Golden Gravity

Golden gravity are 2 performers; Jess and Yoko. They have combined their skills to create unforgettable aerial and fire performances. Their work is fluidly choreographed and highly technical, capturing both beauty and danger. They co-ordinate a variety of styles and themes depending on the project and always evoke a multitude of emotions from their audiences.


Jess is a highly trained aerial artist from London,U.K. she trained at Circomedia, school of contemporary circus and physical theatre. Her aerial skills include static and swinging trapeze, silks, Spanish web and harniss work.

Jess also trained in dance (contemporary, pole and free style), gymnastics and physical theatre. She has performed all over UK, Europe and India, with circus, theatre and opera companies such as exponential, urban angels and opera north. Jess has also appeared in music videos, TV shows, commercials and films in the UK and India.


Yoko is a multi talented performer from Geneva, Switzerland. His skills include all types of fire performance, aerial work mainly doubles and solo trapeze) and acrobatics. Yoko's been performing all over Europe for the last 8 years.

Yoko worked for big events such as timegate (by bio-live) and with the international circus company 'Exos'. He's unique style as a street performer has taken him all over Europe; London, Amsterdam and Venice to name but a few cities. Recently his work has taken him to India and Thailand.


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