Axailes aka Sola Sux System


It has been a long trip from Andromeda to the Planet Earth.

After a few hundred years of tuning on the human frequency,in 2000, in this life, I based the SpaceShip in Goa.

And this lifetime experience has been/is one of the most interesting, full, and intense life I ever lived and it is one definitely dedicated to Love and Light.

It was in 1989, in Belgium, that I had my first real meeting with the Sound.

And now I know that Music, Sound are a full part of my way to communicate with others. as Painting is a way, for me, to breathe in silence.

In 1992 I met Isabelle Antena with who I collaborated in a pop funk album, entitled "Little Greys's Nite", under the bandname Powaga Sisters. 6 chicks on the stage. 5 real musicians and me, a joker.

This was my first date with music as a creator.

Before this, my only participation in the music scene was to beat the dancefloor - a true party beast.still - same same but different-

As a bartender in the nite club, the Bazaar, in the center of Brussles I was putting some sound until the dj turned on, and like this, I started to dj, and I like it.

iits a part of my Big Picture as well

I began DJ'ing everyweek and become one of the resident DJ in Bazaar as well in others clubs including Delicious Nite, Feel Up, Walvis, Warm Up, Alka Selzer……

In 2000 I discovered Goa and fell in love with India and especially Goa.

At this time, DJ'ing had become one of my main occupations, playing a lot of electro and minimal beats.

I decided to split my home base- living half of the year in Goa and the other in Europe, mostly Brussels.

I know now why I love India, more then.

Its Instant Karma

- no way to escape from the reality we are creating right Here and Now -

True Connections

It is here, in the Land of Bliss that I began to organise a LOT of parties to introduce the sound of electro in the Land Of Trance.

In 2004 I opened a bar on Arambol beach, Liquid Sky, which became an instant hit.

I was no longer living in Europe but I would visit periodically as a DJ nomad, and return to Home Shanti Ohm as soon as possible.

In Liquid Sky the party would rage almost non stop all season.

Every day a different dj was behind the decks, playing electro, minimal experimental...

I could met the DJ's who became a full part of Liquid Sky Collective and my very good friends at the same time, Yo-El, Andy Shakty, E.N.O.T., Tim Svodnick, Zig, Jay Pink Orange, Dava Di Toma, Ma Faiza… An electric liquid season!

Meanwhile many other collaborations began - with Bass Bunny Corp, Electric Zoo,The Liquid Sky Collective was born.. and I started to bring the Liquid Spirit in other cities of India. Most of the time in Delhil - so much fun there.

My India is Beautiful

The following season, in 2005, it was time to open the MotherShip to people and I decided to organise monthly, in my garden, the " Private Liquid Parties " in the daytime, with vegan food, colors and cosmik dress codes… whatever but HAPPY!

New Season new Energy.

As Liquid Sky became a "label" of the alternative scene in Goa, the offers and opportunities to create a liquid event, are full.

A moving and interesting season, where I could landed the spaceship in different beautiful locations of Goa, in NeverLand

I always loved boat parties, and I wanted to put Liquid Sky on Water. So be it.

On the 27 of March 2008 the Penelope Cruise set sail on Panjim River


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