Best Earphones for Running

An actual pair of good-quality earphones will usually make everything extra enjoyable. It is vital to seek the best earphones for running on the way to supply incredible sound while providing sweat-resistant designs. With wireless alternatives aplenty, you might not be brief of choice. Most of them have respectable battery life, too.

From reasonably-priced real wireless earbuds that all together do away with the wire to in-ear wireless earphones, neckband earphones, or even Bluetooth on ears, these are the fabulous running earphones we have got reviewed.

If you are in no hurry to make a buy, you may keep in mind to wait, as there are a few quite awesome-searching earphones on the horizon. While none of them are going for walk-specific ones, they’re all actual wireless earbuds, so they can quickly be taken out for a jog.

Top 10 Earphones for Running in India

Running earbuds and headphones must be fitting correctly, be water-resistant, and if you’re jogging outside, they should have included protection features, that’s wherein the frame conduction headphones shine. 

While you could nevertheless move with wired, it’s simpler to pay attention over wireless headphones. It guarantees that your headphones will sync together along with your phone and provide the best sound quality. The audio fabricated from the mobile phone must continue to be in your ears as your head moves in the course of a run with a stable fit.

Powerbeats Pro, designed by the Apple H1 earphone chip, will be the best product you would figure out. Specially built for elite athletes, those wireless earphones don’t have wires to keep your struggle anymore. The adjustable, stable-match ear hooks are customizable with more than one ear tip alternatives for prolonged comfort and are crafted to live in a place, regardless of how tough you go.  

With as much as nine hours of listening time in every earbud and powerful, balanced sound, you’ll constantly have your tune to inspire you. Powerbeats Pro boasts a robust, balanced audio way to a completely redesigned acoustic package deal that provides natural sound reproduction, more suitable clarity, and progressed dynamic range. Each earbud has an available quantity and tracks control so that you don’t want your iPhone or different gadgets to alter your tune. 

Auto Play/Pause sensors realize while the earbuds are on your ear, jumpstarting your exercises as quickly as you’re ready to move. Each earbud connects independently for your tool for higher connectivity and freedom of use fortune and gets in touch with calls. Devices withinside the Find My network use steady again to you to locate them quickly.


Bluetooth generation to discover your gadgets close by and locate them
It has a crystal clear sound quality


No noise cancellation feature

When you’re working hard withinside the gym or running over at speed, you depend upon your track staying put. That’s the reason they have scanned lots of ears and ran them via a superior algorithmic simulator to broaden the satisfactory suit with high-overall performance earbuds. Then, with modern-day miniaturization techniques, they had filled all the excellent tech into this compact new design.

They have got down to create one unique pair of tiny, simply wi-fi buds that could supply the whole lot you wanted; first-rate calls, incredible track quality, customizable features, and of course – the ideal fit. It has specially designed for an energetic lifestyle. An IP57-score makes it wholly water-resistant and sweatproof, so there’s not anything retaining your lower back from jogging or sweating out while running. 

Sometimes, you want a bit more enhanced to preserve you withinside the zone. So the critical feature is Active Noise-Cancellation (ANC) to the highly famous Elite Active 75t. You can enjoy 5.5 hours of non-stop use with ANC turned ON.

Speaking of the case, it’s extraordinarily compact, with USB-C charging, which includes rapid charge, and a reachable upright design. Elite Active 75t is likewise to be had in a wireless charging-enabled version and is well suited with Qi-enabled wireless charging pads.


Effective magnets that lock the earbuds into a position
It enables 24 hours powering with the charging case


The sound gets received in a shallow volume for the receiver during the call

To better enhance your regular running lifestyle, the ergonomic earbuds are designed in Tri-preserve shape contact three only factors in your ear for a steady and comfortable fit. You can hear uninterrupted songs on absolutely charged earphones for nine lengthy playback hours. The accessible charging case, the charge for nine hours to preserve you going via the whole day. That is, as much as 18 hours of being attentive to your favored song with no hassle.

If you’re in a hurry, 10 mins’ short charging offers you as much as 60 mins of song playback. It comes with an IPX4 water resistance rating. Now don’t worry. Approximately splashes and sweat and preserve shifting at the song. It allows Google Assistant to get the right of entry to the music, information, and more significantly.

Connect along with your phone with the aid of simply pressing a button, getting directions, speaking with contacts, and doing plenty more excellent with merely the use of voice commands. With the brand new WF-XB700, there’s not the want to even take your smartphone from your pocket to get hold of calls.

The compact and clean-to-bring charging case protects and powers your WF-XB700 earbuds. The charging cable is too short, which will be difficult if you try to get it charged from standard sockets.


Conversation flows clear with clean hands-loose calling
Enables easy way to connect


The noise cancellation feature with this earbud is not up to the mark

The First Wireless Neck-Band Extra Bass Headphones from Sony is beautified with all of the low-cease frequencies for fantastic bass, even as keeping vocal clarity, lifting each music with wave after wave of thundering rhythm. With 15 hours of battery life, it can preserve sufficient energy to accompany you. You experience a song and immerse yourself in favored tunes for long listening hours.

The neckband earphone comes with a fast rate feature that offers up to at least one hour of wireless playback after simply ten mins of charging. With integrated Google Assistant, it has become less difficult to apply their voice to invite the trendy tune, extrude the quantity and experience a hands-unfastened, voice-managed experience. You need your selected voice assistant to play your favored tracks, naturally.

Each earbud has an integrated magnet for tangle-unfastened wearing and storage. It maintains you clutter-unfastened while you’re now no longer paying attention to the tune.
You could move hands-unfastened even when paying attention to the music or making calls because it comes with an integrated microphone and is well matched if you want to experience enjoyment at the move, connect to friends, and lots more.

With 12mm motive force units, the earphones supply a clean and punchy sound. If you are looking for good-sounding, comfortable, extra bass, long battery earphones, you can go for this option.


Built to deliver clear sound quality
Charging is less complicated with Type-C cable


Designed to be compact ones

The results are essential. When you have the perfect headset, there are no obstacles to your workouts. JBL Endurance RUNBT’s wireless streaming media gives you the motivation to push yourself harder with the powerful JBL voice. It fits the inside or back to ensure comfort. The comfortable combination of soft and soft ear cushions and twist-lock technology ensures that these earphones will not be injured or dropped. 

Anti-sweat earphones JBL Endurance RUNBT IPX5 stay ahead. Sweat every step, otherwise the rain will not spoil your workout. The JBL Endurance RUNBT, with 6 hours of playtime, has a built-in microphone and remote control for hands-free audio and audio control. When not in use, the magnetic buttons protect your endurance and press them comfortably on your neck. 

You can double-click the play button to activate Google Now or Siri. They are designed to withstand high-intensity exercise indoors or outdoors in all weather conditions. Bluetooth wireless streaming allows you to stream and feel music wirelessly from any phone device. 

The integrated one-button remote control with a microphone enables hands-free calling, allowing you to focus on training. Magnetic earphones allow easy cable routing when not in use. In general, the best choice for running and sports earphones.


Suits comfortable around the neck
Ensure comfort during heavy workout


The mic doesn’t provide a clear call audio

One-button control and voice assistant include a multi-function button that allows you to play/pause, skip to the previous/next track, and answer/end calls. You can use the voice assistant function to access Siri / Google Assistant. After removing them from the case, you don’t have to pair them with the device every time manually. These truly wireless earphones can block most of the environmental noise. 

Get away from the busy roads and streets and immerse yourself in the beautiful music world with high-quality sound effects. They provide up to 6 hours of battery life. Carrying six earphones may incur additional costs, and the total playback time is up to 36 hours. The transmission range is 20 meters, and the monopod function allows the headset to be used alone after the pairing is successful. 

Both the earplugs can hear stereo sound and can be used as a monopod to listen to music and answer calls. They have an internal charging box. It is waterproof to 1 meter and can last for 30 minutes, making it perfect for sweating in the gym. The wireless earbuds are developed using the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, which provides a fast and stable transmission without tangles.


Provides better call results
It has been designed with high-quality microphones


It can cause pain when used for a more extended period

These wireless in-ear earphones are versatile and enjoyable and can be quickly suited best into your life. The earphones provide dynamic sound with deep bass and extraordinary clarity. It’s time to stop unraveling the long cable and enjoy music with a long battery life of up to 15 hours, and you can listen to your favorite playlists and podcasts throughout the day. 

With just 10 minutes of charging, it provides you with 60 minutes of playing time, which means you can quickly replay music even when working quickly. Users can free their hands when making calls or listening to music because the earbuds have a built-in microphone that they can access with Google Assistant and Siri. 

The neckband design is comfortable and protects your earphones from listening to music freely. The new headset weighs 15 grams, which is very comfortable to wear. Unique and convenient to use throughout the day. With these new earphones, your music will be more immersive and enjoyable. 9mm driver earphones provide clear, powerful sound. 


It fits easily into the pockets
Magnetic housing locks prevent them from getting tangled


The wire needs more care while handling it as it is designed very thin

JBL Endurance Run by Harman is the perfect headset specially created for an unstoppable running environment between you and your training. The FlipHook design can be adapted to the inside or backside part of the ear to increase comfort. It also has a comforting pair of FlexSoft, and TwistLock ear molds technology for the buds guaranteed never to be damaged or fall off. The built-in microphone and remote control help you don’t need to reach into your pocket to answer calls.

It is designed for high-intensity exercise indoors or outdoors in all weather conditions with a high dynamic frequency response range. Its flexible and reversible design provides the headset to be used inside the ear or on the back part of the ear. The one-button remote control feature enables the microphone hands-free calling, allowing you to focus on running or the sport you are playing.

A long press over the button enables you to activate Google Now or Siri. Magnetic earplugs can easily manage cables when not in use. These lightweight and ergonomic earphones use TwistLock and FlexSoft technology to secure fit and stability during every workout. With all these positive factors, the money is worth spending on these wired earphones.


Magnetic feature manages to easy with the cable when not in use
Provides maximum comfort level to ears


The bass is not that satisfactory

If you like the excellent sound quality and an immersive experience, then the new Glide 120 is HARMAN’s premium wireless neckband, will be the best choice. To double your fun, you can activate the dual equalizer and, according to your mood, switch between regular mode and deep base mode by pressing the volume up or down button. It provides distortion-free sound with lower power consumption-faster pairing and a stable connection with your devices. 

The solid metal shell is designed to be reliable, and these stylish earphones look as good as they sound. It also provides additional flexibility and portability. Play your favorite music without interruption, and after fully charged, you can listen to your favorite music for seven long hours. Whether you are running, exercising, or listening to music on the go, you can easily enjoy it for hours. 

It allows you to enjoy the songs without interruption without worrying about water spills. It is non-slip and tangled, so you can avoid the trouble of constantly adjusting the rope, and they connect magnetically when not in use. 

The Glide 120 provides dynamic sound with 12mm drivers, adjusted for bass enhancement, soft midrange, and crystal clear sound, bringing a unique and beautiful musical experience. The One-click feature makes the conversation unchecked, and you can enjoy the hands-free function in any place you are present. Overall, it is the best product that is apt for the price range and designed features.


The IPX5 technology prevents damage from dust and moisture
It provides a comfortable neck fit


Sometimes it gets disconnected often

Sony’s close-fitting design is ideal for sports stereo earphones, allowing you to enjoy music with the sound of your feet. The MDRAS210 sports earphones are equipped with a responsive 13.5mm driver, which is no different, providing a safe and comfortable fit, allowing you to exercise closer and personalized. Make sure it fits well while running, and the adjustable ring is firmly fixed to your ears so that you can move with the beat. 

The sound uses a 13.5mm driver to speed up your exercise. If you feel the energy lost in the last few minutes of your workout, the clear, energetic sound will keep you going to complete them. With a sensitivity of 104 dB/mW and a frequency range of 17-22,000 Hz, every detail can be heard clearly. 

The open design of All Natural Acoustics allows audio to enter and exit through the back of the earbuds for a more natural sound. Be prepared for rain, sweat, or splashing at any time, as you can also use splash-proof earphones when in such times. You will continue to play throughout the running without any disturbances. With solid finishes, beautiful and elegant designs are available in black or blue. 


Provides energetic sound quality
The volume enables to hear precise information


The hard plastic surface can sometimes damage your earlobes and cause pain

Frequently Asked Questions

Look at these questions that we have culled especially to guide you for a better understanding. To be assured before making any purchase and take the right choice, here are the most commonly asked questions

Why I should buy earphones for running?

Running earphones and earmuffs must be comfortable and waterproof. If you are running outdoors, they must have built-in safety features to make bone conduction earplugs glow. It ensures that your headset can be used with your phone because many OEMs have already abandoned the earphone jack.

How do you know if running earphones are right for you?

Speaking of earphones, you want them to seal your ear canal. This design minimizes repetitive impact effects and improves sound quality. Generally speaking, silicone is the best training material because it does not degrade as quickly as memory foam. On the other hand, you can buy different packages at any time and change them accordingly.

Do running earphones have to be waterproof?

When you do aerobic exercise, you sweat. Although contact with liquid can cause a short circuit with non-IP certified products, other official IP certified or waterproof coated products should work typically. IPX4 sets a premium standard for educational headsets, but IPX2 is also better than nothing.

Will the software function affect the choice of work headsets?

Most wireless headsets and earbuds come with additional applications. Some dedicated headset apps include training-specific features, but some training headsets (such as JBL UA Sport Train) have a 12-month MapMyRun Premium subscription. You can access individual applications and websites through the headset to use their functions for a limited time.

Which earphones should I buy, Wireless or True Wireless?

Now many mobile phones do not have an earphone jack, and there are a variety of Bluetooth headsets that can meet all budgets. Racers can be worry-free from the earphone cable.
The battery life of wireless headsets tends to be longer, but because the elastic cord (and in some cases the remote control) pulls on the headset, it is often more challenging to maintain a firm fit. True wireless earbuds come with a carrying case that can be used as a portable charger, significantly increasing the time between insertions.

Final Words

It always feels energetic listening to music that also keeps us active through running or workout sessions. A pair of earphones can sometimes interrupt your running if it is uncomfortable, not fitting correctly, exhausted, or loses energy before you sweat. That can trigger a spike in stress hormones and cause you to stop suddenly and get depleted.

We have shortlisted and spent a lot of time reviewing the best earphones for running, and we believe you will be satisfied with our choices. Earphones and earphones serve as mandatory for most while running on roads, trails, and marathons. They are also ideal for exercise, gym, hiking, and daily functional features that make them the best running earphones.

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