Best TWS under ₹5000

As much as wired earphones are a blessing, they can also make us go crazy sometimes. To untangle the ball of wires your earphone has created would be the toughest puzzle that you will ever solve. It would be great to have a wireless earphone that would free you from these problems, and we will be your savior.

We just made your life easier and created a list of the best TWS under 5000 in India. You can find some of the best options that are out there in this list, and you can choose the one for you.

Top 10 TWS under ₹5000 in India

If you’re fedup of the tangling issues and other handling problems that come with wired earphones, then TWS are the option you need to go for. This article is to help you with the perfect option through a review of 10 best TWS under 5000.

Do note that these products are not in any particular order, and they are simply some of the options that are available. We have also included a detailed FAQ section in which we will solve all the problems and doubts that you might have before buying a tws.

OnePlus has been delivering good quality electronic items for a long time, and you can surely count on them to give you a great product. These earbuds have loud and clear as it is equipped with a unique noise-canceling algorithm and three microphones to improve and provide the best quality sound for you.

It has 30 hours of playtime, and it comes with a power bank case that allows you to charge these earbuds on the go without any problems. You can get 10 hours of playtime by just charging these earbuds for 10 mins. The Un-BEAT-able audio lets you enjoy richer tones, clearer vocals, and deeper bass. With Dolby Atmos or Dirac Audio Tuner compatibility, you may enjoy 3D stereo or outstanding sound quality.

All of the earbuds’ controls are just a fingertip away. It contains custom-made intuitive taps that you may personalize to your preferences, and the long-press function gives you additional control over the earbuds.

When you connect OnePlus Buds to your OnePlus phone while playing games, it syncs for real-time sound, and you get low latency pairing. You can now hear the game and your online pals clearly. With an IPX4 rating, your OnePlus Buds are splash-proof, allowing you to focus on your busy life. This is also a great feature for gaming as you can just go about your game without any aggression.


Triple microphones with noise cancellation features.
30 hours of playtime and fast charging features.
Accessible controls for easier operation.


The microphones make your voice jary and robotic.

These JBL earbuds have a signature sound that will be your best partner in all kinds of situations. You can use these JBL T100TWS earbuds to attend important meetings via calls, listen to music while working out at the gym, go for a walk, or do anything you want.

It has a combined playback time of 17 hours, in which you get 5 hours of playtime on the earbuds themselves and 12 hours of charge on the charging case. Anytime the earbuds run out of charge, you can just place them in the charging case for 15 mins to get a playtime of 1 hour.
These earbuds also have a built-in Alexa and Google Assistant through which you can control your phone. You can give commands to call or message people, and you can also use it to open apps and other features. The earbuds connect to your phone through Bluetooth 5.0 for seamless connectivity. This will ensure smooth connectivity without any disturbance.

The 5.88mm drivers in these earbuds will deliver the signature JBL sound you would expect out of the earbuds. These come in two different colors; black and white. These colors will suit all kinds of outfits and will be a great addition to your style.

Along with the earbuds, you will get three sizes of ear tips (S, M, L), Charging cable, 1 x Warranty/Warning booklet, 1 x QSG/Safety Sheet (S/i).


Built-in Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control
Good sound quality.


Flat bass.

These earbuds, too, have the signature JBL sound that gives you crystal clear calls. JBL has five years of audio engineering expertise enables crystal clear calls and sound quality with expert acoustic room construction & precise tuning. This is just more reason to put your trust in JBL. 

With 21 hours of gameplay, the earbuds have a giant battery backup that never runs out of juice (6 hours on earbuds and 15 hours on a charging case). With 15 minutes of charge, you can get up to an hour of playback. Even if your earphones are dead, you can get them working again in 15 minutes.

These truly wireless headphones offer a pristine sound quality via 5.8mm drivers. It captures the full bandwidth of audio with no distortion, even at full volume. You get to experience music the way it is meant to be heard, without artificially boosted bass. It has an ergonomic design that is suitable for all users. Simply choose the ear tip that best suits your ear from the three sizes available.

The upgraded BT 5.0 Chip ensures that your earphones connect to your phone in a flash when you remove them from the cover. It simultaneously sends sound to both earphones and reduces latency to provide a smooth video viewing experience.

It works in Mono and Stereo modes, so you may listen to music or talk on the phone with one or both buds. The battery life keeps up with you since you may charge one earpiece while using the other. You may receive/end calls and activate Voice Assistance on your phone using hands-free calls and single-touch procedures.


Clear sound with good bass.
Fast charging
Easy control and navigation with both voice and touch controls.


The fit is not proper.

Another JBL earbuds on the list, and it is needless to say that well delivers great quality products and have been doing so over the years, so you can trust their electronic products.

These earbuds have 16 hours of combined playtime, in which four hours of playtime on the earbuds and 12 hours on the charging case itself (this is in the case of the audio settings being in the optimum settings). If sure your birds unexpectedly ran out of charge, then you can quickly place them into the charging case for about 15 minutes to get an hour of additional music playback, and if you completely charge the earbuds for two hours, then it charges to the max that means you can use it again for another four hours without any disturbances. So you do not have to worry about running out of charge.

It also allows you to do a hands-free call that will give you crystal clear sound – making them a perfect partner for attending meetings and other important calls. You can also connect stand in your mobile with just a push of a button. This means now you have access to Google Voice assistant, Alexa. Using this, you can access any apps on your mobile phone and make calls and send messages to people on your contacts.

It is designed in a stylish, sleek carry case which will be the perfect addition to your style. It comes in six different colors; black, blue, green, white, pink, and yellow.


Excellent battery life with fast charging features.
Comes in multiple color options.
Voice controls with Google Assistant and Alexa support.


Inefficient noise cancellation.

Philips is yet another brand that has been delivering quality products to its customers for a very long time. This Philips Audio UpBeat SHB2515BK is also one such quality earbuds that will suit you.

You get three hours of playtime on a single charge and a power bank that provides an additional 70 hours. This means you can go without charging your earbuds for more than two days. If you are about to run out of charge, then quickly place it into the Charging Case that will charge your earbuds in no time.

The 5.0 Bluetooth wireless technology ensures a smooth connection to your devices and makes the earbuds user-friendly to even beginners. The compact and efficient 6MM speaker drivers also ensure good sound quality and proper fit in your ears.

Doing tips that are part of the design of these Philips audio earbuds ensures that these earbuds are secure in your ears and do not fall out when you are doing any activity. This makes the earbuds apt for workouts and other active high-intensity activities as the earbuds will just stay in place.

It is compatible with laptops, computers, tablets, and mobile phones. It has a special noise-canceling feature that helps you hear the audio clearly and block out any unnecessary noise. The earbuds are fairly light in weight and come only in one color, which is black.

Along with these earbuds, you get a Charging Case, a Quick Start Guide, a USB Charging Cable, and three additional ear-tips.


Excellent noise cancellation features.
Fits well in your ears.
Comes with additional ear-tips.


Comes in only one colour.

Oppo Enco W51 earbuds have a noise reduction feature that gives you an impressive sound experience without any disturbance or commotions from your surrounding environment. Active noise cancellation (ANC) is the reason for this clear sound experience.

This earbuds can hold a battery charge for up to 24 hours and have sufficient power to support this 24 hours of usage. Now, you can take this earbud anywhere you want without worrying about them running out of charge. You can use these to attend calls, meetings, listen to music, wear them to the gym or for your morning walk.

It has a smart operation that automatically connects to the device when you open the keys and disconnects once you put the headphones back onto the case. It also has other smart operations, such as when the year birds are taken off the music process and continue to play once you put it back on.

These Oppo earbuds are IP54 dust and water-resistant. They are professionally designed and are certified with the IP54 dustproof and waterproof certificate. This makes it a perfect fit for wearing it to the gym or for your morning walks.

The earbuds support Android and iOS and are perfectly adaptable by most types of operating systems. They also come with a microphone making it after to attend calls and meetings.

These earbuds are light in weight and come in two beautiful colors. It comes in a floral white and a starry blue these will be the perfect fit for your everyday clothes and will add that extra spark that you need.

It has binaural low latency Bluetooth transmissions for a lag-free transmission and improves audio to video synchronization.


Active noise cancellation and reduction.
Dust and water resistance.
Binaural low latency transmissions for better audio to video synchronization.


Low bass.

This SoundPeats True Capsule wireless ear pods adopt a global professional Realtek chipset and biological diaphragm to enhance the sound quality. TrueCapsule wireless earbuds bring you an excellent listening experience with powerful bass.

It is designed with the latest Bluetooth 5.0; the SoundPEATS TrueCapsule wireless earbuds own fast and stable transmission without tangling, so no more spending eternity on figure why you can not hear properly. With improved quality mic for both earbuds brings a better call performance. Now, you can attend your important meetings with the best sound quality and mic performance. It also automatically powers on after taking out of the charging case and turns off once placed back into the charging case. Activate the voice assistance easily by double-pressing the multifunction button. Smart touch control prevents the buttons from hurting your ears.

The earbuds have a 4 hour working time for each charge, and the charging case has a five times full charge, for a total of 24 hours of gameplay. The SoundPEATS TrueCapsule wireless earbuds are designed to keep you company throughout the day, no matter where you are. Please note that if you want, only the right earbud can be used in Mono mode.

TrueCapsule Bluetooth headphones are easy to use, thanks to their ergonomic design and three sizes of ear tips. As long as your device’s Bluetooth version is higher than 4.0, you can use them. All SoundPEATS devices come with a 12-month warranty; please contact us at the email address indicated in the user manual if you have any questions.

This device comes with a one-year hassle-free warranty from the date of purchase when purchased from SoundPeats’ authorized partners.


Multifunction button for easier operation.
Good battery life.
Voice assistant support.


Monomode works only in right earbuds.

Phillips Audio UpBeat SHB2505BK earbuds have a passive noise isolation technology that is made in such a way that there is a better sound quality even at a lower volume.

This noise isolation technology reduces any background noises and unnecessary commotion to improve the sound quality and enhance what you’re hearing. It also has Neodymium speaker drivers that deliver a pure and balanced sound.

It has five hours of playtime, and the Charging Case provides an additional 15 hours. Now it’s possible to charge your earphones on the go and at all times. It also has compact and efficient 6MM speaker drivers for better sound quality.

It has an automatic on and off option and an auto-pairing option. This means that whenever you remove your ear pod, it automatically stops the music or sound that you’re listening to and when you put your ear pod back on, the music resumes. It also has a remote control for hands-free calls and music.

It has a wingtip for a more secure fit, and you can choose from the three pairs of ear tips that are provided along with Earpods. This makes it a perfect fit while working out or doing other high-intensity activities, as you do not need to worry about your ear pods falling out.

These Philips Audio UpBeat SHB2505BK Earpods are light in weight and come in one color. The black-colored ear pods will suit your everyday look and will be the perfect addition for you.


Passive noise isolation for better sound quality.
Auto pairing option.
Hands-free operation with easily accessible remote control.


Connectivity issues.

This Sound Peat Sonic allows you to talk anywhere without Disconnection Bluetooth 5.2, QCC 3040 chip, and the true Wireless Mirroring Technology maximizes the connection stability.

You can also freely Switch for Single and Twin. Both earbuds can work as master earbuds, and enjoy music with single or twin mode for your like. The latest aptx-adaptive audio decoding technology delivers fantastic immersive sound with powerful bass.

The latest advanced Bluetooth 5.2 ensures seamless connection and lower consumption of charge. You get 15 Hours of Playtime, and now you can also enjoy ultra long 15 hours of playtime with Type-c quick charge.

The game mode reduces the latency to guarantee that the gaming audio is synchronized, and the image LED Battery Indicator shows how much charge is left in your ear pods. Below 10% of the total Red Yellow is 49 percent of the time and -10 percent of the time. Green is 100 percent of the time and 50 percent of the time. A Call for Clarity cVc noise cancellation and a built-in mic for two earbuds for a clean call.

If you push and hold both MFBs for 10 seconds, both indicators will flash white twice, indicating that your earbuds are contact-free. The SoundPEATS Sonic Wireless Earbuds with Powerful Bass provide nonstop companionship from day to night; a single full charge provides 15 hours of entertainment, and two recharges using the charging case extend the enjoyment to a total of 35 hours.


Excellent battery life.
Excellent sound quality with perfect bass.
Dedicated gaming mode.


The sound may falter during calls.

The battery in these ear pods has been tuned to provide 6.5 hours of continuous play/talk time (at 50% volume) on a single charge (24 hours total with case). With only 15 minutes of charge time, you may get an extra 3 hours of use out of your phone.

A totally wireless design with a Bluetooth 5 chip with Qualcomm aptX Audio Technology and AAC hi-res transmission tuned for Android and iOS devices to give better sounding audio at similar bit rates is also available.

The 7 mm dynamic driver reproduces crystal clear sound in an ultra-compact form for increased efficiency. It’s built of titanium composite for long-term durability.

You can use conventional Bluetooth connectivity with both earpieces for an immersive music listening experience, or you can use the Left and Right earbuds separately for phone conversations. A high-stability MEMS microphone minimizes background static, while DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology for environmental noise elimination enables crystal clear communication as if you were conversing face-to-face.


Excellent battery life with fast charging option.
Noise cancellation technology for better communication.
Excellent build for long-term durability.


Calling experience is not very good.


Look at these questions that we have culled especially to guide you for a better understanding. To be assured before making any purchase and take the right choice, here are the most commonly asked questions.

What does TWS stand for in earbuds?

TWS stands for “Truly Wireless” headphones, which are the most recent technology that allows you to move freely and go about your day while being connected to your devices without having to take them with you. The sound quality is excellent, and there are no wires required to connect them.

Are TWS earphones a good investment?

Yes, they’re well worth the money, and they’re especially useful if you need to listen to music on your device while on the go, working out, or traveling. The price has dropped down, and the device now has stronger connectivity and a wider range of motion. They now have a battery life that lasts all day, allowing you an endless music experience.

What are your thoughts on TWS earbuds?

The earphones normally have a button that allows you to turn them on or off and enter pairing mode. Switch to pairing mode, turn on Bluetooth in your device settings, and make sure it’s discoverable, depending on the brand and model. After you’ve found the name of the manufacturer and model on your smartphone, you’ll be able to start the connection.

How long will wireless earbuds last?

We must recognize that the price we pay includes quality, comfort, and convenience, and longevity. The earbuds normally last approximately two years, which is rather short when considering how expensive some high-end versions are.

Final Verdict

TWS earbuds are definitely a blessing for people who enjoy listening to music without having to confine themselves to one location or carry about inconvenient gadgets. Even while some earbuds appear to be pricey, you can discover the ideal product for your needs within your budget based on their characteristics.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article about the best tws under 5000 rupees. The list is likely to have the ideal product for you; regardless of your needs, a tws will be a good fit.

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