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Justin Mason

Justin started his DJ career during the late 80s playing throughout the infamous “summer of love” when the house music revolution started, with guest appearances on London’s first underground pirate radio station – Centre Force - and the unforgettable outdoor London’s M25 including the Sundance and Raindance parties.

Justin continued to play throughout the 90s building a reputation for his deep, very funky and electro vibe. Hosting, promoting and playing at events across the UK and Europe including Ibiza, his Groovaholix parties in London attracted an eclectic, vibrant and up for it crowd of thirty something party goers that really know and appreciate their music and Justin’s ability to mix it up.

Currently living in Goa, Justin is working on his Silent Noise project, which is attracting media attention for being the most original concept for outdoor parties in India… It looks like Silent Noise is here to stay and will grow to festival style productions.



RebelRoyal is based in Goa and consists of one of UK's favourite producers, Braund Reynolds, and one of India's favourite DJs, Dan Booth.

Chuck in some of the world's best visual effects and a truck-load of cutting edge technology. Blend in some of the finest, most uplifting, most energetic House, Electro, Techno & Breaks. Mix with the combined energy of Woodstock, Glastonbury and a Holi Festival. Sprinkle with impromptu, on-the-fly decks and effects tricknology. Bake for 3 hours at 115 dB on a massive sound system in front of a crowd of thousands and you get…RebelRoyal!

“The freshest audio/visual act to come out of dance music in years. A real assault on the senses. Love them!!!” – Fat BoySlim.

“THE stand out act of the year!!” Pete Tong (BBC Radio 1)


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The DJs

Justin Mason
Jusin Mason
Justin started his DJ career during the late 80s…
dan booth
Dan Booth
Having DJ'd for 9 years, Dan has a real passion…
Ozgur is one of the most talented and creative DJ's around at the moment…

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