Best Earphones for PUBG

When I say Pubg, what things stick in your head? Awesome game, high and low ping, battery low, or maybe earphones not working, man! We all have dealt with these issues at least once or twice. But worry no more because you will find a few best Earphones for PUBG in this article.

All the games you play either on phone, laptops, or tablets each need to be connected with earphones to give you a real-life experience of gaming. With deeper bass, clear sound, you get to enjoy steps and miss no beat.

Among all the games, Pubg has been the top video game to be played worldwide. Even though it got banned and broke millions of hearts, it gained its way back to the market. But now, wait no more for any of the previously faced issues. Instead, give your optimum phone charge, repair your internet connection, and we will assure you the rest because the game is back to the battleground.

I have shortlisted a few earphones for you and your gaming experience. Here, you can find the ten best Earphones for Pubg in 2022.

Top 10 Earphones for PUBG in India

OnePlus Buds Z is the only companion you need for gaming and traveling. These white earbuds have a stunning body design and add to your style. In addition, you get an incredible sound experience for your gaming and the latest technology compatibility.

You can do more with these buds than just listening to its fantastic bass. Transform your audio with dynamic 3D stereo from Dolby Atmos using the latest digital technology of Dirac audio tuner. The earbud has 10mm drivers for solid bass and quality sound.

It leads to 20 hours of battery life for non-stop games and efficient power management to keep you engaged for a more extended period. Also, it has a fast-charging feature so that you waste no time waiting. You can use it for 3 hours and get a fantastic performance. Without any effort, you can have all the control of your phone as it offers voice control and google assistant support.

You can now go for the run, workout, and get fit, enjoying this immersive sound quality music and sweat without worrying. IP55 provides water and sweat resistance, and the hydrophobic nano-coating protects from rust and damage. You also enjoy passive noise canceling with wireless earbuds and a mic in no time with quick and automatic pairing.


Unique designer body
Latest technology for sound
Long battery life


Not supportive with iPhones

The Sony WI-C200 are seamlessly stylish and unique headphones to match your lifestyle. The matt finish of the body and earphones have a clean fit. These fit around your neck comfortably with their lightweight and keeps you away from any pain or struggle. So you can enjoy your gaming and travel with complete freedom.

These are highly portable and easy to manage with their magnetic buds, which avoid tangling and make carrying our storage easier. In addition, these wireless Bluetooth in-ear headphones have the latest technology for unlimited fun and interruption-free sound and music.

These take no time to charge for an excellent long 1.5 hours of playtime. Moreover, to complete charging, you need just 3 hours. Also, when in a rush, use this quick charge technology for power-up instantly.

The 9mm driver gives you a clean, punchy sound for all music types and delivers dynamic audio with deeper bass. You won’t miss even a single noise with this earphone for any game like Pubg. The in-line mic is a plus point as it allows you to switch within a blink. From games to music to calls and adjust volume with a single button.

In addition, you have a voice assistant at your service, and with instant access, you can get multiple things done. If you want to check more options from Sony, check these best Sony earphones under 1000.


The stylish and stunning body design
Power quick charge
Clear sound


Long hour for complete charging

Remember the Alan Walker theme in Pubg? With the Alan Walker theme song, he also edited with these Realme wireless Bluetooth buds. With this, you enjoy deeper bass 11.2mm bass boost drivers and Japan’s Daikoku technology.

With the quick pairing with a fast magnetic pair, you can connect with them anywhere anytime and turn them off with the additional modern feature of placing the magnets together. You won’t find this level of convenience in any other headphones.

These delicate glass-like figures are lightweight and give you the feeling of flying in the air. You won’t feel anything sitting on your neck, with silica gel and soft memory metal. The ergonomic design is comfortable enough to play in any position.

The 110maH battery size offers you a 12 hours playback time with a single charge. In addition, you get a power-up with a quick charge in just 10 minutes. This instant charge works for 1.5 hours approx. This is a very beneficial thing when you are in a hurry or emergency.

The magic button allows you to adjust the volume, forward or reverse the songs, attend or decline the calls with the same gesture. Moreover, you can activate the voice control feature for your convenience and access to google assistant. These new technologies are a thing, you wish to have something, and there you have it.

Experience ultimate audio and high-quality bass thumping with realme wireless in-ear headphones. You will find a user manual in the box, five interchangeable ear tips, ear support 2, USB cable, and a quick guidebook for your help.


Longer battery life
Quick charge power up


Delicate material

Skyfly Xbot GE100 are ideal in-ear headphones for your comfort and as a companion for games like Pubg. These plugins are real-life tested earphones approved by professional gamers to enhance your gaming experience on phones, laptops, or PCs.

The wired earphones with 1.2m long cable and dual drivers offer you a heavenly experience with sound and music. You won’t miss any beat or footsteps of enemies while playing; play to dominate and win over others.

Moreover, with a dual mic, you can converse in the game among your teammates without any echo or distortion. It provides you with a noise cancellation feature with which you play, giving your total concentration.

These earphones can fit into any device with3.5mm jack, immerse into the world of gaming and sound, locate your opponents with gunfire sound and plan accordingly.

Compared to other gaming headphones, these are lightweight and comfortable with interchangeable pairs of ear tips, and you can enjoy unlimited games for a more extended period. In addition, these give you a whole other level of experience during the gameplay.


Gaming approved
Clear sound and audio


Echo cancelation is average

Mi in-ear earphones offer you deeper bass and quality sound experience with dual dynamic drivers. These 10 mm and 8 mm drivers provide rich bass and low distortion while focusing on the frequency rate.

These dual-quality Mi earphones claim passive noise-canceling for your endless gaming experience. It avoids unnecessary noise and control echo, which provides you with extraordinary experience with any device with a 3.5mm audio jack.

Mi provides magnetic earbuds with a cable of 1.2m for easy storage, zero care, and tangle-free wires. In addition, they have the one-button facility with which you can enjoy volume control, changing songs, and have access to the voice control feature and google assistant.

The box includes the earphone unit, six interchangeable pairs for soft and comfortable ear tips, and a user manual.


Tangle free wires
Rich bass and clear audio
Passive noise cancelation


Low distortion

CLAW G9X has 3D stereo sound with 10mm dynamic drivers that produce high-quality bass and audio, with a grooving experience. You enjoy your games with supreme sound quality that allows you to hear gun sounds and footsteps of your opponent in nearby locations.

This provides you a comfortable fit for a more extended period, and the snuggly quality of these ear tips fits perfectly in the ear. They claim to be noise-canceling for a virtual world far from reality. Moreover, its ergonomic design is specially made to sit with no pain to any ear.

These earphones have premium quality stuff and are the best choice for your earphones for playing games. The 1.2m long cable is made with robust and rugged material with a 3.5mm gold plated plug.

The dual-microphone allows you to use the mic during gameplay and is easy to detach. This allows more a clear voice transfer and no echo.


Premium quality
Clear sound system and speaker
Ergonomic design for comfort and fit


Cable quality

pTron Bassfest Plus Magnetic in-Ear Wireless Headphones come With a battery backup of 6 hours; these Bluetooth earphones are as lightweight as earphones can be. In addition, the 20g earphones are highly compatible with any device for gaming.

Bluetooth 5.0 allows excellent data transmission and faster yet easier pairing with devices. You do not have to wait for a long time anymore and enjoy the whole game experience. The 10 mm dynamic drivers provide excellent quality audio. They have a magnetic lock which makes them convenient to use and keeps them tangle-free with any of your efforts.

Ergonomic wireless neckband earphones charge in about 1 hour and can be operated for long durations. This allows you to fit into the gaming world and be the king.

The three-in-one mic button helps manage volume, answer or decline calls, and wake up voice assistants for your convenience.

Deeper bass and noise cancellation are key features you won’t be able to ignore. This allows a wonderful experience during the gameplay and traveling as well.


Latest Bluetooth technology
3-in-1 button
Voice control


Distorting sound may occur depending on the device

The 20g pTron Boom Ultima V2 comes with 8mm dual drivers. This provides extra bass and high and mid-range frequencies in each earbud. As a result, the sound is even more rich and full for your extraordinary experience.

This in-ear wearing, along with ergonomics and super soft silicone, results in the perfect fit. This also helps to achieve a strong sound insulation effect for detecting sounds quite early.

They are known for incredible surround sound, crisp mid-range, no distortion on bass, and crystal clear treble. The dual dynamic drivers are the reason that your experience in every genre will be out of the world.

The in-line remote control allows you to have a hands-free experience. The multi-function button comes in handy while performing tasks. The 3.5mm audio receptor is gold-plated and corrosion-free. This enhances the audio reception and reduces the possibility of signal loss.

The company provides a one-year warranty. In addition, they are sweatproof, tangle-free, have good noise cancellation, and are lightweight also, taking care of all the things you desire in your perfect earphones.


Soft and comfortable silicone material
Duo dynamic drivers
Gold plated


Sound may suffer

Available in a unique blue and red color, these earphones are well known to be compatible with PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, Android, and iOS Mobile Phones.

These earphones come with a one-year warranty. Noise cancellation is a unique feature that allows an excellent game experience without disturbance or outside noise. The 4D stereo studio is the reason for high-quality sound. It also makes the gaming experiences worth it. Base and vibration can be felt on a literal level from these earphones.

They are lightweight and convenient; the tube type Design makes them a perfect fit and distinguishes them from other gaming (heavy) earphones.

Two mics are there, the external one and the built-in one. The detachable mic is an add-on feature that might prove to be helpful. The clarity is undefeatable and has proven to be crystal clear. Even a low voice is transmitted at a perfect level to the other person. High bass is a given.

These are one of the best gaming earphones on budget, with excellent width and durability.


Dual mic and dual drivers
Undefeatable clarity of sound


Management is heavy

A known brand for its electronics offers a powerful 11.2 mm boost driver to provide you the experience of just apt expertise. The deep and powerful base is due to the multi-layer diaphragm.

The mic allows you to hang up or receive calls and also will enable you to activate voice assistants. The earphones come with a built-in magnet to avoid entanglement.

A premium and reinforced braided jacket also prevents entanglement. A built-in adjustable cable strap is also helpful. In addition, these matte buds come with a six months warranty against defects that might occur due to bad manufacturing.

They are sweat-resistant and provide a crisp and clear sound experience. Also, there aren’t any disturbances at high volume. As a result, these are a perfect choice for people who love bass while listening. It also provides a good gaming experience and has shown no or low signs of lag.

The build is good, and the cable is lengthy. The mic works well while calling. They are comfortable and have a unique look. The unique design offers notable features together in one unit of headphones.


Adjustable cable
Supreme mic quality
Powerful sound


Noise cancelation is not extreme

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there noise cancellation supporting earphones?

Yes, all these support noise cancellations for your gaming experience.

Can these connect to laptops?

Yes, these earphones are compatible with almost every device and can be used with laptops, PCs, and smartphones.

Is this sweat-resistant?

Yes, most of them are water and sweat-resistant so that they do not get damaged.

Can we connect to any smartphones?

Yes, these earphones are compatible with all types of smartphones. Also, these have a quick pairing feature as well.

Final Verdict

You would enjoy games like Pubg, free fire, and others till now. But to enhance your experience, you must try these above-shortlisted in-ear headphones for a better gaming experience. With this guide, you will find the best earphone with which you can immerse yourself into the world of games, especially the widely loved Pubg. 

I hope this guide was helpful, and now you can select the matching pair.

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