Best Earphones under ₹10000

Imagine being in the 90s and using phones for calling and holding them to your ears. It sounds tiring to me. 

But we can’t leave the touch of our ancestors, right? So why not modify things and move on just like the landline cables? We have a tangle-free cable on the earphones, and fortunately, we do not need to hold ourselves. 

These technologies really seem fascinating right? As we move forward with time, why not we together move and develop. We have brought some really amazing technologies to make you feel connected yet more straightforward. Given below is a list of the best earphones under 10000 in India for you to check.

Top 10 Earphones under ₹10000 in India

Read the following article to find some of the best earphones with forefront technology, highly developed and modified for your comfort. These products are really intriguing, and you will gain all the knowledge you need.

Harman Kardon Fly is an in-ear, truly wireless earphone with shiny black color and silver lining design that adds elegance to it. The case it comes in has a hardcore design that will protect the buds if it falls. 

The inner side has a LED white light that indicates charging. The outer has a leather covering, which adds class to the case and earbuds as well.

The Bluetooth 5.0 connection works wonderfully and for a more extended period. You can enjoy a total of 20 hours of playback time. The case also provides you with 14 hours charging time limit.

You can enjoy the passive noise cancellation yet be aware of your surroundings and entertain people. You can take care of your noisy environment and still interact with the help of Talk Thru technology.

The power-saving mode can save your life by switching the earphones off automatically when you are not using them. The technology and certification of IPX5 protect your earphones from sweat and water. 

The dynamic 5.6 drivers are of premium quality by Harman Kardon Signature Sound. This delivers a tempting sound that has an immersive experience and thumping bass.

The built-in system allows you to connect with Alexa and google assistant without using your phone, and the hands-free feature gives you the freedom to move around easily.


The light feature is highly attractive whenever you touch the buds.
The IPX5 technology protects the earphones at any cost from both water and sweat.


It has a passive noise cancellation feature.

Audio Technica QuietPoint is an in-ear earphone that will ensure the best output to reach you. The design and the qualities it consists of are incredible to use. The neckband provides you exceptional comfort, and the silicone ear tips sit perfectly onto your ear.

We all love the freedom to move around and not just cling along to anything or anyone. The earphones ensure you are at a distance but close enough to have a seamless connection. You can talk or listen to music without holding your phone for a particular distance. The mic, even at a distance, allows you a completely hands-free feature and easy controls.

You can enjoy the noise cancellation feature that cuts out most of the sound away and does not allow it to enter your ear. This delivers the best performance on call and as well as while playing any audio.

The battery is not a problem; it provides limitless time in a day enough to manage your work and multi-task. You can enjoy the most of it without compromising sound delivery and quality. A feature to put all your attention to is the battery level that allows you to use the earphones even at their lowest.


The limitless battery is an amazing feature to look at.
Comfort seems to be its utmost priority


It lacks behind when it comes to technology.

SoundMAGIC E11 earphones have an ergonomic design with a cozy fit that is completely secure with the various silicone tips sizes. The black color gives it a classy look, and the design prevents it from falling out of your ear. The connection seems to fit perfectly with your routine.

The dynamic 10mm drivers are really something; they deliver you the crispy clear and immersive experience. Whenever you listen to audio with these earphones, you will realize the changes around you. The accuracy makes it even more worthy of all the cents you spend. The thumping bass and crystal clear sound are highly balanced and also offer comfort.

The easy handling and portability make it precious to choose when you travel for work or even on trips. The aluminum plating and outer layer are high-graded materials, and the quality is smooth and durable. The lightweight makes it easier to manage and handle when you use it. 

The earphones offer you a tangle-free silver plating with a copper cable that delivers the best range of signals and ensures no loss of quality at all, as a signal is converted to a high-resolution sound. The sound is not compromised, and the quality of the bass still remains thumping and groovy.

The noise reduction technology works at 90% at its complete best and provides you premium noise reduction and sound isolation.

The in-line buttons and mic make it easy for you to interact hands-free with the good connection of BlueTooth 5.0 technology. The battery can also be recharged and a tangle-free cable; this gives it power over all the earphones. Together with this, you get a touch to keep them safe and secure. 


It has 90% of noise reduction and sound isolation.
The earphones have a tangle-resistant feature for easy management.


It fails to deliver a powerful sound experience but good bass quality.

Sony WF-XB700 is an in-ear, truly wireless earphone that has a perfect fitting in your ear. The ergonomic design minimizes your pain in the ears with its highly comfortable design. The comfort is exceptionally good as it sits perfectly on your ear surface to provide you a secure hold with various sizes of silicone tips. 

These earphones consist of high-powered 12mm drivers that will give you an imaginary experience, like out of this world. The sound is impressively clear and manages all the low-high frequency range. The crystal clear sound is exceptionally energetic and durable.

The IPX4 technology will protect your earphones from any damage to water or sweat. The ability of water resistance is pretty high and is rated accordingly. The splashes of water and sweat won’t stop your earphones, so you can keep the workout on.

You can take the benefit of using these earphones for more than half a day with the battery it has to offer. These earphones come in a carrying that provides 9 hours of charging to keep on that hard work and breakthrough as well. 

We even need to charge them at the important or the 11th hour. Therefore, it provides a quick charging period of 10 minutes, and then it is an easy-going task. 

It is now easy to manage and control the system of earphones without using the phones and just with in-line features. Whether it is volume adjustment, play or pause, skip or switch anything you say. All of it is possible with the in-line buttons. The mic also makes it easy to answer and cut the call. 

Additionally, there are other multitasking features like Google Assistant and Siri that are of great use. Press the button and enjoy the tasks freely like communicating, playing music, etc. 


The dynamic drivers give you an exceptional experience with quality sound and thumping bass.
The quick charge feature provides you everything you need.


The passive noise reduction is the main drawback.

Oppo brand brings a new in-ear headset with active noise cancellation to focus on work with zero distraction. It offers you a full comfort level to enjoy a painless and exceptionally long time for both entertainment and work.

The active noise cancellation or ANC and the sound isolation is a prominent feature any earphone could offer. This will provide you with complete noise reduction and a highly impressive and thriving sound experience.

Ever thought of using your device for free? Well, I guess gone are the days when you could actually use your phones for more than a day. Today if I say so, it probably sounds unreal, but you can use Oppo Enco X for more than a day without any charge. This earphone sounds unreal, right? I mean so many technologies plus a whole day of work. 

In addition to the above statement, let me bring a new technology that just got more interesting into the limelight. An immersive and in-depth experience with Dynaudio will make it an exceptional experience and provide you with the best time for your day. 

The fast connecting feature is also offered when taken out of the case and simply disconnects when it is put back into the case. Moreover, the music pauses on its own when taken off and continues to play when put on.

These are highly compatible with androids and Apple phones as well supporting it to the best. Not only is it compatible with the phones, but it also supports noise cancellation so that you can enjoy the music in tranquility.


Dynaudio adds up with the driver to deliver the perfect results and powerful sound experience.
The fastest connecting feature is highly competitive and rarely found.
The longest playback time offered ever is up to 25 hours.


Even though it has good noise cancellation, it lacks sound isolation.

Samsung galaxy Buds + is in-ear buds that connect with Samsung Galaxy devices. You can find them in three different colors that add elegance and class to your style. These are lightweight and have a simple, compact design that is easy to travel with. The sleek design is highly portable to anywhere you go. 

These will be the best buddies you would want to accompany you on your trips and to work. The two-way speakers deliver you an immense, powerful sound. You will start grooving to music even if you are not good at dance. The sound will make you make that fluent move. 

The AKG technology is the next ingredient to the sound delivery that gives it the rich and treble bass. The sound delivery is immersive and promises to deliver an amazing time all along the day.

The Buds + are really adaptive to the advancing generation that is handy to the technology. The crystal clear sound and premium experience with Buds + will offer you zero disturbance. 

Don’t you love when everything just happens quickly without wasting any time? The buds + have a pairing feature that happens in a blink. It is fantastic, is it not? No more wasting of your precious time. Moreover, it unpairs itself as soon as it enters back into the case.

Enjoy straight 6 hours with the Samsung Galaxy buds + and fear no pain to your precious ears. This long-lasting power has now become the only source for your fun and entertainment today onwards. They allow you 11 hours of buds charging and 7 hours of the charged case, which makes a total of 18 hours playback time every day.


It delivers 18 hours of playback time for more fun and entertainment.
The quick pairing and unpairing feature make it simple and fast to use.


The noise cancellation is passive, and you can also adapt to the outside sound.

Noise Buds Solo are truly wireless earbuds with a smooth surface with ecru gold color and white. The gold lining gives it an elegant look and adds class to your attitude.

You can now work for longer, this time with noise buds that offer a total playback time of 36 hours. This ultra time limit is an amazing feature you can take advantage of at any time. 

The active noise cancellation works undisrupted to provide you an immersive experience. This will cancel out all the disturbance and noise that might be the source of it. Moreover, the sound isolation feature works pretty well. 

The in-ear detection is good; the buds play and automatically pause the audio when in or out of the ear. This helps in ensuring that you do not miss out on anything. This feature is very helpful for those in need of staying on phones most of their time.

Now, Be aware of your surroundings with the transparency mode that lets you in the ongoing talks and allows the outside sounds to enter. 


You can use these earphones for more than a day without charging.
The design and colors add to the elegance and outlook.


The active noise cancellation is more like allowing the noise to enter and cause a disturbance.

Jabra Elite Active 65t are truly wireless earphones that ensure supreme quality and robust delivery. You will not feel disappointed after using these earphones, and let me tell you why. The ear tips you get with these earphones sit comfortably and easily on your ears. These tips come in three different sizes-small, medium, and large to offer comfortable listening. You will also get an extra pair already attached to the earphones.

You can work fully and completely focused for a longer period. This works exactly as you had thought to date; with these earphones, you get up to 15 hours straight on just a single charge and can even keep it later on in the case it comes with.

IP56 rating and a two-year warranty against the protection together provide your earphones all the protection it needs. You, however, need to register on the Jabra Sound + app for guaranteed protection.

Along with the earbuds, you also get a charging case that keeps up for a longer period, a micro USB cable, three sets of silicone ear tips, a start guide, a warranty card, warning leaflets, and a TA label all packed in one box. 

The latest sensor technology is a great feature that automatically pauses and plays the audio when the buds are in or out of your ear, respectively. It even turns the power off of the earphones to save the battery and use them for a more extended period.

In addition, you also get easy access to hands-free functions like Alexa and Google Assistant, which contribute to offering this next generation a truly wireless pair of earphones.


The IP56 rating makes it highly sold for earphones and registration on Jabra Sound + app.
The sensor works really well whenever you put the buds in or out of the ear.


Noise cancellation is a bit of a hard task to manage with these earphones.

Samsung EO-IC100BBEGUS is a pair of wired earphones that has a type-C jack which is considered better than a 3.5mm jack. The ergonomic design fits in your ear with complete perfection and is cozy. You just need to plugin and let it do the rest to your ear, and you won’t even notice them at all no matter how long you wear them.

It is made with the help of 2-way speakers to deliver rich audio that is crystal clear and completely balanced, tuned up together with AKG technology.

The noise cancellation is highly active to offer you the best of the inside world, and the noise is far, far away from you. The feature works incredibly so that it does not disappoint you. You can keep your audio to yourself without anybody having access to it. 

The noise cancellation, together with sound delivery, results in an immersive experience. The audio gets divided to provide you stereo audio and is true to its terms.

These earphones do not need any charging; just plug in and play with the Type-C jack to your device. The sound is highly clear, crisp, and dynamic audio that is not distorted and not easily disturbed by the outside noise.

You will find three sets of different size ear tips, small, medium, and large, excluding the pair they come with. The wingtips as well are attached to the earphones so you can get the best fit and no pain. The jack is considered to be better than the 3.5mm jack and delivers better output.


The AKG technology and type-C together ensure better results.
It is highly active in terms of noise cancellation.


The sound isolation is not up to mark.

Marshall Minor II is an in-ear black headphone and the most convenient for your ears. The comfortable and ergonomic design has become quite common, but these earphones still stand out amongst all with their fitting and perfection. It delivers a perfect fit of silicone earphones that come in three different sizes, excluding the one that comes attached.

The Bluetooth 5.0 offers seamless connectivity and an exceptional audio experience even at a good distance of up to 30 feet. You get entire freedom and movement with complete ease on using these earphones; it gets simple to multi-task.

You can enjoy these Minor II Bluetooth earphones with a good bond and strong connection with zero disturbance for around 12 hours of playback time. You can also enjoy a quick charge functionality that will keep you going for the whole day.

These deliver a crystal clear sound that is highly enhanced with the help of 14.2 mm high-powered drivers that ensures to provide you an immersive sound experience. These drivers are fit inside the optimized and ergonomic fitting along with a loop to give your ear an innovative fit.

Moreover, you do not get only Bluetooth headphones but a micro USB charging cable, legal and safety information, and a user manual packed in the box.


These earphones provide you a seamless connection up to 30 feet.
It has dynamic drivers with 14.2 mm to provide a crisp sound experience.


You do not find any new technology, but still, the earphones deliver amazing features.


Look at these questions that we have culled especially to guide you for a better understanding. To be assured before making any purchase and take the right choice, here are the most commonly asked questions.

Which earphones are the best of the earphones as mentioned above?

All the above mentioned are selected especially for you and the best till date. These use the latest technology like Oppo, Samsung, etc.

How comfortable are these earphones?

These earphones are all about design and comfort. Whether it is budding, wired, or neckband, all have the best comfort and also have three extra pairs of silicone ear tips in the box. These are even easy to manage and are highly portable.

Are the earphones waterproof?

Yes, the IPX technology prevents water and sweat from damaging the earphones in any way. The earphones can stand for a long time in the water.

Final Verdict

These earphones are irresistible once you look at the details. We have provided all the information you need to know before buying any product. The article is all about the best earphones under 10000 in India. I hope you will find the best pair for your use and accompany you.

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