Best Earphones for Calling

These days earphones have become a basic need and have become increasingly versatile and capable of performing loads of functions too. Just listening to music is not the only prime motive of buyers anymore, as work-centric or other buyers may need earphones primarily for calling purposes.

A good quality microphone, excellent noise cancellation, excellent battery life and long wireless connectivity are some of the essential features one must look out for when buying an earphone, primarily for calling purposes.

Comfort is also still a major factor as both music lovers, and callers spend hours using the earphones and so want it to fit right and not fall or make their ears sore in any way at all.
In addition to this, basic features such as build quality and IPX water and dust ratings are also essential to give the user a good experience.

We have compiled a list of the best earphones for calling in India right now below, so you can make an informed choice. We have also given some pros and cons of each product.

Top 10 Earphones for Calling in India – Review

The Jabra Elite Active 75t earphones are made for casual fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes alike. They are specially catered towards this audience and have features that are very useful for the same. It is a good option for athletes as these earphones are IP57 rated, which is one of the highest ratings a device can get. These earphones are amongst the best earphones for calling purposes for athletes and fitness freaks due to these features and more.

The IP57 rating means that the device can last fully submerged in 3ft of water for 30 minutes, and it offers a very high level of protection against dust and water alike. So all this means that the user doesn’t have to worry about sweat damaging the earphone mic when talking. It also has very fast charging, which is very important for long periods of calling with a minimal amount of time to charge it.

You don’t necessarily have to be an athlete to take advantage of these earphones. Even casual fitness enthusiasts will like these earphones a lot.

These wireless earphones sport a slender and chic high-quality design. They have a variety of styles such as copper black, titanium black, sienna, navy, etc., all having their own unique flair and look. These color styles are very nicely matched with the material of the earphones, giving them a very premium look. The case and the earbuds both are very compact and have a small footprint for easy portability and comfort of the user.

These headphones fit well and have three ear cushions (small, medium, large) to fit most users and provide a secure fit with optimized audio quality by blocking out external noise. Both in-ear headphones have Jabra’s handle coating to ensure that they stay in place. The incredibly soft liner also makes it easy to remove and insert the earbuds without them touching the ground.

The Jabra Elite Active 75t integrates a pressure relief port that simultaneously makes use of ambient noise filters and also gives substantial bass reproduction. The audio captured by the high-quality microphone is crisp and clear, and easy to hear for the person calling you.


Good for fitness enthusiasts
IP57 Rating



At first glance, Anker’s Soundcore looks eerily familiar – with an all-plastic construction with a stem design that mimics Apple AirPods. The Anker Soundcore has a matte black finish that gives them a very premium look, and the high-quality material makes them have a premium feel too.

Each earbud has a button with the Soundcore logo on it, and these buttons are easy to press but may malfunction sometimes and are prone to brokerage. Although the earphones are mostly comfortable, there is a bit of pressure on the outer ear.

This Anker earphone boasts a four-microphone array: Each earbud of this premium earphone has two microphones, each with beamforming noise reduction and also cVc 8.0 technology for superior-high-quality vocal enhancement and background noise suppression. This ensures your voice is heard clearly and there is zero interference.

But one of the flaws is that low-frequency notes are de-emphasized, and this decreases clarity. Some adept mic systems do this in order to combat the proximity effect, but in this, it just results in a detriment to the voice quality.

Another good factor of this earphone is that it gives you a total of 7 hours of listening, and then the charging case extends that to 40 hours. So if you’re in a rush and need power fast, charge for 10 minutes and get up to 1 hour of playtime.


Four microphone array
Extended Battery Life


Derivative design

The Samsung galaxy buds live gathered much media coverage and attention due to its bean-like shape, which was quite unique. These earphones are very premium and have a specific purpose for their kidney-bean-shaped design. This design is supposed to be very ergonomic as it made explicitly to fit perfectly into the ears.

They truly have a much more superior fit than any other earphone in the market, with the buds never falling out at all no matter what activity the user was doing or how vigorous it was. They are also very comfortable, and these earphones don’t have eartips, so the noise cancellation is not done passively.

The calling aspect of these earphones is at industry-leading levels thanks to the exceptional noise-canceling technology and the high-quality microphone, both of which will contribute massively to your calling experience.

The noise cancellation technology quiets low-frequency noises to such an extent that they sound about half as loud as they usually would without enabling the feature. This ability to dispel low frequencies without any proper seal is no small achievement.

Considering that there are no eartips and noise-canceling is not done passively, this is a huge deal. The software runs very well to cancel the noise.


Detailed Audio Quality
Good App


Fit may be a bit uncomfortable over long periods

The Apple Airpods really need no introduction as they are probably one of the most famous earphones in the market right now. Apple’s huge audience and user base have definitely played a role in this popularity, but don’t make any mistake. The AirPods have become a best seller due to the high quality and experience they can deliver to the user.

Apple is known worldwide for their exceptional build quality and high level of design, and it is no exception with the AirPods. Even though the case of earphones is made of plastic, it doesn’t hinder the experience at all because the texture still feels tremendous and durable at the same time. The case is lightweight and can be easily carried due to its small size and portability.

These AirPods have one of the most high-quality microphones in an earphone right now. The tiny capsules of the AirPods provide a very high level of audio quality. The microphone has noise suppression technology that blocks out ambient noise and other noises which would normally hamper your experience.

These microphones are perfect for any business conference calls or any other voice chatting to be done by the user. They manage every aspect of audio quality extremely well and function outstandingly.


Highest quality of microphones
Exceptional build quality



These neckband earphones from MI are just perfect for calling purposes due to their industry-leading levels of noise cancellation at this price point.

In addition to the superior active noise cancellation, it also features environmental noise cancellation, which increases the performance on voice calls to another level. The IPX5 water resistance rating on these Mi Neckband Earphones is also a must-have feature.

These earphones boast 10mm dynamic drivers and make use of Bluetooth 5 for connectivity purposes which support SBC and AAC codecs.

The only significant drawback must be the Micro-USB charging port. It should be using a USB-type C port instead of this old micro USB charging port. It seems incredible the sheer quality of noise cancelation that we are getting at this price point. This, in tandem with a good quality microphone, is sure to give the user an unparalleled calling experience.

Noise reduction is significant in-home and outdoor settings and makes voice and audio quality much clearer. Performance on calls is very good, and the user’s voice can be heard very clearly by the person on the other end of the call. Overall these earphones are perfect for people whose primary use is just for calling purposes as these aren’t made to listen to music.


Comfortable fit and easy controls
IPX5 certified


Micro USB charging port

Although the James B Lansing company is known mainly for its speakers and superior audio reproduction, the JBL Live200BT earphones are also a very good option for calling purposes and serve the user very well. These Bluetooth earphones have an around-the-neck design and offer sound-neutral audio reproduction.

These around-the-neck earphones are reasonably comfortable because the buds are small and compact enough that they are very lightweight, and you barely feel them when wearing them. They can be connected to 2 devices and have a superior battery life of 10 hours.

They are good enough for commuting as they offer good noise cancellation, and the microphone is good enough that the person on the other end can easily hear you without you having to speak loudly for them to pick up your voice.

The unique design lets you carry the earphones around your neck everywhere. They passively isolate so that they won’t be one of the best options for commuting, but they are still very good for this use and to use at the office.

They can also be a good option for sports and fitness freaks as they have don’t fall off easily. These earphones aren’t built for gaming due to high latency.


Good and neutral audio reproduction
Breathable and lightweight


High latency

The Sony WI-XB400 EXTRA BASS Wireless in-ear headphones have a relatively simple design. There is a long cable connecting both earbuds; additionally, there is also an in-line remote that houses the microphone. The earbuds are magnetic for easy use and snap together when the user is not using them.

They are decent budget earbuds for daily calling use and other similar purposes. In addition, they also have good sound quality, with their overall sound profile remaining relatively well-balanced, without any boominess.

These earphones boast excellent portability, and the neckband is very flexible and fits in almost any pocket easily. The battery life is good enough that it lasts the whole day, and the earphones fit comfortably and snuggly in the user’s ears, so they don’t fall off when exercising.

These earphones provide portability, comfort, and superior calling quality, all with an extra kick of bass for bassophiles. The noise cancellation is good enough that the ambient audio doesn’t hinder the user when speaking at all. The microphone is also above average quality and delivers a clear and crisp voice to the caller on the other side.

Their latency is too high for watching any videos or for any gaming purposes, limiting these earphones for mainly calling purposes and for basophiles.


Light and portable
Good battery life


No app for customization

OnePlus is known for bringing high-quality premium products at an effective and value-for-money price. It continues the good aspects in the earphone segments with the one plus bullets. These bullets feel premium and easy on the eyes, with a magnetic attachment that makes them stick together when the user isn’t wearing them.

The noise cancellation of these bullets is very powerful. It is so powerful that as soon as you put these into your ears, you will notice that half the noise has been blocked. When listening to songs in high volume with these earphones on, one might not even notice any background noise at all.

The call quality of the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z is absolutely outstanding. Talking over the phone will be a very nice experience.  However, it does not cancel out loud background noises altogether, but it minimizes it to the level where the caller and receiver can clearly hear each other. Overall the call quality is very satisfying.

The charging and battery aspect is very impressive. A charge of 10 minutes is supposed to give a battery time of almost 10 hours. A full charge provides up to 17 hours of battery life, which is a very good aspect for people who want to call for longer sessions. The long-range Bluetooth coupled with the good battery makes the experience a delight.


Excellent Call Quality
Great fast charging


Not as premium as other earphones like AirPods

The JBL Tune 215BT has a premium quality of plastic wires, and the finishing of the product is very good. Tangle-free flat Wires are present in the neckband to make it hassle-free & last longer. James B Lansing products are premium and tested, and you need not worry about the built quality of this neckband in any way.

JBL Tune 215BT is good in many aspects, but it has one big flaw that is the poor noise cancellation features in this device. If you use these earphones daily in environments that have a lot of ambient noises, it may be a problem for the user.

The microphone quality is very good for most types of uses. There is, in fact, an absence of hardware for canceling any ambient noise. As a result, the quality of sound is good but suffers if you are in a very noisy environment.

It also has a big battery which has the ability to work for at least 16 hours. But an important thing to remember is that the playback time varies because of changes in volume level.

The battery capacity and quality are very valuable for money.  It has a C-type charging port and supports fast charging features.

Another flaw is the absence of any dust or water resistance in this earphone, so this earphone is made mostly for indoor use.

JBL tune 215BT comes with Bluetooth v5.0, which is the standard in the market. It can provide a range of up to 12 meters in an open environment, but this range can quickly drop up to 6 meters in a close environment like homes or offices.


Good Bluetooth range
Tangle-free wires


Bad noise cancelation

The boat is a big name in the earphone market and has come with a value for money entry into the BlueTooth earphone segment. It comes with a high-quality flat wire that is very durable. All the materials used are of high quality and built to last for many years.

These wires can be twisted and turned many times and in different ways, but the impressive build quality doesn’t cause any wear and tear at all. The build quality is very good, and there has been no room for disappointment.

One flaw in this earphone is that it doesn’t come with active noise cancellation. But the earphone has a very good design that has been specifically made to decrease ambient noise disturbances and increase voice cancellation.

This boAt Rockerz 255 pro plus comes with CVC noise cancellation, which filters all the unnecessary noises caught by the microphone in an outdoor environment, such as wind or traffic noises.

So even though it doesn’t have active noise cancellation, the overall experience is very good and great for people who want to use this earphone explicitly for calling purposes only.

The microphone is very good and captures your voice even when speaking softly, so the speaker doesn’t have to shout or speak loud at all.

The good battery life gives fast charging and lasts the longest when the volume level is below sixty percent. This battery can be fully charged in an hour.


Excellent noise cancellation
Great User Experience


Great battery life

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do the basic Bluetooth earphones have a battery?

Earphones may have a battery life of anywhere from 4-5 hours to 20-30 hours. Most high-end earphones have a battery life above 10 hours and also have fast charging features that charge the earphones in a very short time for many hours.

What is the distance that most Bluetooth earphones have?

Most Bluetooth earphones can easily work to a distance of 10m (30ft), provided there are no obstructions at all. If there are any obstructions like walls, then the distance drops drastically.

Final Words

Although the sheer variety in this sector may cause a problem for most prospective earphone buyers, we have made the process simpler by providing you with the best earphones for the purposes of calling explicitly. Additionally, we have also given the various pros and cons of each and every product and answered a few common questions.

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