Best Sony Earphones

If you are searching for great earphones, then Sony will be the brand that will serve you with the best choice for excellent sound quality. Sony provides a variety of models of earphones where you need to pick the one that would be right according to your preference and comfort. Among the choices include in-ear earphones, over-ear earphones or noise cancellation, and many more varieties Sony produces.

After deciding the style of the earphone, you need to keenly look upon the main features that are necessary for an ideal earphone to enjoy the experience of sound. If you earphones for workout, you need to look up other features such as water resistance, noise cancellation, and every other element that would be perfect for your preferred use.

Battery life is the most highlighting function that one should notice before buying any earphones. This guide will direct you to pick the best Sony earphones with all their features listed along with the product to make your process of searching simpler.

Top 10 Sony Earphones in India (2021)

Sony has always been the most significant firm that produces products of satisfactory quality, and it is also a well-known brand among most people. As they have grown diverse in various platforms, their earphones are the best quality products prepared by keeping consumers in mind.

By bringing comfort to the users and providing the best audio-sounding earphones, Sony stands to be the brand most users find comforting to use with all the necessary features for an ideal earphone. 

Sony’s Truly wireless earbud with the noise cancellation feature provides an HD Noise Canceling Processor QN1e that allows the user to revel in the audio world. They last long, around 24hrs of battery life in general, and let you experience the song for more time. The noise cancellation feature shuts the sound from the surroundings, and you can hear clear audio and enjoy the sound of the music.

These earbuds are specially designed to don’t hear any noise produced in your surrounding space, even if there is any loud flight noise, traffic around the city, or any sound. Wherever you are, the noise cancellation processor works so that it cancels every other surrounding sound and allows you to enjoy the song of your choice, and also consumes less energy from the battery.

It is crafted with all the new superior technology. It is not just the perfect noise cancellation feature but also an excellent sound quality that any user can revel in the world of enjoying the audio. Digital Sound Enhancement Engine HX (DSEE HX) lifts the compressed song files by bringing them to the right path and lets them sound in the best possible high-resolution audio.

These earphones are created as superior wireless models that connect and syncs easily to any of your preferred devices and allows a fun listening experience. The Bluetooth chip designed with the earphone transmits the audio equally to both the left and right ear and guarantees a strong connection that will pair for a longer time. The earbuds can work for a complete 6 hrs after every charge, and they can be rechargeable with the charging case that gives additional battery life. They are no doubt one of the best Sony earphones in India.


Perfect noise cancellation
The battery lasts a more extended period


Occupies large space

The Sony Extra Bass Bluetooth earphone is created for those who need to preserve their earphones for a longer time during their exercising sessions. This earphone is specially designed for sportspeople and is easy to wear while people engage in any sports activity. It is simply pretty comfortable to wear and makes the sport easy to play by listening to some good music you prefer to enjoy.

It is specifically designed in a way that you can have a good experience of all the bass-heavy songs on your playlist. The earphone structure is pretty less weight and sits perfectly on your ears with a comforting fit. It also comes with exceptional lengths and provides a snug fit over both sides of the ears by sealing perfectly into the ears. It also produces an excellent audio quality that you can enjoy for a more extended period.

These earphones are designed with a noise cancellation feature that allows you to listen to the song with complete joy, and it reduces the surrounding noise even when the volume of the audio playing is kept in a mild range. Even while exercising for a more extended period, you can enjoy the song and simultaneously work out at the gym. It fits perfectly into your ears and quickly pairs with any device you prefer to listen to music.

It can be slightly different or uncomfortable because of its size, as everyone’s ears are formed differently from one another. But most of the users feel they are a comforting fit, and it is runners who can opt for these earphones for their long-running sessions.


Affordable price range
It fits nicely with decent sounding


No protective case is available

If you want to enhance your normal jogging lifestyle, then these Sony earbuds are designed in Tri-hold form contact with the three most significant elements on your ear for a consistent and comfy fit.

You could pay attention to uninterrupted songs on certainly charged headphones for nine prolonged playback hours. The handy charging case provides a charge for 9 hours to keep you going through the whole day. It is, on the whole, a great deal as 18 hours of listening to your favored tune without any disturbances. 

If you need to leave quickly, then just 10 minutes of quick charging gives you a whole lot of 60 minutes of music playback. The earphone has an IPX4 water resistance rating. It would help if you never worried about the splashes and sweat, which will never affect the moving of the tune. Moreover, it permits Google Assistant to get proper access to the music and provides you the required information.

You can easily connect with your smartphone with ease with the buttons, provide you with directions, make effective calls, and do lots of extraordinary things by simply using voice commands. With the trendy WF-XB700, there is no longer the need to even take your phone out of your pocket to attend calls.

The compact charging case gives power to your WF-XB700 earbuds. The charging cable is too brief so that you can be hard in case you attempt to get it charged from well-known sockets. WF-XB700 is preferred as the best earphones for running because of its sweatproof design.


Conversation flows clean and smooth
Enables smooth way to connect


The noise cancellation characteristic with this earbud isn’t up to the mark

Sony has constantly provided robust audio quality product earphones for years now, with the actual wireless earphones being extraordinary in beauty products to comfort most users. With a familiar neckband-style design, the Sony WI-SP510 is exceptionally minimalist, and they are available in Blue and Black colored options. 

The plastic assembly allows the earphones to develop exceptionally lightweight and portable anywhere you wish to take them. The earphones weigh around 30g, and they can be without any troubles packed down away in a backpack or even in smaller handbags. The new-gen earphones have extended in evaluation to the previous model – the WI-SP500. Moreover, the battery has shot up drastically compared with the WI-SP510 by supplying an energetic 15 hours of playtime.

The earphones are well-appropriate for those leading an active lifestyle. Whether you go to the gym, running, or jogging, the earbuds sit down firmly within the ear, and the neckband stays located quite simply throughout the neck due to the front side of the plastic. 

The comfortable form of the earphones affords excellent noise isolation as well. It makes them suitable for usage even while being in a tourist spot or noisy place of job environments. The earphones moreover encompass every silicone ear tenet further to silicone wings in unique sizes. They are small and ergonomic by using magnetic pressure housings, which permit them to clasp collectively at the same time as fit idle through your neck.


Excellent battery life
Good passive isolation


Silicone wings can cause discomfort

The WI-C200 are designed in a flexible structure and right in-ear headphones to form the best stylish earphones perfect for your lifestyle. They save you from the untangling extended wires and start taking part in the tune and move on the move. You can experience the non-stop song on the motion with an incredible battery lifestyle of up to 15 hours of playback. It allows you to listen to your selected playlists anytime throughout the day. 

The headphones consist of an upgraded speedy charging feature. Even when the battery gets low, just 10 minutes of charging gives you an entire 60 minutes of playback. Users can enjoy hand-free listening as even making calls or listening to songs because the headphones include an incorporated microphone with Google Assistant and Siri. 

One can experience leisure at the go, connect with friends, check the weather, enjoy the songs, set reminders, and plenty greater through actually just by using your voice. The impressively lightweight in-ear headphones consist of a neckband format to comfort and hold the headphones out of the path, and you can enjoy a comfortable fit.

With just weighing around 15g, the latest headphones are structured perfectly to offer a comfy listening level all day long. The headphones deliver a smooth and punchy sound by fitting perfectly into your ears. You might also additionally store the compact headphones effortlessly in a bag. The magnetic setting in the earbuds feature is in the region to hold tangled cords, and charging your device has come to be lots simpler.


Call quality is great


The wire is thin to handle

In Sony’s earphones, this one is a specific pair of wireless in-ears earphones that perfectly fit each side of the ears. It is specially designed for sports activities and is known for its Extra Bass. It comes with WI-SP510 in various ranges, mainly thinking about its price, it is those affordable earbuds buds.

Typically, Sony’s sports activities earphones are produced with users’ audio listening experience consisting of functions like sweat resistance, comfortable fits, lightweight but robust construction, and prolonged battery life. It has an impressive WI-SP510 that offers on all these kinds of fronts.

It additionally manages to perform with the punchy sound with Extra Bass variety and gives intense audio for the price. However, it’s well worth bringing up that the noise cancellation feature in the headphones themselves and they are inexplicably pretty high. Hence the listeners may feel extra diffused and nuanced material, including audiobooks, podcasts, and softer sounds to be disappointing.

The WI-SP510 is substantially exceptional from the WI-SP500, transferring from a layout in which surprisingly cumbersome earbuds. It has been connected through a cable to a neckband layout that functions as an alternative compact driving force housings; however, it manages to maintain its bulk in the band.

This fashion of neckband layout is structured to be a skinny bendy band among larger difficult plastic sections positioned perfectly. However, most earphone users discovered that they are ideal for the sporty purpose method and excellent alternative earphones for regular use. The WI-SP510 has surprisingly tiny 12mm drivers that provide exceptional audio quality, as Sony has been doing substantially well through the current years.


Comfortable fit


Noise floor ways too high

These are the first Wireless Neck-Band by Sony that allows all your low-stop sounding for excellent bass, even preserving audio clarity, enhancing every track sound to be a perfect rhythm. Moreover, it complements 15 hours of battery life just by keeping enough power to accompany you. So experience your favored track using the one’s wireless earphones for 15 hours continuously, even as at the end charged at a few degrees within the entire day. 

If you want to hurry, but your battery falls, through charging the earphones simplest for 10 minutes, you could get 60 minutes of playback time. The neckband is designed with a short charging characteristic that gives as much as a minimum of one hour of wireless playback after clearly ten minutes of charging. 

Furthermore, with Google Assistant, it has become less complicated to apply the voice to alternate the modern-day tune, change the sound, and experience hands-free listening and voice-controlled features. Each earbud has an included magnet for tangle-free carrying and storage. It lets you quickly take even as you are no longer paying attention to a piece of music and allows hands-free talking during calls. 

It comes with an incorporated microphone that is properly perfect for enjoying leisure on the pass, connecting to friends, and lots more. With 12mm driving pressure units, the headphones deliver an accessible and energetic sound, and they’ll be compact headphones that you could keep without issues into a bag.


Produces clean and smooth sound
It is snug to place around the neck


The sound can be heard out even as the volume is mild

The WI-C200 is a cushy in-ear headphone that perfectly fits the ears and stylishly adds to your modern lifestyle. The headphones supply dynamic audio overall performance with deep bass and impressive clarity. It is time to settle to the untangling wires and begin taking part in tune with these new earphones. 

It has a long battery life of up to fifteen hours of playback, where you can enjoy your favorite playlists and podcasts throughout the day. The headphones include an upgraded easy charging feature as and when the battery gets low; simply 10 mins of charging allow you a complete 60 mins of playback. 

You can enjoy being hands-free even as making calls or enjoying the tune as headphones include an integrated microphone and are well suited with Google Assistant and Siri. One can experience enjoyment at the move, connect to friends, have a check on the weather, and a lot more. The multi-feature button being pressed two times lets you get immediate entry to Siri or Google Assistant. 

The lightweight in-ear headphones include a neckband layout to make sure comfort to pay attention to tune ultimately. The brand new headphones are engineered flawlessly to provide cushy listening and deliver round all day long. Those new headphones will make the music extra immersive and enjoyable. With 9mm driver gadgets, headphones supply clean and punchy sound. Charging your tool has become an even more straightforward way.


Flexible structure
Pleasant sound quality


The wire is designed to be thin

The earphone is tailor-made for music lovers who love to vibe with the tunes. The more substantial EXTRA BASS generation allows you to experience the deep bass notes in any place and scenario, much like being at the song’s natural land or staying in the festival mood. The Bass Booster lets the low-end frequencies via a specifically designed duct within the housing, even as a progressed seal among the driver unit and your ears experience a great sound.

You can manage and transfer from tune to calls with the in-line microphone, and they also provide you with play, pause, and volume management at your fingertips. You can personalize your earphone with just a smooth-to-use utility. You can configure the mic button to be selected from volume manipulation or music control features. By downloading the software from the play store, observe smooth instructions to set features from the mic button. 

Listen to your favorite tune because the 12 MM neodymium creates a powerful, balanced sound. Enjoy melody for lengthy hours with no discomfort, as the comfortable silicone finish can help you concentrate on your favorite tune for prolonged hours. You get three pairs of Silicone earbuds with each pair of headphones.

Choose from 3 colorful shades of alternatives and keep away from stressful tangles with a serrated cord. They reduce the tangling of the wires, and the wideband frequency is around 4Hz to 24kHz. It offers deep bass, wealthy mid-levels, and quality listening. Hear every tiny detail in each music and live in track with all of your tunes.


Extraordinary bass
Good mic quality


Large layout structure can cause pain

This earphone from Sony has a proper layout for sports activities stereo headphones, permitting you to revel in song with the sound tapping your feet. The MDR-AS210 sports activities earphones are prepared with a responsive 13.5mm driving force, which isn’t any different, presenting a secure and comfy fit, permitting you to work out with the music you prefer to hear. 

Make sure it suits you properly while going for walks, and they sit firmly constant on your ears so you can enjoy the beat. The sound makes use of a 13.5mm driving force to boost energy to your workout. If you experience the power lost within the previous couple of minutes of your exercise, the clear, active sound will hold you where you were going and help you finish them. 

It has a sensitivity of 104 dB/mW and a frequency variety of 17-22,000 Hz, where each detail is heard clearly. The open layout of All Natural Acoustics lets in audio to go into and go out via the lower back of the earbuds for an extra natural sound. It is well organized for rain, sweat, or any water splashing at any time, as you could while in such times. 

You will enjoy maintaining and playing the music over time while going for walks with no disturbances. With durable finishes, stunning and stylish designs are to be had in black or blue. They are one of the best Sony earphones under 1000.


Provides active sound quality
The volume permits listening to particular information


The hard plastic can harm your earlobes and cause pain

Frequently Asked Questions

Look at these questions that we have culled especially to guide you for a better understanding. To be assured before making any purchase and take the right choice, here are the most commonly asked questions.

Which layout is ideal for an earphone?

Over-the-ear design is exceptional for listening in the domestic area; however, you can also take them along even as you’re at the move. Sometimes smaller, greater transportable fashions sacrifice a bit of sound quality. However, they’re convenient where in-ear headphones are simpler to manage. If you want peace running domestic or in different environments, do not forget headphones with noise cancellation features.

Which earphones should I go for, Wired or wireless?

For serious listening, we suggest it is higher-rated wired fashions that would be best. We discovered that many wireless headphones work well. However, a few have fantastic sound; however, we haven’t found anything that offers the sonic clarity in the best-wireless fashions over wired ones.

What is the difference in battery life?

Generally, the larger the headphones, the longer the battery life, even though smaller headphones typically perform better and are more convenient. The standard headphones can function as much as 4-5 hours on a single charge, and standby time levels from much less than other earphones.

What is the maximum range level?

If you’re someone who moves around often without phones, a headphone with a perfect range is necessary. Most Bluetooth headphones work with Class 2 Bluetooth, which offers a range of as much as 33 ft far than sound fine and then starts dropping. However, there’s more than one Class 1 Bluetooth earphone, which has ranged as much as three hundred ft.


Most people are fixed to the gadgets most of the day, being attentive to tune at the move or looking at films on a tablet, laptop, or phone. Headphones have emerged as more significant than simply an accessory, and they’re almost a need for everyone today.

If you’ve spent more days listening to the same pair of earphones, you should obtain some other best earphones and keep them in mind to upgrade. You have lots of selections, from small, in-ear designs to be able to slip right into a pocket to big, over-the-ear cans, which could assist immerse you in high-constancy sound. Pick the proper preference for a comfortable pair of earphones from the above-listed Sony products to experience the audio even better.

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