom fit and comfort. It is specially designed to provide maximum noise cancellation, by allowing you to focus on the music or work.

The ATH-E50 features addressing the evolution of modern music. This model also excels at providing different functions and making it the perfect choice. The earphones include the new M-series to an in-ear design.

The powerful drivers are single balanced armature drivers that provide you with an accurate full-range response for all purposes. The cable found inside also makes sure that you do not experience any disturbance. It isolates you from external noise and crosstalk.

The pair comes with a detachable 1.6 m cable and with newly developed Audio Designed Detachable Coaxial connectors in line with the headphones. This offers you exceptional durability along with optimized audio performance.

Moreover, it also comes with a carrying case, a 6.3 mm adapter, and four pairs of silicone ear tips in four different sizes.


It delivers a neutral & pleasing sonic signature
It has a good build quality and material


It has newly developed connectors for the detachable cable

Audio Technica is detachable in-ear headsets that are equipped and exclusively developed. They have tuned dual-symphonic drivers which will help you experience an immersive sound, with its two units in a single space.

It consists of silicone ear tips that are soft and comfortable to your ears. These sit on your ear perfectly and deliver better sound isolation and noise cancellation of the chaotic world.

These earphones suppress any kind of distortion that comes from the in-built drivers and also play a low tone range in comparatively high-resolution sound. This ensures you enjoy all the sound and music or any output you want.

The detachable cables are employed so that they provide you with reliable connectivity and ensure durability along with friendly maintenance.

The sound is delivered quite accurately by monitoring it in various scenes and frequency ranges. It is then enabled by a comfortable fitting and sound-isolating design for better results.


It delivers a balanced sound.
It is a good product for any kind of music.
It has memory wire and uses a foam tip for the perfect fit.


It has very bulky housing.

The ATH E40 has a detachable design with nice finishing and comfortable wear. It has been designed for professionals and musicians working on the stage or recording in studios.

It ensures the delivery of a powerful bass along with balanced mid-high frequencies that convey the essence of the music. The dual-phase has a push-pull driver design that provides you improved efficiency. 

It moreover, brings a critically acclaimed sonic signature of the M-series for an in-ear design, the Audio-Technica e-series headphones have been designed to fully answer the needs of demanding sound professionals and musicians from the studio to the stage to the DJ booth.

The proprietary dual phase push-pull driver design of the ATH-E40 professional in-ear monitor headphones provides improved fidelity and efficiency. These headphones deliver powerful bass along with balanced mid-high frequencies for an incredible experience. 

This pair of earphones provide you complete cancellation of noise or any disturbance. You can feel completely isolated and the comfort in being with yourself is exceptional. The in-ear headset is enhanced by the four different sizes of silicone ear tips included in the box extra small, small, medium, and large. This allows you to have a customized fit in your ears for a comfortable time. 

The headphones also come with a detachable 1.6 m cord, and newly developed Audio Designed Detachable Coaxial connectors at the tips.


It offers a great pair with superb noise-canceling features.
It delivers a clarity feature whenever using the earphone.


It has a detachable feature with this cord or cable

Audio-Technica Solid Bass ATH-CKS550iSBK are in-ear headphones with a newly designed exterior. It has a great build quality designed with an in-line mic and control system.

The ATH-CKS550iS Solid Bass in-ear headphones are highly portable devices that are compatible with any smartphone. These headphones deliver a superb bass production to your ears for an extraordinary experience. 

They have powerful 9.8 mm Dual Magnetic-Field drivers that feature an extra magnet in the front of the driver to create a field that helps in producing a full and textured bass.

It is specially designed with Multiple-Transition Diaphragms to add to the expansive bass. It adds to the new Bass Venting System to provide excellent air damping. 

It has a 1.2 m flat cable that includes an in-line mic that controls many features by letting you answer calls and controls music on your smartphones and other portable devices. 

The audio Technica provides four different sizes of silicone ear tips, extra small, small, medium, and large that fit onto the headphones’ tips. It also offers a custom fit with outstanding noise cancellation and comfort. 

Moreover, there is a convenient carrying pouch for carrying a pair of earphones. This is available in black, blue, white and red.


It has a noise cancellation feature that is exceptionally strong.
The bass production inside the earphones is very powerful.
It also has a carrying case for the earphones.


The build quality could have been better.

Audio Technica CKR30iS BL is in-ear headphones that ensure great comfort and incredible absorption of noise. The headphones also consist of an in-line microphone and controller for ease in answering calls and controlling music and video playback.

It has a newly developed 9.8 mm driver and a machined brass stabilizer that can absorb unwanted vibration for a clearer range of frequencies. 

The Audio Technica headset has in-ear headphones that give you powerful audio anywhere you go. 

The headphones have a compact housing feature that is designed to fit in your ear comfortably. It also has a fit that is completely enhanced by four sizes, extra small, small, medium, and large. These interchangeable ear tips provide you an extreme level of noise cancellation and sound isolation. 


These earphones deliver a powerful sound with a great quality of bass.
It has a machined brass stabilizer to absorb unwanted sounds.


The noise cancellation sometimes is sacrificed.

Audio Technica brings new earphones for those people who enjoy the freedom of movement. They are very easy to handle and provide you complete freedom while you do other work. You can do any type of task or even multi-task as long as you’re within the range of the earphone. 

This in-ear headset is a light and compact pair that is accessible enough for your workout. You can do anything without even sacrificing the audio quality, these in-ear headphones are perfect for almost every situation. You can think of wearing them while running, cycling, trekking or simply vibing around the room. 

The Audio-Technica earphones have so many features to offer. It is quite comfortable to wear for a longer time. These earphones are good at producing an extremely impressive sound quality with a signature sound that is real.

The sound that these earphones produce delivers a result of top-notch quality in terms of both accuracy and enjoyability. It has a defined bass and a great treble quality that does not overpower the range of frequencies. These in-ear headsets give you a fully balanced and immersive sound experience. 

The Audio Technica earphones are a lightweight pair that has the perfect size for your ears. It comes with a design that helps by minimizing the ear canal fatigue and all the pressure points. This makes these earphones relaxing and can be worn for long listening sessions.


These earphones can be worn for a longer period with no pain.
These are so lightweight that you won’t even feel them on your body.


They need to be charged after a while.

The Audio Technica earphones are a fit-in ear-designed headset that is super slim and lightweight. The ear tip is extremely thin like 8.5mm with pads and hangers. 

The whole set of the device is balancing the weight with the main body, this is also reduced to about 20g which excludes the cord. This feature gives the benefit of painless wear with comfort so you do not get tired even after a long time. The super-thin style has been thoroughly pursued with a comfortable fit overall.

It also has a clear playback sound with minimum strain on the ears. In addition, for a safe natural ear-fit design it has quite less difficulty on the ears, it boasts clarity in playtime with a large diameter of 28mm driver.

The earphones use a 3.5m U-shaped cord that is perfectly built with the right length measurement to connect to a TV. It is also easy to use, such as being able to hang it around the neck when not in use. Volume control is also present that allows you to easily adjust the volume at the hand and is highly convenient.


These are the most lightweight in-ear earphones.
It has a large diameter of up to 28mm driver.


It does not provide complete noise cancellation.

An amazing audio quality along with top-notch performance is provided by this earphone. This is an in-ear headphone and has a sophisticated design, black in color which provides such a classy look. ATH-CKS550iSBK provides you a punchy bass that gives a different hit while listening to music.

With 104 audio sensitivity and 9.8 mm dual magnetic field drivers for superb bass, this earphone gives everything that you need. Air damping is done by the powerful AirFlow based venting system. All these features just provide you an amazing overall experience.

It comes with an in-line mic so that you would be able to receive calls without even looking at your phone screen. The mic is equipped with a control system (buttons) to control your music and video playing. This earphone provides all that you need and gives you a premium look as they have been manufactured under professional guidance.

If you have a good audio file with HD quality of sound, then it is a plus which means that you will get both the bass and sound quality for sure. So, what are you waiting for? Just go and get it!


Superb and punchy bass
Mic control and premium look


Your ear might hurt after prolonged use

An exclusive earphone that puts all the amazing and attractive qualities on the table. This earphone comes with a noise-canceling feature, and that you know how much you need in your life. It weighs 90 grams ‎and has 13.41 x 8 x 3.81 cm dimensions. 

According to Amazon, this model has not been much bought or used in India, but its amazing features will definitely do their job to attract you. It is black in color and has golden coverings over the sides of the model, which makes it look extraordinarily premium and classy as well.

It has a nice audio quality and it’s worth the money. The bass and the clarity of the earphone is remarkable. Sound quality also depends upon the genre of the song you listen to and what are your preferences. This model does not have a mic nor do they have a control system to manage your music or video being played.


Attractive design with the golden touch
It is worth the money


It does not come with a mic


Look at these questions that we have culled especially to guide you for a better understanding. To be assured before making any purchase and take the right choice, here are the most commonly asked questions.

Is the price worth the product?

The product provides the latest technology in its device, these are lightweight yet the best product qualities you could use ever. There are various colors, and designs available and the features are highly incredible. Therefore the product is worth the price available.

Do these earphones come in a case and extra earbuds?

Yes, the earphones are delivered to you packed in a protective case. These are moreover provided with extra four different sizes of ear tips along with the device.

What is the warranty period?

The earphones like others have a one year long period of warranty for easy to use and long lasting earphones.

Is this earphone’s cable tangle free?

Yes, all the earphones mentioned above are table free and lightweight.

Final Verdict

Audio Technica provides the earphones manufactured in Japan, with all the latest technology. These best Audio Technica earphones are all made with superb and compatible design for you. The brand promotes a comfortable structure with all the features you might be looking for in a device. I hope you will find the one suitable for your ears.

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