Best Bluetooth Earphones under ₹5000

It is raining, and listening to songs as it drizzles soothes one like nothing else. In a blink, it’s gonna start shedding, and we will be out on our walks with earphones plugged in, running and jogging, and working out.

Well, I love winters, cozy in the blanket with hot soup and watching movies with my earphones.

Whatever the season be, we all have a playlist or more made up for every single time, happy or sad, fun or in bed. Just plug in those earphones and enjoy the best time. We have brought some best Bluetooth earphones under 5000 with the latest technology and long-lasting battery just for you.

Top 10 Bluetooth Earphones under ₹5000 in India

Read the following article to find the earphones that suit your situation and daily usage and work. Below are the ten best Bluetooth earphones under 5000 with all the details you need to know.

JBL C115 is a truly wireless pair of earphones that has a compact charging case that fits perfectly inside your pocket and lets your buds power up on the go. It has an ergonomic design that works for everyone and fits all the styles.

It offers you a never-running out of life battery for 21 hours of playback time. This includes 6 hours of charged earbuds and 15 hours of charging case. Moreover, you can get up to an hour of playback with 15 minutes of charging.

These offer you a pristine sound quality with powerful 5.8mm drivers. They capture the full bandwidth of any audio with zero distortion even when you play it at full volume. You can experience music in the way it is meant to be heard.

Bluetooth 5.0 technology ensures your earbuds are connected to your phone within a second. The second, you take them out of the case and put them back on.

The buds work wonderfully with Mono and Stereo modes and allow you to seamlessly enjoy music and make calls with either one or both of the buds.

With hands-free calling and single touch operations offer you to attend or end any call. It also gives you access to activate the Voice assistance on your smartphone with a touch of your finger.

In the box, you will find JBL C115 truly wireless pair of earbuds, three different sizes of silicone ear tips, a Type-C USB charging cable, a charging case, a warranty card, and a safety sheet inside the box.


It offers you an incredible battery limit of 21 hours.
It comes with two modes, both working at their best, mono and stereo modes.


It does not cut off the noise or provides sound isolation.

Sony WI-SP510 is a wireless neckband with an exceptionally minimalist design. It constantly provides you with premium quality audio with its earphones. With the neckband, it has an added beauty to the products and comforts most of its users. With a familiar neckband-style design, it is easy to wear them to work or work out.

The IPX5 rating makes sure that your earphones are well protected from all the damages like water, sweat, or dust after your daily usage. This sports extra bass neckband is so comfortable that it offers a long time of wearing.

With a long-lasting battery period of up to 15 hours, you can enjoy more time with these earphones. Hang on with them and kick out all the stress with your favorite playlist. Battery running out after the whole day? Do not worry, and we have got you the best solution. You can now listen to 1 hour additional period with just 10 minutes of charging.

The earphones support you when you need them all day with their lightweight and secure fitting with an arc. It stays intact with magnetic housing and offers easy management with tangle-free cable.

It also ensures a proper delivery on both ends with a built-in mic. These features make it easy to talk for a more extended period with hands-free calling in an HD voice and an ultra-lightweight design.

The highly powered and dynamic 12mm drive offers a clear sound output with high-end bass. It, moreover, supports voice assistance for access to music, information, and much more.

You will find a charging cable, different sizes of earbuds, three pairs, and an instruction manual inside the box.


It offers you up to 15 hours of playtime.
They are built with an ergonomic design.


It fails to cut off the outside noise or provide you with sound isolation.

SoundPeats Sonic is a set of earbuds that has an ergonomic design to offer you a comfortable fitting all the time. The black color adds elegance to your daily look. 

These wireless earbuds have a powerful bass that does not stop giving you the accompaniment you need with its full charging. It offers you the company for at least 15 hours day and night. You can also extend the enjoyment to 35 hours in total with two times recharge with the charging case.

The BlueTooth 5.2 technology offers you to use the earphone anywhere with seamless connectivity. The truly wireless mirroring technology maximizes the connection and its stability around the room. You can freely switch between single and both earbuds.

The earphones consist of APTX adaptive latest audio decoding technology that delivers a fantastic and immersive sound with profound bass and clear sound. The earphones make sure that you enjoy the music and movies without any disturbance, by noise cancellation also delivers a clear call, so you miss out on nothing.

You will find a charging cable, a user manual, three pairs of silicone ear tips, and a pair of ultimate earbuds.


The BlueTooth 5.2 technology ensures exceptional sound delivery.
APTx is the latest technology that gives you an immersive experience.


The earphones are vulnerable to dust and water, with no IPX rating.

Sony’s first-ever introduced wireless neckband allows you to listen at a low-stop, sounding for excellent bass. It has an amazing fit around the neck. It brings comfort your way and perfect fitting in your ears. 

With 12mm driving pressure units, the headphones deliver an accessible and energetic sound with profound bass. These earphones have a tangle-free cable for easy storage and a magnetic back to keep them intact.

The battery life allows you a long time of fun and playback time without compromising with the audio clarity and enhancing the sound delivered with a perfect frequency. It offers 15 hours of battery life to give you enough time to accompany you. With this, you can experience your favorite track. Moreover, with just 10 minutes of quick charging, you can take advantage of additional 60 minutes of playtime.

Furthermore, it has become easy to apply the voice to shift the day burden onto the hands-free control with voice assistant. Experience hands-free listening and voice-controlled features.

It comes with an incorporated microphone which is properly perfect to enjoy leisure on the pass, connect with friends.


It offers you complete comfort listening with its ergonomic design.
Quick charging is a great feature during urgent times.


It fails to provide you with some latest technologies.

Jabra Elite Active 65t is truly a wireless pair of earphones that ensures supreme quality and quality delivery of sound and bass. You will never be disappointed after using these earphones. The reason being, the ear tips you get with the earphone sit comfortably and perfectly on your ears.

You can work fully and completely focused for a longer period. This works exactly as you had thought to date; with these earphones, you get up to 15 hours straight on just a single charge and can even keep it later on in the case it comes with.

The IP56 rating with two-year warranty together protects your earphones from all the damage it could face and the protection it needs. You can also use the Jabra app for more information regarding protection.

You will get a charging case that keeps up for a more extended period, a USB cable, three sets of silicone ear tips, a user guide, and a warranty card inside one box.

The sensor technology is an amazing feature that pauses and plays the track whenever these buds are inside or taken out of the ear. It even turns off the power of the earphones to save the battery, and hence you can use them for a longer period.

You have easy access to hands-free functions like Alexa and Google Assistant, which contributes to offering this generation and next to a truly wireless and fantastic pair of earphones.


The IP56 rating makes it highly sold for earphones and registration on Jabra Sound + app.
The sensor works really well whenever you put the buds in or out of the ear.


Noise cancellation is a bit of a hard task to manage with these earphones.

Sony WI-XB700 is a Bluetooth neckband with an in-ear feature for your daily or casual wear. It’s lightweight that allows you to carry it around wherever you go. With the seamless connectivity option, you can wear it around the corner while holding your phone near to you. 

With a battery life of up to 18 hours, it is now easy to manage your work and have a fun time with them. You get nine hours of earbuds and nine hours carrying a case. Moreover, with a 10 minutes quick charging option, you can enjoy 60 minutes of playback time. 

The dynamic 12mm driver offers you a clear delivery and high-resolution sound together with thumping bass. This sound is free of any distortion you might face normally. 

The earphones have a tangle-free cable that is easy to store and magnetic earbuds so that they are manageable and easy to port. The built-in mic provides hands-free calling in an HD voice.

The easy way to now manage your task is to just ask for it no matter where it is. You just need to say it out loud and get it done. With these earphones, you get a voice assistant feature that provides access to music, information, and much more. With a simple touch, activate and go with the flow. 

There are two different color options to match your style. You will find a pair of earphones, a chagrin cable, three sets of silicone ear tips in different sizes, and a user manual.


It offers around 18 hours of playback time for more fun and work
The earphones have a tangle-resistant feature for easy management.


It fails to provide noise cancellation and sound isolation features.

JBL Endurance Jump by Harman is a wireless in-ear headphone that comes with a secure fit inside the ear with its hook design. It automatically turns on and off the power when putting them on or taking the earphones off.

It offers you a total of 8 hours of wireless playback time with a speed charge battery. This wireless device allows you to stream high-quality music for a complete 8 hours. You can work long hours without any worry of wires entangling with each other or interrupting your workout. Moreover, in just 10 minutes, you can charge back your headphones for an additional hour of use.

The Bluetooth technology ensures you have hands-free calling so that you do not run back to your phones every single time and can easily focus on your workout.

With the in-line feature, you can easily manage your music and phone calls, controlling play, pause, volume, and track order with a gentle touch for extra convenience and keep ongoing.

The IPX7 rating of the JBL Endurance jump is designed for all types of weather conditions. It is highly durable and made to last longer no matter the things that are damaging.


It secures your earphones from water, sweat, and dust.
The in-line feature is an added advantage to you.


It does not keep the noise away while listening to songs or working.

Oppo Enco W51 Bluetooth in-ear headphones are wireless and provide you in-depth noise reduction for an impressive sound experience, with a high-resolution sound delivery. It has an ergonomic design for painless wear and is as light as air. 

It allows you to use the earphones non-stop for the whole day. The battery life of up to 24 hours can allow you to do many things. It has sufficient power that can support you for as long as you want to use them.

The IP54 technology prevents all kinds of damage. These earphones are professionally designed to protect them from dust and water. So maybe someday you are caught up in the rain or wish to enjoy the rain while you listen to songs. It’s gonna be perfectly fine, and you can enjoy the peace and beauty of it.

It is easy to use and very quick with its functions. It connects when you take the buds out of the case and disconnects, similarly, when you put the buds back. Music pauses when the buds are taken off and continues to play when put on again.

The earphones are highly compatible with Android and Apple smartphones and can be used by anyone.


These can be connected with both apple and android smartphones.
It has a highly incredible battery life of up to 24 hours.


The sound isolation is not up to mark.

Jabra Elite 25E is a wireless BlueTooth neckband with an optimized design. This ensures you get full comfort while listening to songs or attending calls. 

It comes with 18 hours of total battery life to allow you long, fun hours and work. It has assured durability that will make it easy for you to be reliable on this device. 

The IPX rating ensures full safety from wind and water resistance to provide high durability while you are on the go. 

The 10mm dynamic speakers are engineered to deliver an exceptional output with crystal clear sound and punchy bass. Its optimized design and oval ear gels provide a secure fit with various sizes in silicone ear tips. 

It is easy to now access google or Siri with one gentle touch and dedicated voice control. It is easy to take control without being around your phone or using it. The in-line features allow you to control tracks by playing or pausing and adjusting volumes. 

You will find three different pairs of silicone ear tips, a user manual, and a pair of earphones inside the box.


It offers you an incredible hour of battery life of up to 18 hours.
The 10mm dynamic driver ensures great sound delivery.


There is no feature of noise cancellation and sound isolation.

This Sony WF-XB700 is a truly wireless earphone with Bluetooth version 5.0. With seamless wireless connectivity, it’s great for hands-free operation and you can use them well for your workouts, online classes, running, or any other activities.

They sport a very stylish and bold black colour that will go well with all devices. When it comes to the sound quality, you’re going to fall in love with it. The earphones provide extra bass with a 12mm driver unit. This catches even the smallest and lowest of beats and makes sure that you get excellent and immersive listening experiences.

Moreover, you can have these immersive listening experiences for as long as 18hours on a single charge. Additionally, you need not wait too long for the earphones to get charged again. They come with a magnetic charging case that provides fast charging. In fact, with just 10minutes of charging, you’ll get a music playback of up to an hour. This way, you’ll never have to sit without music in your ears.

Also, it’s very easy to operate these earphones with quick access buttons for adjusting volume, playing and pausing the music, and even skipping the tracks.

Besides that, the earphones are sweat and water-resistant, so you can take them outside during your run even if it’s raining or drizzling.

To add to all the benefits is the ergonomic design with a tri-hold structure that fits comfortably and conveniently in your ears without causing any pain or discomfiture.


Ergonomic and comfortable design
Long-lasting battery with fast charging
Sweat and water-resistant


Lacks noise cancellation features


Look at these questions that we have culled especially to guide you for a better understanding. To be assured before making any purchase and take the right choice, here are the most commonly asked questions.

Is the price worth the product?

Every product uses the forefront technology to deliver you the best of all. These are also lightweight but still offer you the best product qualities you have ever used. There are a variety of colors and designs available, and the features are highly impressive. Therefore, the products are definitely worth the price available.

Are the earphones waterproof?

Yes, the IPX technology prevents water and sweat from damaging the earphones in any way. The earphones can stand for a long time in the water.

Is this earphone’s cable tangle-free?

Yes, all the earphones that are mentioned above have tangle-free cords or cables.

Final Verdict

These are some best Bluetooth earphones under 5000 in India, as reviewed by customers. We consider our customers the best critics and therefore comes this article. So let us all stay at home safely and securely and enjoy the weather and work from home. I hope you found your pair for the coming seasons.

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