Best Earphones under ₹5000

I love to watch movies and listen to songs in peace and isolation, but sometimes when I am around people, I prefer plugging in my earphones that are good with sound isolation and noise cancellation.

If you can relate to this, then this article is perfect for you. I am probably not alone in this case. Therefore, I have found some best in-ear headsets for you so that you can enjoy your alone time. 

These best earphones under 5000 will keep the outside sound away from your ears and inside one to your ears with no disturbance or distortion. 

Top 10 Earphones under 5000 in India

All the earphones selected are based on the best reviews to date and are presented to you for reference. Read the complete article to find the best of the top 10 earphones you can buy in your budget.

Sony WI-C400 are wireless in-ear BlueTooth neckband headphones that are lightweight which makes them easy to port anywhere you go. These wireless are used for daily purposes as they are comfortable around your neck.

The battery life it offers is up to 20 hours and can be used for any work you want, whether it is listening to music while you work or study as well. It takes approximately 4 hours to provide you full charging.

The powerful audio delivery from 9mm drivers is exceptional and gives an immersive experience anytime you choose these. The bass is punchy and provides a cinematic feeling anyplace.

It comes with headphones that have an attached mic for hands-free calling in HD resolution, and it even vibrates for any incoming call. It ensures sound delivered is clean and clean on both the ends and disturbance-free. 

It allows you access to the Google Assistant for music, information, and activation with a simple touch. You can also adjust volume, play or pause the tracks, and answer or reject incoming calls with in-line features.  

You will find a charging cable, earbuds, and a user manual, along with a pair of earphones that offer you your choice of four different colors to fit in your daily lifestyle inside the box. It is no doubt one of the best earphones under 5000. However, if you specifically want Sony earphones and have no issue with the pricing, we recommend you to check out the list of the best sony earphones.


The light feature is highly attractive whenever you touch the buds.
The IPX5 technology protects the earphones at any cost from both water and sweat.


It has a passive noise cancellation feature.

Sony WI-SP510 is a wireless BlueTooth that is easy on your neck with its comfortable design and daily wear feature. It has a lightweight and easy carry design with a highly secure fitting provided by Arc Supporters. It also offers magnetic housing with a tangle-free cable. 

The IPX5 rating ensures protection from sweat and splash. This way, you can enjoy the rain with some music and sweat while you work out. It is now fun to do work and entertain yourself. 

You can enjoy these earphones for up to 15 hours; it is easy to listen to songs and watch movies with this battery life. With just 10 minutes of quick charge, you can extend 1 hour of playback time. 

With this feature, you can enjoy some built-in features as well, like a mic that allows a hand-free calling time so that you do not have to hang your phone by your ear. Moreover, you can enjoy the three buttons for playing or pausing any track and adjusting volume. You can also answer or reject the phone with just one click.

It provides you access to voice control like Google Assistant for access to music and much more. The powerful 12mm driver ensures crystal clear output and Sports extra bass.

The earphones come in two different color options available to you. You will find a charging cable, three sets of silicone earbuds in different sizes, and an instruction manual.


The 15 hours of battery is an amazing feature to look at.
Its utmost priority is to provide comfortable listening.


It still lacks behind when it comes to technology.

Sony WI-XB400 is a Bluetooth neckband with an in-ear feature for your daily or casual wear. It has lightweight that allows you to carry it around wherever you go. With the seamless connectivity option, you can wear it around the corner while holding your phone near to you. 

With a battery life of up to 15 hours, it is now easy to manage your work and have a fun time with them. Moreover, with a 10 minutes quick charging option, you can enjoy 60 minutes of playback time. 

The dynamic 12mm driver offers you a clear delivery and high-resolution sound together with thumping bass. This sound is free of any distortion you might face normally. 

The earphones have a tangle-free cable that is easy to store and magnetic earbuds so that they are manageable and easy to port. The built-in mic provides hands-free calling in an HD voice.

The easy way to now manage your task is to just ask for it no matter where it is. You just need to say it out loud and get it done. You get a voice assistant feature that provides access to music, information, and much more with these earphones. With a simple touch, activate and go with the flow. 

There are two different color options to match your style. You will find a pair of earphones, a chagrin cable, three sets of silicone ear tips in different sizes, and a user manual.


It offers around 15 hours of playback time for more fun and work
The earphones have a tangle-resistant feature for easy management.


It fails to provide noise cancellation and sound isolation features.

JBL C115 is a truly wireless Bluetooth device that offers amazing features with comfort listening and ergonomic design. The compact size of earbuds and case fits perfectly in the pocket and lets you power up the buds while you are on the go.

The dynamic 5.8mm drivers are powered up to deliver clear and clean sound with more profound bass. The sound quality is highly professional and cinematic, as it gives you an immersive experience.

It has an extended period of battery backup that never runs out of time with 21 hours of playback time. There are 6 hours of charging in the earbuds plus 15 hours for the sleek charging case). You can also use it for at least an hour longer if you desire, with just 15 minutes of charging.

It has a supreme connectivity option with Bluetooth 5.0 technology that ensures your earbuds will connect with your phone in a blink. As soon as you take them out of the case and put them back in, the pairing does not even waste a second.

It offers you two-in-one features, which means that you can continue your work with Mono mode and still enjoy stereo mode. With this, you can seamlessly enjoy songs and make calls with either one or both the buds.

You can now order your phone to do your tasks without even touching your phone. With voice assistance integration, you get hands-free calling. With just single touch operations, it enables you to answer and reject calls, play or pause the track or even adjust the volume.

You will find the pair of JBL C115 earbuds, three different sizes of ear tips, a Type-C charging cable, storage and charging case, a Warranty card, and a user manual.


The dynamic drivers give you an exceptional experience with quality sound and thumping bass.
The two modes, mono, and stereo are exceptionally incredible for today’s multitasking era.


The noise cancellation and sound isolation is the main drawback.

Shure SE112GRA is a wired in-ear headphone that comes with different accessories and also a pouch to carry them. They ensure a great sound delivery and quality bass with dynamic speakers.

It has a single dynamic driver that delivers great performance with a compact and sleek design that is comfortable and easy to handle.

It prevents the inside audio from leaving your ears. With a sound-isolating feature and ergonomic design, it can fit in your ear. It allows you to find comfort with three different sizes of silicone ear tips.

You will find a carrying pouch, three pairs of silicone ear tips, and a kit with a selection of sleeves inside the box.

It is designed to stand by any barriers and damages and provide incredible performance, with two years warranty.


These are wired headphones therefore they can surely be used for an unlimited time period.
You can manage and store them in the pouch you get along with it.


Even though it has good noise cancellation, it lacks sound isolation.

Oppo Enco W31 is a wireless BlueTooth earphone that delivers sound with incredible resolution and quality. The ergonomic design provides you a comfortable listening and enjoys the songs. The black color adds class to your daily style and sophisticated look. 

The IP54 rating ensures safety from dust and water, and it is as clear as speaking to a person in reality. The anti-wind noise chamber and environmental noise cancellation are very effective and provide you with disturbance-free listening.

The battery life of these earphones allows you to enjoy extended work and a fun time. You get up to 15 hours of playback time with the charging case, including 12 hours of calling time. You can charge your buds fully with straight 2.5 hours. 

It supports advanced technology and artificial intelligence that is leading the market. It senses the earphones when they are inside or outside and therefore plays and pauses the track. The algorithm works perfectly when it comes to offering the best of services. It prevents noise from entering and delivers crystal clear audio. 

It serves as another important and worthy feature of automatic pairing. With this, as soon as the buds are out of the case, they get connected to your phone or any other device. Moreover, they disconnect themselves when you put the earphones back into the case.


It delivers 18 hours of playback time for more fun and entertainment.
The quick pairing and unpairing feature make it simple and fast to use.


The noise cancellation is passive, and you can also adapt to the outside sound.

Realme buds are truly a wireless device that supports you with connectivity, comfort, and pleasure. It brings advanced technology and exceptionally long hours of work and play.

It offers passive noise cancellation, which is indeed a very useful feature. This will provide you with an in-depth noise reduction, which is a highly impressive and powerful sound experience. Moreover, the transparency mode also ensures that you can hear all in your surroundings and be aware. You can even talk to your friends while listening to music.

You might find this difficult to believe, but you can enjoy these earphones without charging for the utmost 22 hours. It takes just 1.5 hours to charge them fully. And you can also charge the buds for just 5 minutes and get around 100 minutes of music playback time.

With the technology by Sony LDAC Hi-Res Audio, you get to enjoy a richer and more immersive experience with a three times higher transmission rate. It also features Bluetooth 5.0 technology that ensures clear and clean sound delivery and punchy bass.

You can enjoy a deeper and booming bass with a powerful 13.6mm bass driver unit and advanced Dynamic Bass Boost technology. This will give you the vibe of eclectic music anytime and anywhere.


You can use these earphones for more than a day without charging.
The design and colors add to the elegance and outlook.


The active noise cancellation is more like allowing the noise to enter and cause a disturbance.

Crossbeats Urban Plus offers you ergonomic and absolute latest design. These truly wireless earbuds are built with tough metal for long-lasting features. It is a great choice for all who prefer comfort along with work and fun. This design is perfect for your daily style.

This provides you the absolute best touch with wireless earbuds crafted for active living. It senses everything you do and functions accordingly. You can pause the track as soon as you take them out of your ears. Moreover, the auto-pairing feature is pretty quick. It pairs as soon as you take it out and unpairs itself when you put them back.

It offers you an uninterrupted playback time of around 5 hours and an additional three times charge with the charging case, and this earphone is the perfect companion for all the work and fun.

The noise cancellation feature is exceptional with these buds, as it allows nothing to disturb you anymore. It does not allow outside noise to enter and create a disturbance. The earphones are specially made for people traveling in busy cities and working in noisy environments.


It has a quick pairing feature that does not waste your time anymore.
The sensor works well whenever you put the buds in or out of the ear.


It does not offer a sound isolation feature.

Oppo Enco W51 Bluetooth in-ear headphones are wireless and provide you in-depth noise reduction for an impressive sound experience, with a high-resolution sound delivery. It has an ergonomic design for painless wear and is as light as air. 

It allows you to use the earphones non-stop for the whole day. The battery life of up to 24 hours can allow you to do many things. It has sufficient power that can support you for as long as you want to use them.

The IP54 technology prevents all kinds of damage. These earphones are professionally designed to protect them from dust and water. So maybe someday you are caught up in the rain or wish to enjoy the rain while you listen to songs. It will be perfectly fine, and you can enjoy the peace and beauty of it.

It is easy to use and very quick with its functions. It automatically connects when you take them out of the case and disconnects similarly when you put the buds back to the case. Music pauses when taken off and continues to play when put on again.

The earphones are highly compatible with Android and Apple smartphones and can be used by anyone.


These can be connected with both iOS and Android smartphones.
It has a highly incredible battery life of up to 24 hours.


The sound isolation is not up to mark.

Beats Flex is a wireless earphone powered by Apple W1 headphones. They are compatible with both Apple and Android electronics. It has seamless connectivity to offer so that you can multi-task and move freely around the room.

The magnetic earbuds offer an automatic play or pause option as soon as you take them out for work or entertainment. You can use them for around 12 hours straight, and this allows you to work and have fun for these long hours. 

The sound delivery is incredible, and so is the quality of bass, thumping and profound. You can even use them for the whole day with no pain and full comfort with a flex-form cable. It also allows you the function of auto-sharing and that too wirelessly with any other pair of Beat headphones or even Airpods.

The range is enough for you to move in or around the room with seamless connectivity and clear sound delivery. You do not have to run every single time to adjust and make the changes. You can adjust volume, play or pause any track, even call out for voice assistant with device controls. 

You will find Beats Flex pair of earphones, USB-C to USB-C charging cable, four pairs of ear tips in four size variations, a user manual, and a warranty card all packed inside the box.


These earphones provide you a seamless connection up to 30 feet.
It has dynamic drivers with 14.2 mm to provide a crisp sound experience.


You do not find any new technology, but still, the earphones deliver amazing features.


Look at these questions that we have culled especially to guide you for a better understanding. To be assured before making any purchase and take the right choice, here are the most commonly asked questions.

Is the price worth the product?

Every product uses the forefront technology to deliver you the best of all. These are also lightweight but still offer you the best product qualities you have ever used. There are a variety of colors and designs available, and the features are highly impressive. Therefore, the products are definitely worth the price available.

Do these earphones come in a case and extra earbuds?

Yes, the earphones are delivered to you packed in a protective case. These come with extra three different sizes of ear tips along with the device, user manual, and charging cable as required.

What is the warranty period?

The earphones, like others, usually have a one-year-long period of warranty for easy-to-use and long-lasting earphones.

Is this earphone’s cable tangle-free?

Yes, all the earphones that are mentioned above have tangle-free cords or cables.

Final Words

These earphones, as mentioned above, ensure delivery of utmost trust and quality. They come with the newest features and technology with the following earphones. You can easily see the advanced technology the faster you shift to other earphones in the article. Read the complete article to find the best earphone under 5000 in India. 

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