Best BoAt Earphones Under ₹1000

Earphones are a need, and when it comes to boAt earphones, it becomes an extra need as they provide bassfull of crisp and clear sound and attractive designs. boAt has an innumerable collection of earphones and headphones providing you from the most affordable ones to the most expensive ones.

boAt has come out to be very different from other brands as they provide you with versatility and creativity. It is best for fitness enthusiasts and gym lovers as its high bass give them a boost in energy and motivates them to push harder.

So, with all these amazing features, let’s review the best boAt earphones under 1000 in India.

Top 8 Boat Earphones Under 1000 In India 

Starting this list are the boAt bassheads 100, which come in not just three or four but fourteen different color styles. It is compatible with all iOS/Android devices and can be connected via a 3.5mm AUX cable. It has a rated power of 2mW and a frequency range of 20Hz-20,000Hz. It isn’t waterproof and doesn’t have an IP rating. 

These boat earphones take inspiration from the regal hawk and have been marketed as the ideal choice for anyone with a “hawk attitude”. The earphones look stylish, and the design is immaculate. The exclusive hawk-like design makes it stand out from the competition.

It has a 1.2m PVC rounded cable and comes with a free carry in a pouch and extra buds for your convenience. The Y-split line has one multifunction button and an in-line microphone, which features in-built noise cancellation technology. 

The in-ear headphone has 10mm drivers and boasts Boat’s signature ‘super extra bass’. The sound quality in terms of the amount of money given is exceptional. You wouldn’t expect a satisfactory experience like this in addition to the brand value, so value for money is where the Bassheads 100 thrive. The microphone was entirely adequate, and its in-built sound-cancelling technology worked sufficiently to give clear audio.

These are one of the most affordable pairs of earphones you can buy with decent sound quality and an excellent hands-free microphone. There are no other earphones on the market that can match their quality with this low-price tag.


In-line microphone
Noise-cancellation technology
Super extra base


Its not waterproof

Boat bassheads 102 are one model above the bassheads 100 and are fittingly just a bit more expensive. These earphones have a stylish and shiny detailed finish and come with three pairs of ear tips and a complimentary pouch. 

For this price, this type of design is excellent. The earphone wire is made of rubber and hence makes the earphone lightweight, with it weighing about 50gm. The wire, as always, is advertised as tangle-free. Although it isn’t braided or flat, its plastic is of high quality for its price range. 

The ergonomic fitting is very well done. One plus point of plastic earphones is that, unlike metal ones, they never fall out of the ear. They fit snugly even while running, but one lousy aspect is that the comfort level is not good. The in-ear design makes these earphones ideal for noise cancellation and works very well. When playing at a high volume, the ambient noise is covered sufficiently.  

Another significant aspect of this earphone is its high-quality microphone controlled by the primary single multifunction button. The microphone picks up the voice of the speaker very clearly.  

Now, by far the best aspect of this earphone is the outstanding sound quality, especially for this price range. The trebles and mid frequencies produced are immaculate. The bass is well balanced and doesn’t disturb or overpower the treble. This earphone is ideal for people who want to listen to high quality at such a low price.


Noise canceling
Amazing sound quality



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The bassheads 105 are one of the much newer in-ear headphones in this list, marketed towards bass lovers. These earphones come with 13mm sound drivers, which is quite surprising to see in even a 500+ earphone, much less an earphone with such a cheap price tag. 

The packaging is nothing special, and the experience is not as premium at all as you would expect at this price. The overall design is unassuming, and there is not anything special or unique about the earphones in terms of overall looks. Where these earphones shine is the sound quality, the 13mm drivers can give a very loud sound without any voice tearing. The earphones are also a good option for video gaming due to the immense sound drivers. 

To get such good drivers at such a low price, boats had to sacrifice something, and the sacrifice came in the form of the user’s comfort. The sound frequency of the 105’s is standard (20hz-20,000Hz), with sensitivity being 107dB and an impedance of 16 Ohms. 

The design of the earbuds is not at all forgiving and may cause pain after prolonged usage, so buying silicone ear tips is recommended as this will reduce most of – if not eliminate all of the pain. These earphones still fit well enough not to fall out easily. 

Overall, this earphone is for those who want an earphone that can pump out loud audio due to the significant drivers but don’t want to spend much at all, and also are okay with using it in small intervals. 


Good for video games
Loud audio
Great bass experience


Not comfortable on ears

The bassheads 152 are a perfect option in the 500-range due to their stylish appearance and sturdy design. In addition, they have excellent audio quality, and the comfort level is very high.

Reviewing the build quality, these earphones have a stylish and polished metallic blue housing, but the earbuds aren’t magnetic. The speaker grille is not metallic but made of plastic, whose quality could have been improved. Two pinholes have been provided near the grille for base compensation and noise isolation.  

The cable connecting the upper part to the mid is not braided but rounded and made of rubber. The cable in the mid-lower part, though, is a PVC dual-tone braided cable built to last and is also tangle-free. It also has a 3.5mm gold plated jack which is in the L shape. 

At this price point, the audio quality of these earphones is the shining factor. Even though the mids, lows, and vocals are just good enough, the bass and treble are outstandingly done. The 10mm drivers can bring enough loudness that you don’t have to increase the volume much. The impedance is 16 Ohms, and the sensitivity is around 106-112db.  

Talking about the inbuilt input device, a microphone with in-built noise cancellation is provided and the primary multifunction universal button. The in-line microphone delivers clear raw audio, which is crisp and should suffice for all hands-free calls.

These are one of the most comfortable earphones in this segment, with very soft ear tips. The design and feel are ergonomic and will make sure you can enjoy music for hours on end. Even though the housing is metal, there is no pressure or load on the ear at all.  

Overall, these earphones lead in the aspects of build, bass and treble quality and comfort.


High level comfort
Good audio quality
Noise cancelling



The bassheads 162 are pretty similar to its predecessor 152, but there are still some minute differences. The appearance of these earphones is as good as it gets with Boat, and even at a lower price point than the 162, it still features much of the same build quality.  

The one significant similarity is the same PVC dual braided cable to increase durability at the bottom half. A matte finish rubber cable connects the earbuds to the former in the upper half. The 1.2m earphone is completely tangle-free for better ease of use. 

These earphones are a bit lighter as they don’t have metallic housing and instead have plastic housing, which may not give a polished look but reduce ear pressure and increase comfort. The 3.5mm audio jack is also L shaped and angled at 45 degrees. 

The in-line microphone is also basic and has the same multifunction button for audio playback and hands-free calling control. 

Sound insulation is sufficient in these earphones to protect from unwanted ambient sound. 10mm drivers deliver an excellent quality of bass and high treble. But the sound signature is such that the mids and vocals are a bit underwhelming. Moreover, this earphone offers a variety of vibrant and lush colour styles. 

These wildly popular earphones rival other earphones in the 400-500 segment, with excellent build quality and a very comfortable experience. They are one of the better options and should be considered for people who don’t want or aren’t satisfied with metallic housed earbuds, which may increase pressure. 


Hands-free calling control
Very comfortable


Plastic housing has no polished look

Going upwards to the 200 series, our first is the Boat basshead 225, which is very popular and generally has had a good reception. The box and unpacking experience is a bit more premium than the 100 series, but not by a lot. The styling of these earphones is very trendy, and overall they look pretty stylish. The polished metal and the gold-plated L shaped audio jack further contribute to the look of the product.  

The 200 series features flat wires, not the rounded ones, which ensures that they last longer and are tangle-free. The earphones have one fatal flaw: they are not tilted at a 45-degree angle, and as I mentioned before, they are metallic. This may cause them to fall out quite quickly, and the comfort level is not that good.  

Now, to the main point of this earphone, bass. The bass is very high and is heaven for bassophiles. Even at low volume, the 8mm drivers and the extra-bass feature can pump thumping amounts of punchy and robust bass.

This earphone wasn’t made for balanced audio and was specifically made for people who prefer bass, as sometimes the bass may even overpower the mid-range or vocals. This is one of the reasons it isn’t a good option for gamers. 

So, in conclusion, this earphone is perfect for people wanting a great bass experience and not for those who want balanced audio. The bassheads 225 prove the growing demand for earphones focused exclusively on delivering a better bass experience.


Great bass experience
Gold-plated L shaped audio jack
Premium packaging 


Not very comfortable

Talking about user-specific earphones, the Boat bassheads 242 are marketed explicitly towards fitness enthusiasts but may also be bought for everyday use. The packaging is very stylish and highly premium for its price tag, including a better-quality pouch and some extra earbuds. The earphone’s unique design makes it look like it has a personality of its own. It is very pleasing to the eye, with a color combination of red and grey.  

The earphone has a detachable rubber component precisely curved inwards for a better fit while running and exercising, making them fit much better than the 220 or 225. The unique shape may take some getting used to, but after a day or two, it fits without any discomfort. The cable is not flat and rounded but has a special bond to make it much tougher and more durable. It is still tangle-free, and you also get an earphone clip to fix it on your shirt. 

Unlike most budget earphones, where you have to adjust the volume from your device, these earphones have a specific volume button to control the level. It packs a 10mm driver and has an impedance of 32 Ohms. It has a rated power of 2mW and a frequency response of 20Hz – 20,000Hz. It’s 3.5mm jack is straight-shaped and not gold-plated. 

The sound quality has not been compromised; the treble and the bass balance perfectly and give a well-rounded experience. The vocals are clear and crisp, and there is no audio tearing at high volumes. The microphone present is also up to par and can detect your voice very well. The in-built noise cancellation comes into play and works flawlessly in public places. 


Noise canceling
Has volume buttons


Not gold plated

Moving on from the bassheads to the rockerz series, these earphones are packed with features and great specifications. These have the same motive as the 242 but take the experience to a different level entirely.  

The unboxing experience is truly premium and starkly different from the previous earphones on this list, with a free carrying case with a matte black finish that is actually of pretty high quality to carry the charger and earphone. In addition, you get two complimentary large and small earmuffs and a charging cable. 

Coming to the design, it features an on-ear permanent rubber hook to perfectly clast the ear and not fall off while exercising. There are aesthetic dots and a black-blue design, which gives it an attractive look and comes in a red variant. The housing of the earphone is made of rubber and makes the earphone lighter. It is sweat-resistant and comes with an IPX7 rating. 

The wire is a flat rubber wire which is entirely tangle-free and of ample length. There is a multifunction button on the right side of the earphone denoted by A, which serves as a basic audio playback and calling control. The microphone is also not just a basic one but is a level above the base microphones available in most earphones. 

There are volume keys above the multifunction button which also work as a google assistant button when long pressed. The comfort level is very high as the hook is lightweight and only slightly touches the earphone. You can easily wear it for 2-3 hours while exercising as it isn’t bulky or heavy at all. 

This earphone comes with Bluetooth 4.1, which is not the latest version but should not give any problem in connectivity and should connect to your device in less than 10 seconds. The Bluetooth range is about 10 meters keeping in mind there are no obstructions in between. The 261 boasts a battery life of about 8 hours and a charge time of 2hours. 

The 11mm sound drivers give a premium experience with a loud and thumping base and clear and crisp vocals. The bass doesn’t overpower any of the vocals at all. Overall, this earphone is excellent in all aspects and a steal at its price.


Premium packaging 


Restricted bluetooth range


BoAt is an established brand in the audio category and delivers high-quality value for money products. But, with the sheer number of models and classes, it may be challenging to find the perfect earphone for your needs. We have listed the best earphones the company has to offer under 1000, so you can make an informed decision and be extremely satisfied with your purchase.

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