The Silent Noise Concept



Silent Noise is a new concept in clubbing that is reviving the outdoor party vibe for which Goa is famous. Connected to the music with wireless headsets, hundreds of happy clubbers can dance the night away without disturbing the neighbours - or breaking the law. By using headphones, Silent Noise has sidestepped the 10pm sound ban and breathed new life into Goa’s nightlife.

With three international DJs playing live, partygoers can change club without changing venue: just switch the headphone channel to move from a techno rave to retro tunes to the latest in electro house, with the DJs competing to get the crowd to tune into their set.

The parties are set in two stunning outdoor locations in North and South Goa - complete with lasers, visuals, circus performers, massage chairs and tepees, transforming the club night into a mini-festival. Simply switch the headphones off to chillout and chat with your friends, before plunging back into the wireless world of Silent Noise. In difficult times for tourism, an inspired use of today's music technology is allowing visitors and locals to once again enjoy the golden Goa party days.


The DJs

Every Saturday

Silent Noise — The Club
Palolem Beach, Goa
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The DJs

Justin Mason
Jusin Mason
Justin started his DJ career during the late 80s…
dan booth
Dan Booth
Having DJ'd for 9 years, Dan has a real passion…
Ozgur is one of the most talented and creative DJ's around at the moment…

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