Best Skullcandy Earphones

Emerged out of the need for the energetic way of life in the audio field, Skullcandy produces various headphones that have plenty of features to provide. These days we’re often taking a better appearance also in consideration as we evaluate the ten high-quality Skullcandy earbuds. Skullcandy, other than different top-notch headphone manufacturers, isn’t always as high priced and is pretty budget-friendly. 

In a little over time, the business enterprise has risen to iconic popularity among the people, turning into a brand generating several most modern and less costly earbuds at the present-day market. Though they’re aimed toward energetic users, they make a wide variety of merchandise, and the maximum of them are cost-effectively priced. 

They have focused on portability, and that way, properly they are worn in transit, mainly or even specially tailor their units toward sporty hobbies and stable environments. With their heavier-responsibility fashions, they can be bearing any climate and sweat resistance. We have organized this manual in which we’ve listed down the best Skullcandy earphones in India.

Top 10 Skullcandy Earphones in India (2021)

Skullcandy earphones have first-rate sound and bass quality where it is one of the most famous headphone manufacturers withinside the market. What makes Skullcandy stand in a place other than different headphones and earphones manufacturers is its capacity to evolve on your comfort at the same time as you’re outside and being a part of an adventure.

Skullcandy has produced an extensive variety of fashions, each with traits prepared for special needs; however, what hyperlinks them is the groups dedicated to presenting a first-rate digital audio quality that helps the current lifestyles. Their fashions are ultimately for the typical consumer with a hectic everyday life and are designed to be comfortable for lasting a longer time.

The Skullcandy Indy earphones are a pretty perfect fit over many of the company’s usually budget-friendly earphones, however a good deal for genuine wireless in-ears with excellent noise cancellation. They supply a heavy bass sound signature, even as at the lively noise cancellation (ANC) front, they get rid of lows pretty nicely and do an acceptable performance with the right amount of frequency range.

It is available in black-colored earpieces and stems that fit right into the cumbersome charging case box. The earpieces have a stable match with a large part to the mixture of protected ear tips. The earpieces are produced with touch-sensitive panels, which might be highly smooth to control. But the format of the controls is a piece counterintuitive, with a single touch by controlling quantity rather than the playback and an extended press coping with song ahead or backward. 

Skullcandy has an app for Android users that is useful to personalize the sound mode, which measures your listening and adjusts the audio accordingly. For lots of users, this may make them feel used. However, it’s now no longer vital to the working of the earphones if it does not sound attractive to you. The EQ modes are confined to a few presets that You can not adjust, together with Movie, Music, and other methods. 

The earphones supply substantial noise cancellation for the cost, especially in terms of hearing deep low frequencies. The ANC performs decently in terms of mids and high ranges of the songs. The earphones get lots right, with a stable match and first-rate noise cancellation for the charged fare. It is best for those looking for top-notch ANC who want to examine some other place for a great pair of right earphones.


Active noise cancellation
Water and dust resistant


Shorter stems

The Indy Evo is one of the new pairs of wireless earbuds from Skullcandy, which incorporates advanced battery existence and many different features. You get a couple of Bluetooth 5.0, IP55-rated (sweat, water, and dirt resistant) genuine wireless earbuds, a plastic charging case along with one USB A to USB C charging cable, three units of ear tips, and pairs of gels that assist enhance the buds withinside the outer part of your ears. 

The buds and case are blended to provide a decent range of 30 hours of music playback, even though battery existence will range depending on listening quantity. It has a touch of the Apple AirPods, but instead of counting on one-size-fits-all earpieces, they have used silicone tips and a stabilizer to obtain a fantastic shape. There’s no ANC (active noise cancellation). However, the comforting fit of the form gives passive noise-canceling that is able to reduce the quantity of outside sound.

The Indy Evo doesn’t assist the aptX, and it is unable to supply the better quality, efficient streaming as a lot of its opponents can. However, it’s well worth bringing up how little latency there may be while streaming video content online. There’s an Ambient Mode for the one’s conditions while you need to listen to a number of the outside noise around you. 

More great is the Indy Evo’s extensive touch control function. Several contact combinations start from a single touch at the proper bud to lift the volume by double-tapping, then tap both buds for 2 seconds to interchange EQ modes. They have a smooth aesthetic, respectable battery existence, complete touch controls, and in-constructed Tile tracking, that’s a significant bonus.


Good stable fit
Comprehensive touch controls


No aptX support

Like most actual wireless earbuds, the Skullcandy Sesh comes with a compact case which is additionally their charger. The case box is horizontal; you could easily open a pill-formed design if you maintain it sideways. You do nonetheless want hands to take the earbuds out and put them on, and also, you should not strive to do that with one hand. It is designed in such a way thinking about small and clean fit for the users.

The case is made of plastic with a smooth matte end and a barely free lid, which is more or lighter than what you would count on at this rate point. The top isn’t always active, so the earphones do not activate or anything as you open them. However, the lid does not open on its own regardless of how a good deal you shake the case, so that is good.

The earbuds take a seat down pretty shallow withinside the case and are clean to eliminate and plug. They snap in magnetically and feature metallic connectors every time to charge. When positioned again into the case, the mild on each earbud turns red to signify charging and green while it is set. The Sesh is a reasonably snug pair of earphones, and in addition, they take a seat down very securely to your ear. 

They are IP55 certified; because of this, you may use them in your exercising classes or the course of a mild drizzle and do not need to fear them. It has an entirely outstanding mid-bass, which makes the sound more bassy maximum of the time. However, on a few songs, especially digital music, the mid-bass can turn out to be overbearing, and also, you need to slow down the volume to make it perfect.


Decent sound quality
Sweat and dust resistant


Short battery life

The Skullcandy Sesh Evo True Wireless is a cost-friendly headphone. Although they have a smooth, simple design, they sense long-lasting and may passively block out a terrific quantity of noise like workplace chatter around you. Out-of-the-box, they have got a bass-heavy sound quality that offers a severe thump to your music. While a few customers can also discover they sound very muddy, they arrive with multiple EQ presets integrated to help you alter their sound.

They are IP55 sweat and dirt resistant. They include a charging case so that you can charge the buds even far from any line power. The Sesh is a reasonably snug pair of earphones, and in addition, they take a seat down very securely on your ear. The Skullcandy Sesh makes use of Bluetooth 5.0 for connecting and helps handiest the simple SBC for audio transfer. 

In terms of the audio, it is high-satisfactory; the Skullcandy Sesh sounds quite respectable for the price. The sound is quite bass-heavy; that is what one might count on from a Skullcandy product. The Sesh has excellent imaging overall performance, which is hampered barely with the aid of using the gentle high-end. The soundstage within reason is slim because of the in-ear design. 

In terms of call, it is again great; the Sesh is once more reasonable, if not spectacular. The microphone is pleasant so that you get approximately standard audio quality for Bluetooth earphones. However, it is nonetheless a long way off compared to any wired headset or maybe the usage of the phone’s microphone. Unfortunately, that is still difficult with the Bluetooth codec and is now no longer always precise to the Sesh.


Stable fit
Dense plastic build


Relatively short battery life

The Skullcandy Jib True is an affordable pair of wireless earbuds. The Jib True is supposed to be an essential pair of actual wireless earbuds for trouble-free customers on a low budget. Despite the reasonably low fee, the Jib True does not seem reasonably priced or poorly made. It is in the stylish Blue colorway, which has vibrant yellow and pink highlights. You also can purchase those in extra simple Black or Gray colors.

The earbuds provide a comforting fit barely; however, do not stick out an excessive amount of your ears. Each earbud has a physical button at the out of doors for controlling the sound and playback. It’s tough to press those buttons by pushing the earbuds deep to your ears so that you need to grasp the top of the earbud and attempt to pinch the button. This is not in particular convenient, and it is simpler to control playback out of your phone.

The earbuds have an IPX4 score for sweat and water resistance, which is fantastic to look at in this rate range. The charging case has an entirely slender profile and suits the interior tight into the wallet quickly. The case lid does not open in particular wide. However, it is nonetheless clean to drag the earbuds because of their chunky shape. The case has a single white LED at the out of doors, which blinks at numerous points. 

However, it isn’t easy to figure out precisely what it’s saying. The Jib True encompasses smooth silicone ear tips. The earbuds are clean to position on and take away and may be worn for hours at a period with no discomfort. The bass reaction is heavy-handed, with a massive dose of bass improvement throughout the low-end, making the bass sound heavy.


Good passive noise isolation
Exceptionally steady audio


It isn’t always best for high-intensity workouts.

The Skullcandy Spoke is good enough for all kinds of usage. These portable, well-constructed headphones are solid enough to put on in the gym. Though their v-fashioned sound profile won’t be best for lovers of neutral sound, they arrive with EQ presets for sound customization. 

They provide sound noise isolation, and even as they can block out regular workplace noise like coworkers talking around you, it conflicts in opposition to bass-heavy noises like bus and aircraft engines, so they’ll not be best for your commute. Skullcandy is structured with a plastic cuboidal-fashioned case for the Spoke TWS. The hinge production for the case box appears sufficiently solid, and it closes magnetically with a fulfilling snap. 

There is company branding at the lid, even as the rest of the frame is generally plain—the Spoke TWS ships withinside the single all-black color scheme that is pretty smooth at the eye. A micro-USB port is a fit in charging the case even as on the other aspect; there are 3 LED mild signs displaying the battery left.

The IPX4 water resistance has to assist in a sweaty exercise or a few gentle raindrops at some stage. Beyond that, you have the option to use every earbud personally, even as the alternative may be left for charging in the case. The earbuds include three more awesome silicone tips to cater to numerous ear canal sizes. The high sound quality is provided as they seal with the ear is ideal for an excellent listening experience.


Solid battery life
Good sound signature


Microphone quality isn’t excellent

The Skullcandy Jib+ is designed as the authentic Wireless Jib to provide customers with an additional subtle product that implements a brand new design, higher sound performance, and splash resistance. But the product misses the point in a few necessary regions, including the microphone sound quality and passive isolation feature. 

The Skullcandy Jib+ Wireless earphones are best, specifically at this rate point. 9mm drivers in every earbud craft Skullcandy, and the effects are pretty prominent. The earphones have an extraordinary range of boosted bass in addition to treble. The bass, in maximum cases, is punchy, powerful, and pretty consistent, and the treble is balanced nicely, which interprets well in all genres of songs. There are cumbersome modules at the earphones. 

The left-side module homes 3 round buttons as the pause/play button withinside the center has a soft indent and doubles up because they switch to attend phone calls or power on/off the device. The left button will increase the sound or skip tracks simultaneously as the proper one does the opposite. You’ll additionally locate an LED mild in this module which blinks each time the earphones go on/off and while they may be in connecting mode.

Additionally, a micro-USB port structured well beneath the hood of a flap that homes a touch groove to permit customers to pull the flap off without problems. This flap is kept for the reason that earphones are splash-resistant. Overall, the modules might be extra compact because they look quite simple, minimalist matte-black, and Skullcandy is worth the money spent.


Relatively balanced sound quality
Splash resistant


Poor microphone quality

It has comfortable security in the brand-new mild and bendy earphones that create a super-steady fit. It is also enjoyable. The sweat-resistant creation supplies worry-free reliability via each step of your exercise. Furthering your capacity to focus, an integrated mic, and faraway positioned, you can control things such as song and calls. 

The all-new bendy earphone Chops Flex gives a super-steady and comfy fit. Its sweat-resistant layout can take on the most challenging workouts, simultaneously as an inline microphone and remote with call and music control can help your training session without interruptions. The mild and bendy ear hanger has been redesigned as a perfect choice for a super-steady shape structure that’s relatively comfortable.

Enjoy without any difficulties because of the reliability via each step of your exercising way to the IPX4 sweat-resistant feature. Control your track on the fly and pick calls with the built-in, single-button feature. Actual recreation earbuds need to be capable of facing the realities of operating out; that’s why those buds provide a worry-free, sweat-resistant structure.

Suppose you’re mainly seeking out a conventional earbud that’s designed for your energetic exercising use, and also you want the sound exceptional to be passable. In that case, say for hearing to podcasts, as a minimum, the Chops Flex exists as an option. They have a two-year guarantee that’s accurate for budget-tier sport headphones. 


Good design structure
Clear audio


Not well worth the price

These earphones include good packaging, and In the earphones, you get two years of warranty. They are constructed of the best earphones, which are notable, and they have the most appropriate plastic on this earphone, and you’ll get an inline remote with a mic. You can play or pause the audio, as the duration of the wire is too massive, however, the best isn’t always that a good deal is appropriated. 

If you are a demanding consumer, you need to be careful. These earphones fit without difficulty in shape for your ear, and because they provide you with notable noise cancellation, you may use those earphones for lengthy hours. It won’t harm you as it allows for excellent comfort. 

The sound is the best of those earphones that are crystal clear to the full extent, and there is no distortion at excessive volume. It has the bass quality like the bass beat, and it is also excellent as they have outstanding and balanced bass. The buds are all plastic, and they are very lightweight, and the headphone is structured with sizes of silicone ear tips. 

If you want thumpy bass, then this isn’t always for you, as on this earphone, you get clean bass. The decision is best for this earphone if you need mild music tones. It has appropriate call quality, and the receiver can hear without any difficulty, and listen to your voice without background noise. You can keep down the sound up button to enhance a tune ahead and keep the volume down button to pass the previous songs. They are one of the best Skullcandy earphones under 1000.


Great audio quality
Decent length


Cable quality is poor

Skullcandy Ink’d Wireless has a fascinating layout. These earphones now no longer handiest are available in a few shades and but they may be uniquely designed like none other on this segment. The collar layout takes a bit simultaneously to get used to, but it’s far very stylish. At first, it does look like it isn’t a steady layout at risk of falling off. However, this isn’t the case. Most of the weight of the earphone layout is intelligently stored withinside the front section. 

A mild jog or walk is fine, don’t expect to play energetic sports activities or sporting events with those as they’ll maximum honestly fall off. Skullcandy presents the bare necessities, including a USB cable and handiest earphone pointers obtained in a sealed retail pack. One at the earphone itself and the alternative small one withinside the pouch. That’s an exciting choice as maximum earphone producers supply three sizes, medium-length ear pointers that become pretty comfortable with the given ear tip length.

The sound is edged closer to the bass. Its natural sound is packed with the bass, in general, welcoming the whole sound. Therefore you’ll experience a shortage of clearness and clarity. For instance, the mid-range sound, which includes the drums’ sound, doesn’t sound sharp, however boomy. Of course, with the assistance of the EQ, the sound may be well-balanced. The battery lasts long enough so that you can forget them sometimes as they are rated with a charge of 8-hours.


Cool styling


Can break of the bendy structure


Look at these questions that we have culled especially to guide you for a better understanding. To be assured before making any purchase and take the right choice, here are the most commonly asked questions.

Is Skullcandy an excellent brand of headphones?

Skullcandy isn’t an emblem for audiophiles, however alternatively for people who need a dependable pair of headphones at a low price. The brand offers unique fashions that consist of technology that includes noise cancelation, quick charging, water resistance, customized sound, and an associate app to discover your headphones. 

However, as with every pair of headphones, you’ll usually get extra functions while you choose a pair of Skullcandy headphones. Even a loaded pair of Skullcandy earbuds or over-ear headphones will usually value you much less than if you have been to go along with a comparable version from a top-rate brand.

What is Skullcandy ANC?

It is the brand’s energetic noise-canceling feature. Active noise canceling makes use of electronics (playing an opposing sound) to drown the background noise. This isn’t like noise isolation, which uses bodily materials (including the tighter-fitting) to lessen background noise.

Does noise cancelation reduce all sound?

No, noise-canceling usually does not reduce out all the sound. It’s designed to assist you in listening to your calls, music, and video games even withinside the presence of a room complete with people or different background noises. You might also still listen to a few background noises; however, it shouldn’t disturb you a great deal if your headphones have noise cancelation.

Wired or Wireless?

In this area, with exceptional audio assured, you subsequently want to determine whether to move wired or wireless. Wireless is much less possible to get on your way while you workout but most of the stressed-out fashions still cater to the want of lively users.

Final Words

If you’re as fascinated with the brand Skullcandy line as we’ve been, you then definitely want the most effective one, keep in mind your meant use to work out precisely what you want. Skullcandy will have you covered, and as brand new evaluations may have likely made clear, getting your fingers on a pretty pair of earphones.

If you stay in a pretty energetic lifestyle and need your audio to be with you for your journey, investing in the best Skullcandy earphones is a legitimate move. They have come in an extended manner in this sort of short quantity of time, and without a doubt, you can pick the right one of your preferred choice.

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