Best Samsung Earphones under ₹1000

A company such as Samsung needs no introduction. They have dominated the electronics market for decades and have established themselves as one of the biggest manufacturers of virtually every kind of electronic device. Their products are known for being versatile and comfortable. 

Today we will look at the best Samsung earphones under Rs.1000 in India. Additionally, we will also be listing the various highs and lows of each product (pros and cons), so you have a better and clear idea of what to expect from each earphone.

Top 4 Samsung Earphones under ₹1000 – Reviewed

Below are a few review based selected products by Samsung to help you choose one or two or as many you want. Read the complete article to know all the details about each and every product.

These earphones come with dynamic 8mm driver units that produce clear and powerful sound. Additionally, the earphone’s deep bass and crisp highs are well balanced to provide a great listening experience. They weigh only 41 g, which makes them super light and can be easily carried. One of the primary purposes of these earphones is to provide comfort and a great listening experience. 

The earbuds are incredibly soft, and the earbuds are available in S / M / L so that everyone can find their perfect fit. The case or in-line microphone placed on the lanyard uses voice commands and allows you to answer calls without removing the earphones and to switch between calls and music quickly and easily. The in-ear headset has built-in controls and an ergonomic button design that allows the user to maintain control over functions such as a microphone, play, pause, stop, and volume (up / down).

Powerful bass, punchy sound, and crisp highs are driven by dynamic drivers that deliver a unique balance of resonant bass and high-frequency tones for a precise, natural sound. In addition, the soft, pillow-shaped ear muffs are super comfortable and come in different sizes. Therefore, the ears do not hurt, even if the earphones are used for an extended period. 

In terms of portability, the earphones are super stylish and light and can be easily carried on the go. In addition, the ergonomic design and the tangle-free symmetrical cable of 1.2 m can be used easily to stow earphones in handbags and backpacks. With these earphones, you can take great sound with you wherever you go. Quickly switch between calls and music. 

The in-line controls use voice commands, and the microphone does not hang in front of the phone when speaking. The in-line smart mic Headset enables quick and smooth switching between music and calls. The warranty period is six months, during which the earphones can be exchanged or repaired without any problems if they do not function properly. 

The delicate earphones are a bit fragile and should be handled with care as they can be easily damaged. Conclusion: The HS130, with its dynamic 8mm driver and ear cushions, is ideal for all music lovers, ergonomic design, and controls.  


Superior Sound Quality
Very comfortable design


Very fragile and not durable

The packaging of these earphones is very basic and straightforward, and the actual unpacking experience is below par and a bit disappointing even in this low-budget segment. The build quality is decent enough, with a rounded wire made of a suitable plastic, which feels durable enough. But, we still don’t get any flat or tangle-free wire that also helps with durability.

The jack is a basic 3.5mm one which isn’t angled and is square shaped. These earphones don’t have precisely angled buds made explicitly for a better fit in the ear canal.

These earphones are popular today because of their compact design and because you can easily wear them under a hat or helmet. Lightweight and compact enough for the gym without sacrificing audio quality, these earphones are perfect for almost any situation you can. Remember to throw them away: running, biking, hiking, or just walking around town. Undoubtedly, these earphones have a lot going for them. 

They are earphones that are comfortable to wear and offer impressive sound quality with a sound signature. The sound that these earphones emit is of the highest quality in terms of precision and enjoyment. With defined bass and treble that do not dominate the mids, Samsung EH 64 earphones offer you a completely balanced sound experience.

Although the bass is defined, it isn’t nearly powerful enough to fully enjoy beats, and there are much better options at the same price point for people who want to get the full enjoyment of thumping bass.

They have the right Size. With a design that minimizes ear canal fatigue and pressure points, these earphones can be used for long listening sessions. The incredibly soft silicone ear tips help a lot in this aspect and allow you to enjoy all your music without interruptions. You can call, record voice-overs, etc., while traveling. It is indeed a good budget option from Samsung.


Balanced Audio Quality


Bad unpacking experience
No flat wire
Not good for bassophiles

These Samsung earphones were explicitly built for fitness enthusiasts in mind with their shackle mounts meant for an active lifestyle and enable the user to have an earphone with a much better hold over the years. These rubber mounts ensure that your earphones never get displaced or fall even while doing strenuous activities that require lots of movement.

Even though these earphones have a good hold on the ear, they aren’t that comfortable due to their unique design and may cause ear pain if used for long periods at a time.

These earphones have hybrid ear tips that give a superior output and also come advertised with high-quality noise cancellation. The Samsung EOEG920B is undoubtedly ergonomically solid and is designed for maximum comfort with excellent noise-canceling properties explicitly for runners and joggers who want to cut down outside ambient noise.

A big plus point is a tangle-free cable that makes the earphone more durable and tangle-free and is much better than the basic rounded cable, which most budget earphones tend to go for. Its hybrid design combines the best features of conventional earphones with the comfort generally associated with bulky earphones. 

It delivers the powerful audio performance you can also look forward to because of the dynamic 12 mm driver that also provides deep bass. In addition to the excellent sound quality of the earphones, the conversation partner will also hear the conversation partner. The microphone housing is made of sound-absorbing material that fades out all unwanted noise and lets your voice reach the listener.


Great for fitness enthusiasts
High-quality noise canceling
Flat Wire


May cause ear pain if used for an extended period

The packaging of these earphones is minimalistic and straightforward but still neatly done and not unattractive at all. The cable is the bare plastic rounded one, which doesn’t provide the same benefits as a flat and tangle-free wire. Still, it does provide some advantages like being more lightweight, which helps in terms of the comfort of the user. It is also not uncommon to see mainly only rounded types of wires in this price segment.

It is value for money and performs all the essential functions like audio playback, calling, and listening to music sufficiently for its cheap cost. It has a button for controlling the volume level, as well as a multifunction button that performs all audio playback and calling functions for the user. 

The 3.5mm jack is gold plated for better conductivity and is straight shaped. In addition, the right and left earbuds are specifically branded and mentioned. The ear tips are pretty small and compact and fit quite snugly. They don’t touch the ear much and are very comfortable, taking advantage of the low weight of the wire overall with the plastic body.

The in-line microphone delivers clear and crisp audio and is good enough for all your calling needs. In terms of sound quality, it is not built for people who want bass, as the bass is underwhelming and not that good. The mids, highs, and lows are okayish and not something remarkable. Overall it is a headphone that does all the basic things very well and isn’t just listening to music.


Low price
Volume control button
Gold plated jack


Rounded wire
Cheap quality plastic build


All the best Samsung earphones under 1000 have been reviewed, and all their features, specifications, and pros and cons have been listed out for the convenience of the reader. After reading this review, I am sure that you will be able to make the right choice.

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