Best Earphones for Calling

best earphones for calling

These days earphones have become a basic need and have become increasingly versatile and capable of performing loads of functions too. Just listening to music is not the only prime motive of buyers anymore, as work-centric or other buyers may need earphones primarily for calling purposes. A good quality microphone, excellent noise cancellation, excellent battery … Read more

Best Earphones for Gaming

best earphones for gaming

Games are fun for diverting you from workload, but games are a source of earnings as well, aren’t they gamers? As we start playing video games, it could get addicting but a good way of letting out your stress. While playing games, you would not want to have any disturbance. Get deeper bass, clear sound, … Read more

Best Samsung Earphones under ₹1000

Best samsung Earphones Under 1000

A company such as Samsung needs no introduction. They have dominated the electronics market for decades and have established themselves as one of the biggest manufacturers of virtually every kind of electronic device. Their products are known for being versatile and comfortable.  Today we will look at the best Samsung earphones under Rs.1000 in India. … Read more

Best Skullcandy Earphones Under ₹1000

Best Skullcandy Earphones Under 1000

Skullcandy is a company known widely worldwide for its quality products in the audio segment like headphones, earphones, and other products. You can tell just from their branding and mascot how much pride they put on making their products look the most fashionable and trendy of all their competition.  They are known for providing economical … Read more

Best JBL Earphones under ₹1000

best JBL earphones under 1000

From Woodstock in 1969 to the historic Abbey Road, the James B. Lansing sound has been heard worldwide for the better part of a century. They have been involved in the creation of music at the top tier for a long time, and for good reason. They are known for the out-of-the-world sound quality emanating … Read more

Best Earphones under ₹2000

best earphones under 2000

Earphones do make it enjoyable to do the task, especially when you are alone or running chores. Also, you can use your earphones to watch movies and listen to music for studying and working from home.  We have brought the fun part for you and eased it to buy the perfect pair for yourself. Below … Read more

Best Earphones under ₹10000

best earphones under 10000

Imagine being in the 90s and using phones for calling and holding them to your ears. It sounds tiring to me.  But we can’t leave the touch of our ancestors, right? So why not modify things and move on just like the landline cables? We have a tangle-free cable on the earphones, and fortunately, we … Read more

Best Philips Earphones

Best Philips earphones

Rucksack check, umbrella check, charger and power bank check, earphones check, phone check. Everything is packed, and we are ready to take off once again.  Since the Pandemic seems to end soon, we are already prepared to have a good outing with safety. We would need so many things to take along and the most … Read more

Best BoAt Earphones Under ₹1000

best boat earphones under 1000

Earphones are a need, and when it comes to boAt earphones, it becomes an extra need as they provide bassfull of crisp and clear sound and attractive designs. boAt has an innumerable collection of earphones and headphones providing you from the most affordable ones to the most expensive ones. boAt has come out to be … Read more