Best Philips Earphones

Rucksack check, umbrella check, charger and power bank check, earphones check, phone check. Everything is packed, and we are ready to take off once again. 

Since the Pandemic seems to end soon, we are already prepared to have a good outing with safety. We would need so many things to take along and the most important thing accompanying us would probably be our earphones. 

So why not buy the best Philips earphones? That will go a long way. These will be helping you out like your buddy by entertaining you and making it a fun trip.

Top 10 Philips Earphones in India

Philips ensures a good time reading this article by presenting you with the best in-ear headphones. Read the complete article to know more about these products.

Philips are in-ear earbuds that come in a classy black color and wings to give your good support. These truly wireless are for your everyday wear and work with ease. They have an ergonomic design to offer you high comfort and handy controls to multi-task with no stress.

Don’t worry about the battery running out, as it offers you up to 24 hours of playback time. You can enjoy listening to and talking with friends for up to 6 hours, just on a single charge. You also get 18 hours of charging in the earphones case.

Moreover, when in an emergency, you can also do a short 15-minute charge to the case. This provides earbuds at least one hour of playback time. On the other hand, full charge of the case can be done in just 2 hours. You get a type-C charging USB cable with the earphones.

Your earphones are even safer than before, with the IPX4 rating that these truly wireless headphones get. You can work out without any worry of getting your buds damaged; with all that sweat and water, it is now safe. More importantly, for rain lovers, you can now enjoy these earbuds in the drizzling with your favorite song on the list.

Be smarter with Philips and enter the Endurance Mono mode; with these, you can use and switch the bud anytime while the other one gets charged. The mic automatically shifts to the one you are using, which even helps save the battery. Moreover, the pairing does not take any time.

An intelligent pairing option is also auto-on and off as soon as you take them out of the case. They are always ready to pair; unlike those people you are trying to pair up with, pair these earphones and start your own journey. 

The sound quality is highly enjoyable, and the wingtips are a great cushion comfort to your ears. These small devices do make your giant stressing work easy. It comes with three extra pairs of ear tips in different sizes and provides comfort as per the size.

The passive noise cancellation works excellent. You can have your own time and still stay involved with your mates and surroundings. These are great as you need to be aware all the time. No doubt, T3215 is one of the best Philips earphones in India.


These are highly comfortable buds that will make your work and other boring tasks fun and easy.
The smart pairing option allows you to use one bud at a time while keeping the other one charged.


There is passive noise cancellation that will not cut off all the noise.

Philips SHB2515 are truly wireless in-ear buds with the perfect fit, and white color adds a sophisticated look to your style. The color and comfort fit on the ear together with wingtips that are cushioning, and its lightweight also makes it easy to wear all the time. 

The battery life is highly remarkable. With this, you can enjoy almost unlimited playback time for up to 110 hours. The quick charging feature allows you to enjoy at least one hour of playback time. It takes a total of 1.5 hours to charge the case to play for around 5 hours. 

The sound quality is mesmerizing, and crystal clear output helps you go through any call. You can experience immersive and detailed audio with Philips earbuds. The 6mm dynamic drivers ensure punchy bass out of the oval-shaped buds with an ergonomic design.

The earphones deliver passive noise cancellation so that you are well aware of your surroundings. This keeps you updated with the people you sit around and still stay connected with these earphones. The calls are delivered with high clarity and zero distortion and disturbance.

You get a surprising addition with the charging case. This does not just act as a case to the buds but also a power bank to charge your smartphone. It has a built-in 3350 mAH, connects your smartphone via USB cable, and enjoy charging.


The smartphone charging feature is an exceptional function to work as 2-in-1.
It has an almost unlimited playback time of up to 110 hours.


The passive noise cancellation does not offer complete isolation from noisy surroundings.

Philips Bass+ is a truly wireless earbud that offers a lightweight for great comfort. It comes in a capsule-like charging case in the shade of black to give it a classy look. With the thumping bass and crystal clear sound, it offers a secure fit and a stable pair that is durable.

This allows you freedom of movement without compromising seamless connectivity. The sleek design has an 8.2 mm dynamic driver and works at ultra low-end frequencies to produce a great bass.

The battery life is more extended with the charging case. This charging case capsule includes a tie that can easily be attached to your bag; with this, you can enjoy it freely. You can enjoy up to 6 hours of playback time; moreover, it is easy to get another 6 hours of playback time when connected to the charging case.

It is not easy to connect to any BlueTooth device within seconds for a great time with wireless music. The USB cable keeps it powered up for any time and anywhere usage. 

The noise cancellation feature is great and works wonders; its passive working allows you to stay involved with your surroundings and be aware of what is happening around you.

It keeps the noise away and takes you deeper into your music.

The control functions are just a click away. With different presses, it activates various modes. For easy controls, you need a tap, whether you’re playing your music or taking a call.


It offers seamless connection along with freedom of movement.
The capsule-like charging case is an ergonomic design that is easily portable.


The passive noise cancellation does not keep all the noise away from your entertainment time.

Philips Audio UpBeat SHB2515BK is a truly wireless earbud that has a soft cushioning coverage and offers dual functionality. It charges your buds and also acts as a smartphone charger. The rubber wingtips also add perfect fit and security inside the fold of your ear.

Now controlling your songs and phone calls is a five-finger play with the multi-functional button. This allows you to answer or reject the call, play or pause the songs and even skip or switch to another song. 

The earbuds offer more than 70 hours of playback time. With the help of a portable charging case, these pairs of buds can give you 3 hours of playback time on a single charge. Just pop them back in the case each time they need charging, and in 2 hours, you’ll be ready.

You can easily pair them up and unpair them as soon as you take them out or put them back inside. Moreover, you can also use a single bud to keep the other one charged up.

With Bluetooth v5.0 technology, you can maintain a seamless connection with your earbuds and move freely around the room. You can get your tasks done by waking up the voice assistant with a double button press. With these you can ask to play music, make phone calls or even send messages, moreover, you can ask to check the weather, and much more.


You can play for more than 70 hours of playback time.
You can also enjoy passive noise cancellation and sound isolation.


Passive noise cancellation allows outside noise to enter your ears and interrupt fun and entertainment.

Philips Audio TAT1225 is a truly wireless Bluetooth pair of earbuds that ensure sound clarity and profound bass. They have a really comfortable fit, and lightweight makes them easy to port anywhere you go.

The battery life offered by these earphones is a total of 18 hours of playback time. You can enjoy up to 6 hours of playback time with just a single charge and additional 12 hours with a fully charged case. Since these earphones have mono mode, you can use a single bud and save more battery.

The button on each side of the earbud makes it easy for you to control. You can adjust volume, play or pause anytime, even skip the song. Moreover, it is easy to answer and reject calls. 

The built-in mic allows echo cancellation and keeps the sound crystal clear. The 6 mm neodymium drivers ensure rocking tunes with real comfort. They allow you to interchange ear-tip covers with different sizes and help you find a comfortable in-ear fit. 

You can activate the phone’s voice assistant with a click on the side of the buds. You can even ask Siri or the Google assistant to play or pause music, make a call or send messages; there is much more.


The IPX 4 rating protects your earphones at any cost.
The 18 hours of playback time is amazing with mono mode.


Passive noise cancellation is effective but allows noise to enter.

Philips AUdios TAPN402BK delivers a high-resolution output with thumping bass. The ergonomic oval-shaped one offers a comfortable fit and sits perfectly on the ear. It has a slender neckband style that sits comfortably on your neck. There are magnetic ear tips that will ensure that they stay in one place. 

It offers a total playback time of up to 14 hours and a rapid charging feature that needs to be charged for only 5 minutes and allows a 2 hours playback time.

The IPX4 rating protects your earphones from any damage caused by sweat and water. Even if you are caught in the rain, your earphones will be incomplete protection. 

You will find a user manual, unit, and comfortable fit with three different sizes of interchangeable silicone ear-tips inside the box.

The 12.2 mm Neodymium acoustic drivers ensure a secure delivery with clear sound output and punchy bass. The built-in microphone allows you a sound echo cancellation and clear audio that is highly detailed and has powerful bass.

You can charge your neckband with the help of the micro USB port, and the neckband will support you with wired listening through the same charging port so that you do not run out of battery.


The BlueTooth technology offers seamless connectivity for better results.
The echo cancellation allows you to listen and deliver clean sound to both ends.


There is no noise cancellation feature that means all the noise can easily enter.

Philips Audio is a truly wireless earbuds pair that offers a comfortable yet secure fit into your ears. The perfect fit does not need any wingtips. Its oval-shaped comfort and ergonomic design are all good. 

The 6mm dynamic drivers ensure a great sound output with punchy bass. They come inside a small charging case with multiple charges in your pocket, making it highly portable.

Battery time is enjoyable for around 3 hours of playback time on a single charge. Moreover, you can keep the buds charged for up to 9 hours additionally with a charging case. Also, there is a mono mode that allows you to leave one ear free.

They offer a smart automatic pairing option to find your BlueTooth device within seconds. It pairs and unpair as soon as you take them out and put them back in. They have built-in microphones to allow echo cancellation for clear and clean audio delivery to both ends.

These truly wireless offers freedom of movement around the room and have compact charging case design that fits securely.

You can wake your phone’s voice assistant with a double click. Even ask Siri or google assistant to play music, answer calls, or maybe send text messages.


They offer you an echo cancellation together with a built-in mic.
The truly wireless provides freedom to move around instead of carrying a phone.


This offers less battery life to carry on for a longer period.

Philips Audio is a wired in-ear headphone specially made to deliver balanced sound with every minute detail. They have a lightweight yet durable design for more entertainment and work with their luxurious metallic black finish. You can enjoy a crispy sound with thumping and enhanced bass. 

It has high-powered 12.2mm drivers that ensure a high-quality sound with a profound base. It also supports many audio files that have a higher frequency range. It offers crystal clarity and enhanced high end and strong together with smooth bass at the low end.

You also get an in-line mic for more accessible communication that delivers clear and clean calls to both sides. The sound has high resolution and produces music in its purest form, and gives a studio-like feeling. 

You will find a user manual, unit, and three interchangeable ear tips of different sizes that offer an optimal fit for all types of ears.


They offer a crystal clear sound and thumping bass to experience studio-type audio.
They have an in-line mic for clear and clean sound delivery to both ends.


These earphones are poor in terms of noise cancellation.

Philips Audio Upbeat TAN2215BKis neckband pair with BlueTooth connectivity. It has magnetic ear tips. The lightweight and flexible neckband ensure a comfortable fit and durability, which allows you to use them anywhere you choose.

The perfect, snug fit inside your ear stops unwanted background noise detracting from the pure pleasure of your favorite music. This means you still enjoy the headphone’s superb sound quality at lower volume settings and benefit from longer battery life.

These have been rated IPX4 and are a splash-proof neckband that will be your perfect companion on every journey. They have powerful 9 mm dynamic drivers that deliver more profound bass for 11 hours of playback time. 

The IPX rating is not something to be ignored. It is really helpful when you are working out and all in sweat and maybe caught in the rain. Nothing can damage your earphones anymore. You can enjoy passive noise cancellation that keeps you engaged with both the inside and the outside world. You can chit-chat with people around you and work or listen to music.


The IPX4 rating keeps your earphones damage-free from sweat or rain.
They offer an amazing fit to you; they are snug and cozy, the lightweight won’t make you feel anything.


The passive noise cancellation is helpful but still can not cut off all the noise.

Philips Audio has a high-resolution sound output that ensures ideal performance. The body has a metallic finish that adds a luxurious black style. They are reasonably attractive and worth the price. They are highly comfortable and are sturdily designed earphones to provide limitless enjoyment for a longer period. 

These earphones add style and comfort to your look and add crispy sound and enhanced bass quality. You can easily switch between the seamless connection from a phone call back to music. Moreover, it is easy to adjust volume and manage all the controls. 

These earbuds also support audio files that have a higher frequency range. It also delivers an exceptional output with crystal clarity at the high end and strong, smooth flowing bass at the low end.

You also get an in-line mic for easier communication that delivers clear and clean calls to both sides. The sound has high resolution and produces music in its purest form, and gives a studio-like feeling. 

It also offers passive noise isolation so that it is easy to listen to sounds at a lower volume. The dynamic 8.6 mm drivers have a responsive deep, and profound bass to offer anytime you use.

You will find a user manual, cable, and three sizes of ear cap pairs for a personalized and comfortable fit.

If your budget is low, you can check out this is of the best Philips earphones under 1000.


They offer a crystal clear sound and thumping bass to experience studio-type audio.
They have an in-line mic for clear and clean sound delivery to both ends.


These earphones are poor in terms of noise cancellation.


Are Philips earphones durable?

Philips is a well-known brand that has been ensuring all the functions and features. The brand is highly reliable, and its stability in the market has good durability. The quality and output are exceptionally good and without any doubt will offer you an amazing experience.

Is Philips a good brand?

The brand produces a high-quality product and stands up to customer’s requirements. It is one of the oldest brands that focus on building technology and introducing products with better results.

Are technologies competitive?

Even though Philips is an older brand, it sticks to its tagline innovation and you. It comes with innovative ideas for technologies and quality design to provide comfort and perfection.

Final Words

These products are just excellent and ensure a great time with technology. It has made it easy to manage multi-tasking and still have fun. Although challenging to have work and fun, with Philips, nothing is impossible with its focus on just two things: innovation and you. I hope you have found your best Philips earphones to accompany you everywhere.

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