Best Samsung Earphones

No one likes to talk with their phone close to their ear. It is extremely tiring to do so for long hours. Therefore Samsung has introduced various designs and types of earphones or headsets.  In-ear headsets, wired or buds, all of these provide you with a complete noise cancellation feature along with powerful sound output … Read more

Best Sennheiser Earphones

best sennheiser earphones

Most people are aware of the brand Sennheiser that comes with lots of prestige. They had started as a producer of microphones earlier and began increasing into different regions of audio. It claims to be the primary corporation to have made an open-subsidized pair of headphones. Small and less weight structured, in-ear headphones are best … Read more

Best Skullcandy Earphones

best skullcandy eaprhones

Emerged out of the need for the energetic way of life in the audio field, Skullcandy produces various headphones that have plenty of features to provide. These days we’re often taking a better appearance also in consideration as we evaluate the ten high-quality Skullcandy earbuds. Skullcandy, other than different top-notch headphone manufacturers, isn’t always as … Read more

Best Sony Earphones under ₹1000

best sony earphones under 1000

Sony earphones are widely used and are amazing to interact within day-to-day life, which not only makes your music and movie experiences better but also, the calls, video, and audio recordings, all of these things becomes easy, feasible, and fun. Below are our recommendations for the best Sony earphones under 1000. Best Sony Earphones Under … Read more

Best Philips Earphones under ₹1000

Best philips Earphones Under 1000

Philips India Limited is a brand that never fails to bring innovative technology. It brings comfort and efficiency to the lives of people and makes it better for them in all ways possible.  Similarly, it has all the range of earphones from wired to Bluetooth.  So if you are looking for wired earphones for long … Read more

Best Sony Earphones

best sony earphones

If you are searching for great earphones, then Sony will be the brand that will serve you with the best choice for excellent sound quality. Sony provides a variety of models of earphones where you need to pick the one that would be right according to your preference and comfort. Among the choices include in-ear … Read more

Best Samsung Earphones under ₹1000

Best samsung Earphones Under 1000

A company such as Samsung needs no introduction. They have dominated the electronics market for decades and have established themselves as one of the biggest manufacturers of virtually every kind of electronic device. Their products are known for being versatile and comfortable.  Today we will look at the best Samsung earphones under Rs.1000 in India. … Read more

Best Skullcandy Earphones Under ₹1000

Best Skullcandy Earphones Under 1000

Skullcandy is a company known widely worldwide for its quality products in the audio segment like headphones, earphones, and other products. You can tell just from their branding and mascot how much pride they put on making their products look the most fashionable and trendy of all their competition.  They are known for providing economical … Read more

Best JBL Earphones under ₹1000

best JBL earphones under 1000

From Woodstock in 1969 to the historic Abbey Road, the James B. Lansing sound has been heard worldwide for the better part of a century. They have been involved in the creation of music at the top tier for a long time, and for good reason. They are known for the out-of-the-world sound quality emanating … Read more

Best BoAt Earphones Under ₹1000

best boat earphones under 1000

Earphones are a need, and when it comes to boAt earphones, it becomes an extra need as they provide bassfull of crisp and clear sound and attractive designs. boAt has an innumerable collection of earphones and headphones providing you from the most affordable ones to the most expensive ones. boAt has come out to be … Read more