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Silent Noise — The Club
Palolem Beach, Goa
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Justin Mason
Jusin Mason
Justin started his DJ career during the late 80s…
dan booth
Dan Booth
Having DJ'd for 9 years, Dan has a real passion…
Ozgur is one of the most talented and creative DJ's around at the moment…

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Headphone party Headphone party Headphone party Headphone party

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What is Silent Noise?


Question: How do you keep the party going and the people dancing all night long when there’s a sound ban after 10pm? Answer: headphones.

Welcome to Silent Noise, where wireless headsets allow those people that want to party to do so, while nobody else is disturbed. Here there are several hundred party goers rocking the night away, while around the corner folks aren’t even aware anything is going on.

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