Best TWS under ₹3000

Life has been getting more wireless, from Wired Phones to Mobiles, from Broadcom to dongle, everything is getting simpler and easier. From headphones to headsets to now earbuds, which are easier and flexible to use. But the price goes beyond, and it is harder to get good quality at a lower price. 

All the best devices are not budget-friendly, and some are not compatible with Android or iOS, or Windows versions. So, to clear the confusion, here we have sorted down the list of best TWS under 3000.

Top 10 TWS under ₹3000 in India

As good as earphones are, not all of them are budget-friendly. But if you’re under a budget, we may have just got the perfect choice for you with these 10 best TWS earphones under 3000. Have a read and we’re sure that you’ll find something that suits you well.

OnePlus has already been a hit in the mobile industry, due to its structure, performance, and better photography. Now, they give us such excellency in earbuds. It comes with a size of a peanut, with dimensions of cm.

With a sleek capsule-like box, in all white-colored, just like AirPods, but OnePlus buds have rubber material.

It fits in your ear perfectly, with no chance of falling from your ear. With louder music and best for those who work out and love to listen to music while doing so. It is a good choice to buy in a price range of below 3000. We can watch movies, listen to music, and attend calls without having any non-sync in the playback.

It has a nano-coating which could repel the water, that is, it is water-resistant and can be used while working out or gym hours, without silence or disturbance noises. You can just have it in and enjoy the music.


Excellent build quality with strong plastic material.
Excellent battery life.


The bass is not very good and it feels artificial.

JBL headphones are quite popular and they are best known for their bass and sound quality. They introduced earbuds, which are budget-friendly and size much smaller than a peanut.
It comes in two colors white and black and is compatible with Android and iOS. You can just pair the right earbud and the right automatically gets paired.

The look is shiny and has good sound quality, bass, and the extra feature of this is you can just connect with the Google Assistant and Siri with a simple tap on earpod. It has a button to operate or control the calls or music.

It requires no batteries and is charged within 20 to 30 minutes and lasts up to 2-3 hours if you are using it for calls. If you use it for music it might last a bit more, like 3-4 hours. It has no water resistance power, so I couldn’t wear it during an excess workout or rainy days. It can withstand sweat or a splash of water.


Excellent sound quality with perfect bass.
Connects with voice assistants with a single tap on the buttons.
Easy to operate with more accessible buttons.


It’s not water-resistant or sweat-resistant so you cannot wear it during longer workout sessions.

Motorola, an old but best brand, has launched its earbuds with a compact design. It supports Android, iOS, and Windows versions with Bluetooth connectivity. It comes in black, blue colors. It has an Inbuilt mic and has compatibility with voice assistants.

You can voice out or command Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa with voice control. You can watch any movies, or play games, or attend calls with ease. It doesn’t have any noise cancellation, but it has a clear sound and due to the rubber material, some of the noise can be filtered out.

It is waterproof and can be used while in rain or sweat resistance compatibility of having it while working out or running. It has the major benefits of a 2-in-1 facility, you can use it like earbuds or have it like a Bluetooth headset with a neck strap.

It comes in a tiny case, these earbuds have a long-lasting duration of 10 hours playback while in the case before connecting it, and you can have it for 4-5 hours on calls. It is no doubt one of the best tws under 3000 in India.


Compatible with all technologies- Android, iOS, and Windows.
Has voice control features.


Lacks noise cancellation features.

Boat Airdopes come in a mini size, with more playback time. It is compatible with Android and iOS and connected through Bluetooth. It has IWP technology, which is Insta Wakeup and Pair. As soon as we open the case, it gets into connection mode.

It has a high resistance to water or sweat, so for those who carry earbuds while working out, it is the best choice. It has a stereo calling feature for a clear and crisp sound.
It comes in various other colors too, not just black.

The sports look of neon, blue, fusion, csk blue, etc. The case is small and fits in pocket easily and it has dual microphone technology. It enables the user to have a clear voice quality over calls either audio or video. They can enable voice assistants like Google Assistant and Siri.


Dual microphones technology
Water and sweat-resistant
Multiple color options


Poor noise cancellation.

Blaupunkt is a mini-sized earbud, which fits right into the ears. They support Android, iOS, Laptops, Smart TVs, Macbook, all devices which support A2DP profiles.

It comes with three pairs of ear gels in the box, in different sizes, so there is no worry of slipping or falling from the ears. You, your kids can also use it with ease.

Batteries are included and required to use these earbuds. An average time of 15 hours is the lasting time of the Earbuds with music on, and quite less when used on calls. It also supports Voice assistants like Google and Siri. It was released in 2019, but still is running well in the market with its features and budget.


Long battery life
Compatible with all device types
Voice assistant support


You may face some issues with the connectivity of the earphones.

Cute and mini-sized earbuds of Crossbeats has a touch sense or touchpad on the earbuds for connecting. It comes in black, green and white colors. The touch sensor can be used for playing music, answering or disconnecting a call, Volume control. Crossbeats also enable voice assistants like Google or Siri. It is compatible with Android and iOS.

The charging level is quite good, with five hours of playtime and twenty hours of standby.
It has splashproof, we can use them while working out or while you sweat. A bit low and fair price compared to the other earbuds. It weighs much less, one can listen to music with good bass with more battery life. It is a touchpad over the earbuds used for controlling.


Touch sense technology makes it easier and faster to connect and control the earbuds.
Compatibility with different voice assistants.
Waterproof and sweat-resistant.


Poor bass quality.

Hammer KO, Knock Out are the in-ear buds and also have a grip over the ears. It has a bass-deep sound quality. The playtime comes around for five hours and can be charged in 15-30 minutes. It has an inbuilt mic, with 20 Hz and voice control. The sound is clear and has bass quality, within this range of budget it’s cool to have it. It is water-resistant, which you can carry on while working out, running, etc.

It has touch control, we can change the music, connect or disconnect the calls, turn on and off the device. It has 20hours of playback time in the case and 5 hours in the ears. No slip-off tension, quite manageable, and sound is good and clear for calls over zoom or meetings.


Touch control features to easily operate the earbuds.
Excellent sound and bass
Excellent battery life with fast charging as well.


There are some latency issues in the earbuds.

Skullcandy, is a great brand for a long time. It has served as the best earphones and headphones since its launching time. Now it has stepped into the Wireless world, with its wireless earbuds.

It was made recently in 2020, with good sound quality. It is lesser in weight comparatively, and the batteries are included and required. With 22 hours of battery life, it is good to carry along on a day out. It has dual mics, sweat resistance ability, easier to carry on during trekking, workouts, gym etc.

It is easy to connect, and we can use either bud if not two. It comes with controls like call, volume, track, music etc. Noise cancellation is not mentioned but as per the reviews, it has good clarity in voice-over calls.


Dual mic
Lightweight and portable.
Sweat and water-resistant


After-sales service is not good.

Skullcandy launched another model of earbuds within budget, Skullcandy Sesh TWS. It is tiny and looks as if you did not wear it. It comes with a battery life of 3 hours which might be a little less but ok if you are not carrying on a long route.

It has batteries included and Chargeable is in around 30-45 minutes. It has one button on each bud, to connect or disconnect calls, music, or volume control. It comes with a Micro USB charging cable and has three sets of ear gels for different sizes like S, M, and L. It is quite easier to use and control without cords.


Multiple sizes so they fit well in your ears.
Easy to operate and control.


Short battery life.

For the regular users of electronic goods or earphones, know the quality of the brand Philips. It is quite budget-friendly, available in markets easily, and has the highest market value. Philips has launched TAT 1235 TWS earbuds with overall wireless usage popularity.

The mini-sized earbuds come in a cute little case, which runs over 6 hours of playtime and sits back in the case for 12 hours before connecting. They come in black and green colors. They are chargeable within 1- 2 hours duration. They are splash and sweat resistant and are comfortable while working out or trekking or running.

They have a touch sense or touchpad to control, on or off, call connections, music, and volume. Voice assistant is also enabled and can be used through these earbuds. Within a fair budget, good to have these earbuds.


Touch control for easy operation.
Splashproof and sweat-resistant.


Batteries take too long to charge.


Look at these questions that we have culled especially to guide you for a better understanding. To be assured before making any purchase and take the right choice, here are the most commonly asked questions.

What is the best brand for earphones?

Well, there are many brands that you could go for. OnePlus, JBL, BoAt, Crossbeats, are to name a few. In fact, all the brands on our list are best and you can go for any of them.

Does sweat damage earbuds?

Some amount of sweat is normal and generally, earbuds are sweat-resistant. So, there’ll not be much damage. However, you may still want to protect them from too much sweat.

Can I use these earbuds for long hours without damaging my ears?

Earbuds are built for comfort and if you choose the ones with the right build quality, your ears won’t hurt even if you wear the earphones for longer hours. However, you must give your ears a break at several time intervals so that they won’t damage in the long run.

Final Verdict

These earbuds are introduced to have the experience of wireless connection and are useful for working people and fitness freaks who jog, run, walk or for those who workout daily. All the above list of best tws under 3000 is checked through reviews, and after going through several arguments, it is concluded that earbuds best features lie in the best budget too.

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