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Silent Noise Headphone Party

Silent Noise featured on

Posted: 26 January 2010

Silent Noise: A headphone party in Goa - click here to view full article

Silent Noise Headphone Party

Silent Noise featured in the Pune Mirror

Posted: 26 January 2010

A Quiet Riot - click here to view full article

Silent Noise Headphone Party

Silent Noise Launch Party 7th November 2009

Posted: 26 October 2009

The Silent Noise team start this season in Goa with a catalogue of confirmed dates and a host of world class DJs joining us for a season of top parties. Starting on the 7th November and every Saturday... till we drop! (probably around April 2010).

We will be hosting some of Goa's most memorable nights out with DJs Rebel Royal, Vivek - The Pheonix Suri, and so will Starf*cker lad from west London Luke Brancancio for the season.

Then there is our man Lex who will be launching himself into the 3rd Channel with an eclectic mix of all sorts mixing Nirvana with Hip Hop and all your alternative classics from Happy Mondays to the Charlatons.

With support from Inidibve - The clubbing community website this is the most innovative and original concept in outdoor clubbing in the word. We are bringing back the golden days of beach parties of which Goa is famous for... About bloody time!!!

With a revamped split level bar, more lights, more visuals, more DJs, this club night is dominating the party scene in Goa!!!

Check facebook for all your updates on whats going on and where !!!

January at Neptune Point

Phenomenal Success!

Posted: 7 January 2009

Last night the first of the Silent Noise parties at Neptune's Point was a phenomenal success! Full capacity crowd partied until 4am on 3 channels - pulling people from all over India. Videos and photos will be uploaded to the web site shortly.

Next party scheduled for the 10th - another great night to look forward to with all your favourite DJs… See you there!

January at Neptune Point

Neptune Point - Tuesday 6th January 2009

Posted: 4 January 2009

The Silent Noise team are adding an extra date to the calendar to celebrate the lift on the ban for beach parties in Goa (not that we took any notice anyway!!!)

DJs - Ma Faiza, Axailes, Dan Booth, Justin Mason, Phabi-D, DJ Usman, and fresh from the UK Braund Reynolds all play fat, funky electro/tech House at the now infamouse Neptune Point.

Silent Noise Opening

Silent Noise Opening Party - 20th December

Posted: 10 December 2008

Ma Faiza, Axailes and Phabi-D all confirmed for the Silent Noise opening party on the 20th December. This is a great line up of femme fatal DJs with all the Silent Noise trimmings.

Free festival

Free festival - Saturday 29 November

Posted: 22 November 2008

The Silent Noise team are putting together their first free festival at the now infamous Neptune Point, Palolem Beach on 29 November 2008.

This will be a full sound party with all the Silent Noise trimmings - absolutley no headphones required!!!

DJs Justin Mason, Dan Booth and guests.

It looks like they are setting themselves up for another rocking season in Goa.

Neptune Point

Neptune Point deal signed

Posted: 22 November 2008

The Silent Noise Team have just signed a deal to continue to use Neptune Point as primary location this year!

Neptune Point, the home of the headphone party is by far the most stunning venue in South Goa, a 1000 capacity venue with ocean view, it doesn't get better than that.

The bar and chill out area have also been redesigned giving the place a whole new feel.


Headphones to get upgraded

Posted: 22 November 2008

Silent Noise and Creative Power have joined forces to to redesign and upgrade their headphones. We will now be using a unique design with special features.

All the headsets will now be fully digital for optimum sound quality and performance and each headset will have 3 LED lights to distinguish the channel you're listening to. Aditional features will be added to the headsets in the future so watch this space!!!



Posted: 22 November 2008

The Silent Noise team are preparing for the Christmas period. They will be hosting 2 massive parties at Neptune Point on December 24 and December 31. No headphones required. These will be full sound parties as the rules about amplified music are relaxed for these dates. Justin and the team have oganised nearly 10000 watts of sound equipment for the two very special events. If you're in Goa around this time you cant miss this!!!

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