Best Philips Earphones under ₹1000

Philips India Limited is a brand that never fails to bring innovative technology. It brings comfort and efficiency to the lives of people and makes it better for them in all ways possible. 

Similarly, it has all the range of earphones from wired to Bluetooth. 

So if you are looking for wired earphones for long durability and unlimited fun and entertainment, these are the best Philips earphones under 1000 that you can get today. So why miss any other minute? Buy them now. This guide to your perfect earphones is within your budget.

Top 10 Philips Earphones under ₹1000

Philips audio bass+ SHE4305 offers you a high-quality sound with pounding bass and other features to give you an amazing sound experience. With 12.2mm speakers, you can listen to music with zero distortion and complete noise cancellation.

Not only can you listen to music but also attend calls or send voice notes with a built-in microphone and added benefits. This Mic can also be used to control the volume for music or calls. Also, you can play, pause fast forward and answer calls with a single button. 

These are easy to handle and portable earphones for your traveling entertainment and other purposes. 

Moreover, these slim-fit in-ear headphones fit perfectly into your ear and provide a powerful bass and rubber cable with a 3.5mm jack that connects to any device with ease. 


Noise cancellation
Easy Control


Non Tangle-free wire

Philips Audio Upbeat TAN2215BK are water and sweat-proof Bluetooth neckband earphones. These neckband in-ear headphones are the perfect companion for your traveling and entertainment.

These magnetic ear tips keep them set up when not being used, and the thin, adjustable, and lightweight necklace guarantees durability and solace. In addition, the perfect in-ear headphones offer passive noise cancellation, and you enjoy music and calls without any disturbance and tranquility.

These audio upbeat have a metallic finish, smooth bass, and balanced sound with mid to high tone. In addition, this soft rubberized and flexible neckband is lightweight with a built-in microphone for your convenience.

You will find a user manual within the box, three pairs of ear tips, a neckband, a start guide, and a USB cable for charging. These earphones charge very quickly so that you do not have to wait for a long period to enjoy music. With these, enjoy long hours of calling, music, movies, or gaming, up to 11 hours.


Lightweight neckband
Soft and flexible
Magnetic ear tips


Works better only when charged

With the Philips SHB1805BK/10 Bluetooth Earphones, upgrade your music experience together with Mic. Its top-notch, lightweight development permits you to travel with it everywhere and all the places. You can likewise deal with your calls effectively with the inherent receiver.

You can talk on phone calls for even 4 hours in one go, within a distance of 10m. These have a 10mm dynamic speaker, which offers pumping sound.

Inside the box, you will find headphones, three pairs of ear tips, a user manual, a USB cable for fast charging, and a start guide to help you to know the usage of buttons for on/off, play and pause, etc.

These in-ear headphones have a separate microphone which allows you to connect them with either iPhone or Android. The magnetic ear-tips stay in contact to avoid getting misplaced and provide you ease and comfort in and outside of the ear.


Comfortable for ears
Connects Easily


Short length cable

Philips Audio PRO6105BK produces high-resolution audio and originality. It is capable of producing high frequencies, depth, and clarity of music. In addition, you get a built-in microphone and echo cancellation for clear audio while talking on-call or experiencing gaming audio.

These are designed with a luxurious metallic finish, and built-in features of controls allow easy switching among the buttons. In addition, the 8.6mm in-ear headphones offer comfort-fit along with clear and detailed sound without any distortion.

Philips Hi-Res audio has a 1.2m long cable, and gold plated finish of the connector, with a lightweight body and long period of durability. Its lightweight allows you to carry them anywhere and makes your journey full of entertainment with its rich bass.


Stunning body
Easy controls
Music clarity


Not for a long duration

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Philips Audios Bass+ SHE4305 offers you the power of bass+ experience. It has a 12.2mm strong speaker for a clear audio experience with a sleek and designer body. Moreover, this designer body is quite long-lasting and durable, along with full entertainment and in peace.

The feature of passive noise cancellation allows you to hear every beat and have music clarity without any disturbance of the outside world. Its ergonomic design slim body fits comfortably with in-ear headphones into the world of sound and music.

This wired headphone with a slim and stunning figure has a microphone attached in-line to the 1.2m long cable. Moreover, it allows you to switch swiftly between music and calls. With the button, you can answer and end the call as well. So now you can enjoy limitless music with high bass and clear, pure sound for gaming as well.


Noise cancellation
Easy Controls


Not tangle-free

Philips Audio SHE2405BK/00 has enhanced bass with an 8.6mm speaker to make your life vibrant with music. The music has deeper bass and sound clarity for your convenience and fun. The design is a perfect fit for all who desire to enjoy music to its pure beat and best sound experience.
These are in-ear wired earphones with the power of passive noise cancellation. Its lightweight makes it portable and allows you unlimited fun for as long as you want. The ergonomic design fits perfectly into your ear and in your life to give you a real-life sound experience.

Inside the box, you find a user manual, start guide, three pairs of interchangeable ear tips for you. In addition, there is a button in-line on 1.2m cable to help switch from music to call and back, play and pause and adjust volume according to your needs effortlessly.

Now enjoy music and attend calls with any disturbance or echo with the echo cancellation feature.


Supreme bass quality
Easy switching


Little noise cancellation

Philips SHE1405BK/94 In-Ear Headphone speakers have a dynamic bass and clear sound. These wired earphones are compatible with any smartphone and have the amazing feature of noise cancellation to give you the pleasure of the musical world.

These perfect in-ear fittings are the most comfortable and sophisticated-looking earphones. The 1.2m long rubberized cable has built-in microphones. The ear tips are no doubt very soft to fit in the ear and won’t make you feel any pain.

It gets very tiring to pick and answer the call every time; you would not have to take that pain anymore with these earphones. Philips SHE1405BK/94 In-Ear Headphone enables easy access to volume, play and pause, and answer or decline calls. Moreover, the cable is of the ideal length to give you rest and work freely.


Sound clarity
Built-in microphone
Ear fit comfortable


Delicate wire

Philips Audio Headphones has a pounding bass with its in-ear headphones to give you a fantastic experience without disturbance. The oval, ergonomic designed earbuds have a smooth fit, and the small size sits comfortably in the ear.

The built-in microphone helps you easily shift from music to call and back again; with this, you can control the music and allow other functions just by your voice. The rubber cable 1.2m long has an in-line microphone and speaker of 8.6mm. It claims long-term durability and strong connectivity. With its lightweight, you can travel and have unlimited fun for longer hours.
You find a user manual, the unit, and two interchangeable ear tips of different sizes in the box for your convenience. It has a compact design for daily usage, and a 3.5mm chrome plated jack can be plugged into various devices.


Smooth and snuggly fit
Handy control


Outer quality not so good

Philips Audio SHE 1505 are wired headphones with 10mm speakers with rich bass to give you a pumping sound experience. These supreme quality ear headphones have a stylish body and are comfortably cozy to your ears. They let you go wild with bass and groove with the music without any disturbance and complete noise cancellation.

You also get better quality of calling with the built-in Mic and without an echo. In addition, the one-button control feature now allows everything with one press. You can play, pause, increase or decrease the volume and even answer or decline the call with just one button.

Without waiting for long charging hours, enjoy music and calling for as long as you want. With these lightweight earphones, you can travel and enjoy any journey without worrying about running out of battery.


Good length and quality
Switching is smooth


Ear fit is not very comfortable

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Philips Audio SHE1350 is a 2015 model of an in-ear headphone. These have 14.8mm drivers and an open back. To provide you with better sound and deeper bass, it allows air to pass on and ventilate properly. This offer bass beat and soft earbuds give comfort as well.

These have small sizes for optimum support and zero distorted sound so that you listen to music with unlimited fun. The cable is comparatively short but 1m long to not be any barrier. Therefore these are small and lightweight for daily use and entertainment.


Perfect fit for ears
Great audio
No breaking sound


Fragile and plastic body


Are Philips earphones better than others?

Philips brand is known for its innovation and never let its name down. It does not compromise quality at any cost. Therefore, yes it is a better brand choice than any other.

Why buy Philips wired earphones?

Philips brand always comes with the best of its quality, and even the wired earphones are super comfortable. Essentially, you can use wired earphones for as long as you want without running out of battery. This makes cable earphones a better choice.

How soft are the ear tips?

Philips claims to provide the best comfort within your budget. These are super smooth and slide with ease to provide your ear a good quality without pain. Even the cheaper ones have super snuggly comfort and sit perfectly inside your ears.


These were the 10 best Philips best earphones under 1000 price tag, the first one on our list is the best Philips product considering multiple reviewing factors. If you have any questions about the best earphones in Philips brand, you can ask in the comment section.

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