boAt Bassheads 220 vs 225

It can be irritating when your earphones have connectivity problems, distorting sound, or failing to deliver their features accurately. 

The Bluetooth connection could be a barrier sometimes. Therefore it is better to use wired in-ear headphones to prevent this situation.

The lower range area could be a problem also, and you can not listen properly to any sound. Having a pair of earphones in your pocket is the best thing.

No worries about the pain of hanging it around your neck all the time. Plugin your wired earphones whenever you wish to listen to music or attend any calls. 

boAt Bassheads 225 vs 220 – Which is a Better Pick?

The boAt allows you to take off with these earphones anywhere you would like to go. It is easier with these earphones to enjoy and keep yourself entertained. 

The sound quality is not at all compromised, and powerful output is delivered every time you plugin. It is considered India’s number 1 earphone brand to serve the customers with all the possibilities.

This brand’s products are preferred globally; once you use these, you won’t shift to another brand ever. 

The purpose of these boAt Bassheads is to provide extreme level bass and crisp sound with high clarity. Read the following article to know all about the boAt Bassheads.

Build Quality

boAt BassHeads 225

boAt Bassheads 220 in-ear wired earphones are designed to fit you and your lifestyle easily. These will provide you an experience like never before with their metal body design and cable that are completely tangle-free. It has a metal shiny and polished to match your daily styles. 

Your earphones will stay hassle-free and tangle-free even with flat cables. These cables are soft and easy to manage for any user. These difficulties you would normally face in any other earphone, but boAt Basshead ensures it is resolved.

The cable is built of PVC material which is highly durable, and earphones are long-lasting. The in-ear headset has a superior grip that provides super support and protection. A variety of colors are also available, black, blue, red, orange, white, and green, that will match your style in your day.

boAt Bassheads 220

boAt BassHead 225 comes with completely polished metal earphones that are designed to offer you an exceptional experience. This will help to compete over any other and is way superior to match any.

The boAt Basshead 225 model is a completely updated version of boAt Basshead 220. It offers you a tangle-free set with flat cables that are made hassle-free. 

The boAt not only provides you with variety in design but also offers various colors. The pair of earphones have different colors, green, blue, red, white, black, and orange as well. 

These earphones prove to be the perfect choice for anyone. It carries a style to define your style with the color of your choice.

Sound Quality and Bass

boAt Basshead 220 are just 50 grams in weight which makes it easy to port anywhere you want. The design and style bring easy-installed and in-built technology and speakers. It also enables an easy adjustment feature together with optimized wearing comfort and support.

There are built-in sound speakers that come with powerful 10mm drivers to provide powerful output. This immersive result presents a sonic clarity and a bass-driven stereo sound to prove itself for being super extra in terms of bass availability. 

Using its latest and advanced technology, they entirely deliver you the clear sound with thumping bass. You can enjoy songs to their every beat, clear and crisp.

On the other hand, 

boAT Basshead 225 is a lightweight pair of headsets ready to be your travel buddy. You can use this when you have urgent meetings to attend with its sound clarity and crisp voice. 

This feature provides crystal clear voice exchange among any party with no distortion or disturbance. 

It comes with an innovative design that is highly compatible with the technologies used and its functions. 

Moreover, it enables comparatively easier adjustment and functions. It provides support and comfort while wearing it due to its 50 grams weight. It comes with built-in 10mm strong drivers for crystal clarity in sound and a bass-driven stereo for ambient noise.

It delivers supreme and incredible clarity with its super extra bass feature. 


Noise cancellation

boAt Basshead 220 understands you need to concentrate on your work so that you do not make any mistakes while working. It also keeps you away from the outside noise when you are enjoying the music with its every beat. 

It offers a passive noise cancellation feature that enables its users to enjoy listening to the songs in a chaotic environment. 

This feature also ensures that users receive calls while they are busy with some other work and do not miss anything.

boAt Basshead 225 is ready forever to keep any kind of disturbance of noise away from your ears. Whether you are in a meeting or attending a class, or even listening to music, you will not feel like you are in reality. It will be just you and the music you choose to surround. 

It all happens with the passive noise cancellation feature, which is perfect for your job in any field. It does not allow you to distract your attention. There is no more noise from the surrounding that you could hear. 

Even though you will be in your universe, the feature will bring you back for your work call or meetings that you do not want to miss.


boAt Basshead 220 comes with a microphone attached externally for a feature or function to get its own place. This will give it its importance and let other functions do their work. This mix is an inbuilt feature with noise cancellation. 

This helps the other party to listen to your voice clearly and with ultimate clarity. This feature ensures that neither you nor the other person misses any important information. It is hands-free communication so that you can do other work or multi-task.

boAt Basshead 225 allows the easiest way of communication seamlessly with an in-built microphone. You can get the ultimate experience with your earphone while talking to someone. It has a sensitivity and versatile range of frequency to make you feel an immersive and disturbance-free calling.

Support and Connection 

boAt Basshead 220 delivers an experience that is highly incredible when connected to your smartphone. With this connection, it provides a high-level clarity with super extra bass, which is very difficult to find in any earphone. 

It provides 24 hours of connection with no interruption and continuous support.

boAt Basshead 225 is available in attractive colors; it is the best-wired earphone that comes with a black mic. 

It has super connectivity support which prevents any type of obstacle that could hinder your listening or speaking. It is not a burden to carry because it’s lightweight and is portable.

Pros and Cons

boAt Basshead 220


It provides a good pair of earphones within your budget
It delivers a good sound quality with bass
It is very comfortable to your ears like a cushion


The bass is not very deep but fits the earphones

boAt Basshead 220


It offers you a powerful and immersive experience with HD sound quality
It values your money and is worth every cent
It is the best product for durability and works like a charm


You will need to find the perfect ear tips pair to fit

Final Verdict 

boAt Basshead is the perfect and the number one choice of any who has used them before. All the model boAt provides an exceptional piece that will never disappoint you till the very end. The boAt has many competitors, but it still manages to stand out amongst them with its features, qualities, and functions.

Moreover, the technology used is also amazing and delivers the best of it. I have selected the best Bassheads by boAt, which also come in various colors. I hope you will find the information useful enough to know all about these two products. 

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