Best Sony Earphones under ₹1000

Sony earphones are widely used and are amazing to interact within day-to-day life, which not only makes your music and movie experiences better but also, the calls, video, and audio recordings, all of these things becomes easy, feasible, and fun. Below are our recommendations for the best Sony earphones under 1000.

Best Sony Earphones Under 1000

These stereo phones really embody their catchphrase “small body, gorgeous sound” perfectly. It comes in proper packaging with three varying sizes of ear tips. The EX150AP has a Y-shaped cord with a length of 1.2 meters, and a wire shortener is also provided for convenience. The earphone is dynamic and closed in order to provide ambient sound reduction, which it gives sufficiently.

It possesses 9mm, dynamic dome-type drivers in order to provide you with rich and deep bass with clear audio. The amount of bass nodes is just perfect! This earphone is undoubtedly a hallmark of the signature Sony quality sound. As in all earphones, it has an impedance of 1kHz to deliver higher audio levels at less power and a frequency range of 5Hz-20,000Hz. It is connected to devices by a gold-plated stereo mini-plug. 

Also, a good choice for mobile gaming, it can clearly differentiate acoustic noises like footsteps from ambient sound, which is essential. In contrast to some earphones which sacrifice basic elements like a decent microphone for better drivers and sound quality, the EX150AP possesses both. The multifunction button on the chord controls audio playback and voice calling. 

The plastic cable feels very sturdy and robust in terms of build quality, and the earbuds have a glossy metallic finish with the Sony emblem on them. These earphones are very comfortable and don’t create any pressure on the ear after being used for many hours. These budget earphones are sure to be a steal for anyone wanting excellent sound quality and the signature Sony experience.

Most of the specifications of this model are identical to its predecessors, like the 1.2m length and the Y-shape of the cord. The packaging of the upper model is much more premium than 150; the EX150AP has a hologram on the packaging to differentiate between fakes. These earphones are also lightweight, being made of plastic like the EX150 was too.

They look stunning and carry themself with a gravitas that comes with being a Sony product. The back of the earbud doesn’t have a metallic but rather a chrome finish. The cable provided is a rounded cable, as Sony doesn’t really manufacture flat wire cables.

The earphones are tiny, weighing around 3 grams, and don’t cause any pain at all as only a minute part of the earphone actually touches the earlobe. The driver size is the same as the EX150 model, a 9mm dynamic dome driver. 

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The ‘AP’ suffix in EX155AP signifies the inclusion of a microphone, which is controlled by a primary multifunction button. The audio quality is slightly better than its predecessor, with better clarity and crispier vocals than the EX150AP, justifying why it’s the upper model. At this price point, they are a huge steal and very nicely complement the Sony EX lineup.


Multifunction button
Crispier Vocals and extra clarity
Rounded wires cable


High-bass can’t be experienced

These are the cheapest of the EX-series earphones on this list and so bring a much more value for money approach. This explains why the packaging was not as premium as EX150 or EX155 models but is still very tight and clean. It comes with – (as all Sony products do) a one-year warranty. For the amount you are paying for a Sony earphone with a mic and an insane amount of durability, these are a great pick. 

These earphones are also rounded and have an ample length of 1.2m and a frequency range of 8-22,000Hz. It has a noise-cancellation pinhole speaker. The extra rubber tips also fit in quite quickly and are not a hassle to change. Coming to the build quality, the cable is rubberized but still very sturdy and robust as it has a vertical texture, bringing the premium Sony touch even at this low price point. 

The clarity of these earphones is surprisingly good. Even the trebles, highs-lows are all done justice, but the one lousy point here may be the jumpy bass. Overall, this earphone is Sony made much more accessible to the lower-end Indian market who want brand value and performance but cannot spend a pretty price.


Affordable, mid-range price
Comes with a microphone
Noise cancellation pinhole speaker


Average sound quality 

Now, we move on to an earphone that is not of the ‘EX’ series and built for a much different purpose. This stereo headphone is marketed explicitly towards fitness enthusiasts who want to listen to their favorite tunes while enjoying their jogging or gym sessions. They are splash-proof and so don’t get affected by sweat. 

These earphones are made open-ear, so they don’t fall off, and the adjustable loop hanger securely clips the ear comfortably. It has a massive 13.5mm driver to ensure that the outside noise doesn’t hamper your experience, allowing music to be heard even at low volumes.

Although, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t turn your volume up as it has 104 dB/mW sensitivity and a frequency range of 17-22,000 Hz, enabling the user to hear pure detail and clarity. It looks immaculate, with a stylish rubber design and varying colors to choose from.

Regrettably, the one downside of the otherwise fantastic AS210 is the absence of the ‘AP’ suffix, so it doesn’t have a microphone. If all these fantastic features were not enough, the low price tag is sure to get fitness enthusiasts excited, with the AS210 listed on Amazon.


Splash or sweatproof
Good for fitness enthusiasts


No microphone 


Sony has some really good choices to pick from and we compiled the best they have to offer under 1000. People who are really budget constrained but still want the premium feel and brand value can go for the EX14s.

While those who want a completely rounded and great experience can go for the first option. People who thirst for even something better will want to consider the EX155, while for avid fitness enthusiasts the last one is a no-brainer, this was our list of best Sony Earphones under 1000.

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