Best Skullcandy Earphones Under ₹1000

Skullcandy is a company known widely worldwide for its quality products in the audio segment like headphones, earphones, and other products. You can tell just from their branding and mascot how much pride they put on making their products look the most fashionable and trendy of all their competition. 

They are known for providing economical and value for money products that are very reliable in the long run. Skullcandy is just one of those few trademark companies that you can count on to deliver products that will not disappoint. They have easily fit in with other big names like Bose, Sony, JBL, etc. and established themself firmly in the audio market.

Now in the Indian market, many people think that earphones are not as good as the expensive ones, but hey, in fact, they are. Skullcandy earphones are some of the best looking and most durable in-ear headphones out there. They have an excellent bass presence, are durable and all while being cheap to buy,

Now we will review the three best Skullcandy earphones under 1000 and tell you all their specifications and essential features. In addition, I will also be pointing out the pros and cons of each product given so that you can better understand the highs and lows of every product and where it is bound to shine.

Top 3 Skullcandy Earphones Under ₹1000 – Reviewed

The packaging of these headphones is simple but attractive and unique even though it is mostly just plastic; there is a logo of Skullcandy with the model name below and a tagline advertising its ‘Noise Cancellation feature’. There are two complementary earbuds at the bottom of the package. The earbuds are very soft and of varying sizes of small and large. The packaging also includes a one-year warranty card.

The 1.3m long ends in a 3.5mm jack, with the lacking components being the no in-line microphone. The wire is not a flat wire, but a rounded cable and the jack is not angled in an L shape but a straight shaped one.

The earphones are actually very light and can be worn for hours without any discomfort; they weigh just 9 grams. The silicone earbuds are very soft and comfortable to wear. But, these earphones are not angled explicitly for a better in-ear fit. Still, there can be no doubt that these earphones offer a very premium experience at a meager price. 

The sound quality from the 10mm audio drivers is quite unique, with a very thumping and high-quality bass which will not disappoint. The noise cancellation feature, which was advertised quite boldly on the packaging, is a clear standout. The feature is excellent and cuts out ambient noises and disturbances very effectively, so it is perfect for people who want to use it in outdoor environments.

These in-ear headphones are equipped with neodymium magnets that produce stereophonic sound. They have a fundamental frequency of 20Hz-20,000Hz and an impedance of 16 Ohms. They come in three varying colour styles for users to choose from.

The pros and cons of the product have been mentioned below for your convenience.


Premium packaging and experience
Good sound quality with standout bass
Exceptional noise cancellation


No microphone
Flat wire

This is the upper model of the Jib, whose most obvious difference is the inclusion of an in-line microphone. It has a two-year warranty which is comparatively very good for budget earphones, where the norm is usually one year.

The overall appearance of these in-ear headphones is very good and easy on the eyes. The wire is of an ample length and is advertised as tangle-free. Still, it is not a flat wire and is just a bare rounded wire that is made of plastic and is not braided or made of any other fabric to enhance longevity.

So naturally, one of its biggest problems is its fragility. The cord, if moved even slightly, causes disturbances and should be used and handled very carefully indeed.

It is comfortable and fits nicely for its budget and doesn’t have any of the usual flaws with most budget earphones like overpowered and emphasized bass. It is a decent-looking earbud for its price, and it doesn’t have any noticeable sibilance or other problems with its thinness or overall sound quality.

The sound signature is round, with a definite downward sloping mid-range and strong bass. The top is generally rolled off mid-treble. The bass is above average in terms of the price, but the songs with dense mids and low bass riffs felt blended together. The Jib has an impedance rating of 17 ohms, which is low enough to get good sound quality. I would usually put an isolation level somewhere between medium and light as it’s not ideal for areas where ambient noise is prevalent.

If you are a house music or an Electronic Dance Music (EDM) enthusiast or if you listen to any other less dense beat-based music, and aren’t uncomfortable with a bit of lacking detail in the sound, then this earphone is a good cheap option for you, with 10mm drivers that can deliver.

The pros and cons of the product have been mentioned below for your convenience.


Two-year warranty
Above-average sound quality
Good impedance rating


Very fragile
Lacking a bit of detail in sound

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The packaging experience is vastly superior to the lower JIB models by Skullcandy. The Inkd models have a very high-quality unpacking experience that is expected from the price tag it carries, almost twice as expensive as the without mic variant of JIB.

This is the most expensive earphone on this list and befittingly comes with two years of warranty instead of the basic one year one for the lower models. The earphones have been made with a good quality of plastic and look very high-end indeed. They are very light and weigh in at around just 11 grams.

The earbuds do not have left and right ones specified on them. Instead, it has a design that allows you to use any earbud for optimal sound quality. Unfortunately, this takes some getting used to and is quite uncomfortable in the first few days for your ears and will cause you more discomfort when you try to use an earphone that has the left and right earbuds explicitly made for the same.

The cable is very long and quite ample for the user but is just another rounded cable and not a flat one. So the major disappointment in terms of build quality is the missing flat wire at the inclusion of a round wire even at a higher price point. An important thing to know is that the sound cancellation technology is very apt, and the pinholes provided near the earbuds work perfectly for the same. It is nearly perfect, and the isolation starts even before you play any music by just putting it in.

The Mic is a bit better than the average basic in-line Mic that you find in any budget earphone and captures your voice crisply and clearly. A multifunction button is provided for basic audio playback and in-mic call control.

The sound quality is the shining factor of this earphone, with a very rounded and crisp experience. The bass is very smooth and does not cut out the highs or lows, and complements the vocals very well. For all purposes, music, bass and calling audio, it is more than qualified to handle each exceptionally well.

The pros and cons of the product have been mentioned below for your convenience.


Superior packaging and premium product look
Very high-quality noise cancellation
Good sound quality


Absence of flat wire
No specified left and right earbuds


Skullcandy is a very popular and widely bought brand in India right now, and its demand keeps growing, so we have written a product review for prospective users. This review has covered the three best Skullcandy earphones under 1000 and has given their appropriate specifications and details about additional features.

We have also clearly pointed out what each product does well and where it falls short of the mark (the pros and cons) so as to give a more detailed review to the consumer. 

Overall this guide should clearly suffice and be more than enough for anyone who is looking to buy earphones from Skullcandy under the price tag of 1000 Rs in India in 2021.

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