Best Earphones for Music

Even though the driver sizes are significantly smaller in earphones than headphones, the innovations these days have led to even the smallest and most minuscule pair of earphones packing just as much of a punch as headphones.

So sit back and relax as we go through the best earphones for music in the Indian market right now for the delight of your ears and senses. We will be reviewing all the best earphones in the Indian market for music listeners and also answering some frequently asked questions (FAQs) of the same.

In addition, we will also be listing all the highs and lows each product hits so prospective buyers know exactly what to expect from each product and what the earphone is capable of delivering.

Top 10 Earphones for Music in India

The first entrant on this list is for no one’s surprise a SONY product. SONY has been a pioneer in the sound and audio industry for many many years and offered quality products that deliver impressive sound quality.

Each SONY product has that trademark SONY sound quality’ which is quite simply a very unique and unmatched advantage that SONY currently has over its competitors.

The frequency response consistency is excellent. The earphone has a good fit and good noise cancellation technology too. The bass performance is above average with a low-frequency tension of just 10hz which is indeed very good news for this product.

There are both good and bad aspects of this earphone, the good being that the bass is not as loud and thumpingly overemphasized as is done in cheaper models. The bad aspect here is also that even though thumping and rumbling bass can be bass, a quality thumping and well-balanced rumbling is even more sought after, which this earphone does not provide.

It has very good mid-accuracy and the vocals are also crisp and clear.


Sony trademark sound quality
Excellent frequency response


Does not provide good quality thumping bass

These headphones are built for the things that the previous model the Wi-XB400 lacked, which is mainly the bass quality. The name can clearly tell you the intention of the product of sony, it is intended to give a good bass experience to the consumer. So all bass enthusiasts can rejoice and buy this earphone due to its explicit aim of giving a good bass quality sound.

These earphones have a well-balanced bass which has thumping and rumbling that does not at all overpower any other aspects of sound quality like mids, highs, lows, and vocals or instruments at all. 

There is one flaw in this earphone which is not indeed a grave or fatal flaw but more like a minor and miniscule inconvenience to the user of the WI XB400 earphones by sony. So the flaw is that there is a spike in the treble aspect of sound quality which is bad as it can make them sound a bit sharper.

These earphones also have a very good fit and good passive noise cancellation as the silicon ear tips fill in the gaps in the ear canal.

The mid-range accuracy and treble accuracy are also very good in this earphone, making it a very good choice for people who wanted a step up from the previous 200 models of the Sony earphones. This is also good for the bass-loving people as this earphone gives the oomp that was lacking in the previous model.

These earphones are great for music lovers, however, if your priority is talking rather than listening to music, check out these best earphones for calling.


Well-balanced bass
Good fitting


Spike in table

All fitness lovers and enthusiasts can rejoice, as can the gym goers and the jogger. This is so because this product that we are reviewing, the bose sport earbuds is specifically marketed towards people who have a sporty lifestyle and are fitness enthusiasts.

These bose sport earbuds have a good frequency response for being just workout earbuds. They also have very good vocals that you can hear clearly and crisply, and the instruments are also very nicely heard in any song played.

Usually, companies love to put extra and almost always unnecessary bass emphasis in any earphones that are billed as workout friendly, but in this earphone bose has not made the same mistake.

The bass emphasis is there, but the notes sound on par with the mids, with only a slight emphasis. This makes the overall sound a very well-balanced one as it makes sure that the other types of audio aren’t drowned out by the overpowered bass like in other earphones.

Their earphones also have good IP protection for protection against any water, sweat, or dust particles that cause lots of wear and tear in normal earphones. One flaw is that the notes may feel slightly underwhelming at times, even though they are crisp and clear to hear by the user of these beautiful earphones.


Good for fitness lovers
Superior IP protection


Notes are underwhelming

At first glance, these earphones look like the everyday regular and average earphones that you would find in any market. But these earphones will show you their depth when you take a closer look at their build and see that these aren’t just some regular wireless Bluetooth earphones but have a very good and premium metal housing and are indeed a classy looking pair of earphones.

It is a neckband type earphone that is getting increasingly popular during this time in the electronic segment. These neckband type earphones help the user a lot as it offers a good grip and doesn’t fall out no matter what activity the user is doing or how strenuous it is like jogging, driving, running, working out. 

These earphones provide a good level of comfort for a long time to the user and can be used for long intervals or periods of time very easily by the wearer. The earbuds are also magnetic, which is another feature that is built to increase the ease of use of the user as the earbuds stick to each other when they are not being used.

The JBL infinity glide wireless Bluetooth earphones also have a good IPX5 rating that means that they are very well protected against any dust or water particles and don’t go through any wear and tear at all, so the user does not have to worry about that aspect.

JBL infinity glide 120 has Bluetooth V5.0 and can be connected to all devices.


Good comfort and ease of use
Neckband which does not fall off


Not that durable

As advertised above, these earphones do indeed contain quad drivers, so these have a slightly large nozzle due to some extra components, so this makes them not at all apt or usable if you have a previous favorite pair of ear tips that you put on every earphone that you purchase. If that is the case, then you might have a problem, but overall the eartips that come with these earphones too are pretty good and are very comfortable, and are made of silicone.

The bass response is a bit tricky to judge as in the first listening of any music from these earphones, it initially sounds very loud and a bit too exaggerated, but when you listen carefully for a bit then you notice that it is not too strong or robust but does have enough of bumps that you can appreciate the sound.

So that being said it is at a very peculiar state as the bass response is not enough to satisfy any people who are bass lovers and buy earphones explicitly for listening to their favorite bass music, and it is also not good enough for any casual listeners as the amount of bass is a bit above the normal norm.

The lows and highs are the shining factor in this earphone and are exceptional, the vocals are also outstanding and offer an exceptional experience to the user.


Quad driver
Have great lows and highs


Can’t use custom tips

The OnePlus bullets are already a well-known series and have gained mass popularity due to their easy-to-use features, which include the magnetic strip that easily connects them together when the user is not using the product. This feature increases portability and offers ease of use to the person.

The one plus bullets have a sound that is a bit bass-driven, and they also receive a big bass boost as this is indeed the wireless Z bass edition and not the typical bullets that were released before. So the emphasis is indeed much like the Sony 400 model all on the bass aspect.

The bass does have some minor flaws, such as a constant low rumble in your years, which is not how the ideal bass experience should be and should instead be a lively thump instead of a lingering rumble which these earphones deliver on many songs.

But with a bit of bass criticism, that is just about all you can criticize these earphones for because everything else that they do is exceptional and clearly a class apart from the competition, especially when you look at the price tag of these earphones and see just how value for money they really are.

When seen overall, the sound system as a whole is actually very good and well balanced in all songs that you play. There is not any lack of detail in the mids or highs at all, and it is sure to satisfy almost all users.


Very good well-balanced sound
Bass driven


Low rumbling in some songs

Samsung is back in the earphone segment with yet another great option for users who want to experience their music with the very best that they can. The galaxy buds + are a pair of earphones that pride themselves on the high level of sound quality that they are able to deliver to their user with ease.

The bass response is able to deliver an adequate thump and rumble, which is very important as if a thump and rumble go overboard, it cancels out the vocals and doesn’t let the user enjoy the other aspects such as the high, mids, and lows of the music.

So the vocals and all the lead instruments are present and clear. Another great feature is the companion app, which has six different EQ presets for consumers’ convenience to better suit their preferences.

Once you make sure that your fit is proper, you should receive a level of consistency of sound that is quite honestly unmatched by other earphones, and only a few handfuls are even able to keep up with these earphones at this point.

The treble accuracy in these pair of earphones is also something that has been done really well and is top-notch. In addition, these buds have an excellent level of peaks and dip to boast about.


Great bass response
Clear vocals and instruments



A good thing about these earphones is their sound quality and equalizer graph. They excel in highlighting deep and base voices and at the same time define high-pitched and shrill sounds. Go for these earphones if you want to experience a concert in your own room. You can enjoy their sound quality not just in your room, but also in different places like gym, class, park, work, etc.

They are specially designed to provide high-quality studio features. The sound quality that they provide with every music is commendable because they define and highlight important parts. The earphones are used by famous musicians and you should use them too if you want to experience the music world in the elite style. They come with a warranty of three years and you can replace them if they run into a problem between the period.

But one fatal flaw is that they do not do a good job in very noisy places outside where the level of ambient noise is a sizable amount. This is so because the noise cancellation is at a very average level and so this could hamper the experience of the user a lot if they are in an environment with a lot of ambient noise.


Good sound quality
Equalizer graph


Bad noise cancelation

The sound profile of this device works well, an impressive thing is an extra bass and boom, which sounds pleasant to the ears. Look at the equalizer graph before buying an earphone. Fans of EDM and pop music are likely to enjoy this feature, however, those into classical or Western wouldn’t, because of disruption in high-pitched noises.

The frequency of this device is commendable and the hertz quality is good. However, these earphones are bulky and get tangled very easily. Carrying, handling, and managing them becomes a tough task. It is advisable to use a rubber band while handling them so that they don’t get tangled. Other than that their accuracy in performance is highly appreciated so we recommend this product to all those who want to enjoy their listening experience

The Jabra Elite Active 65t has exceptional peaks and dips performance. The Jabra Elite Active was made for an active lifestyle as is evident in its name and so also has a very comfortable and sound grip and build quality that makes sure that the earphones never fall off or get uncomfortable for the user to wear for a long period of time.

In addition, it also has a great Bluetooth range and connectivity, which is indeed top-notch. The IP protection is also high end protecting it from all types of water or dust particles that the normal earphones go through when being used, thereby increasing its longevity.


Value for money
Great frequency


Bad build quality

A con while using this product is its high noise emittance. It produces an underlying white noise that ruins the overall quality and disrupts your music. Usually, a small amount of white noise works. However, with these headphones, it goes over the bar.

The noise is audible even during the pre-recorded power on and battery low features. This points out that the problem lies with the device and not with the connectivity. This creates trouble when you want to listen to podcasts or record your own audio. 

Apart from that, the sound quality works okay, and the audio reproduction system is good. The extra bass sounds good and the high frequencies sit well. Clarity and crispness sound fine. The Bluetooth connection in this device works well, which means you can enjoy music without connection failures.

Indeed, these sony earphones are a great choice, as were the other models in the lineup that we reviewed, the 200 and 400 respectively. Sony just does a great job in earphones and in-ear headphone segment as it brings that characteristic sony sound which is the undeniable trademark of these earphones and obviously a hallmark in earphone standards.


Good audio reproduction
Extra bass


High noise emittance

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the perfect amount of bass?

This is a very important and indeed popular question right now which I’m sure is on many of your minds. Bass is one of the most sought out aspects by consumers when buying a product for listening to music. People love the thumping in their ears. A perfect amount of bass gives the desirable amount of robust thumping while simultaneously not overpowering other aspects of sound quality like the mids, highs, lows, and vocals of the song.

Does driver size really matter?

In terms of earphones, driver size does matter a bit because if your driver size is very small and you also don’t have a sufficient amount of good noise cancellation then when you go to surroundings that have a lot of ambient noise, you will not be able to hear your music clearly due to the inability of the drivers to pump out loud music. But, it is not something that is very important to consider as most earphones have a good amount of loudness.

Final Words

I have written about the best earphones in the market right now for you, the consumer, and the reader. All the best earphones available in the Indian market for the specific purposes of listening to music have been reviewed. In addition, more attention has been given to the music and sound aspect of the earphones than any other specification as the article is specifically looking for the best sounding earphones.

Some important questions have also been answered in the frequently asked question section after the review.

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